[UPDATED] Video Round Up: The Warm Up to Red Bull Rampage 2023

Oct 9, 2023 at 10:18
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

Red Bull Rampage week is here and we have plenty of exciting videos coming in as we build towards Friday's event. We will continue to update this article as videos come in.


bigquotesFinally getting some tires in the dirt. The wind has been ruthless and made it hard to practice our line, but we have managed to sneak in some guinea pigs and start to make some progress on riding our full line. A few more hits for me to tick off before finals tomorrow which hopefully we'll get to either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.Kyle Strait

bigquotesIt feels amazing to be back at Rampage! I’ve been working hard since my first appearance in 2019. My line this year features big jumps, trickable features, and, of course, the infamous canyon gap. I’m excited!Bienvenido Aguado Alba, YT MOB Freeride Athlete

bigquotesPreparation for Rampage is very specific. My approach to the line I plan to ride changes every year too. This year I spent most of my time on my freeride bike, whereas before I spent more time on my slopestyle bike. I love the fact that we all come from different backgrounds, we all have a different vision of our line and that's what makes freeriding so interesting. The only common goal is: go big or go home.Thomas Genon

bigquotesFrom custom bikes and ridglines to dirt jumps and fishing, having the balance between everything I love prior to RedBull Rampage was key. Had an amazing week in the desert getting ready on the bike for this year's competition! Hyped for another year of digging and riding with the homies... stay tuned for more!Jaxson Riddle


bigquotesThe evolution of water access has changed the way riders prepare for and approach their Rampage builds. WATERWORKS is a glimpse behind the scenes at Rampage with Dave Smutok, Randy Spangler, and the Highland Trails crew as they build an temporary irrigation system from scratch in an unforgiving landscape to deliver water to athletes and their dig crews.Matt Bruhns

bigquotesDigging is on its way here at Red Bull Rampage. The days have been hot and long, but the team has been crushing it. I ended up having to take a day off because I caught the flu, but luckily it was short-lived and I'm already on the mend. Official practice starts Monday and while we still have a decent amount of work to do, things are shaping up and we should have some features to test.Kyle Strait

bigquotesWhen it came time to build the bike, Kyle took matters into his own hands. From pressing the bearings to dialing in the bars, the Natty Daddy personally wrenches on his own race rigs. This is something Kyle’s always done, and it’s that DIY attitude that makes us proud to sponsor him. We are thrilled to watch Kyle take this country-inspired gravity machine to Red Bull Rampage.Vitus

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 Huge props to all the behind the scenes logistics and people involved making the event happen!
  • 5 0
 I got a real insight into what a dork I am when I dove into the plumbing one first.
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 haha was the first one I watched too. Pretty epic logistics
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 Id be interested to see the safety data. Are there fewer injuries now? How serious relative to the beginning? Building with water allows them to go much faster and bigger. Maybe there are fewer crashes and injuries, but I bet they are more serious.
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 I think the extra build time and water probably cuts both ways. Allows bigger builds (which can be more dangerous), but the builds are also better quality (likely making them somewhat safer).
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 Oh good friggen lord. Just enjoy it. Since when did MTBing get invaded with insurance actuaries?
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 When are the first hits expected?
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 @bigtim: Vital has some instagram clips linked, big canyon gap is already flipped on first day of practice, oh lordy...
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 @Mugen: Sweet, cheers
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 Strait's paintjob is probably the worst purposely Rampage painted bike I have ever seen. (I like the frame aesthetics though)
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 I like it. It breaks away from the usual dirt, camo, macho themes into something more individual, which is probably the point.
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 I like it -- it looks kinda like a vintage bolero jacket which is apt for the southwest.
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 R u kidding that my fav terrible geometry tho
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 Absolutely stupid that the only way to watch this live is on ESPN+ guess I’ll wait for highlights on pinkbike and Instagram
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 get a vpn and watch on red bull tv
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 Bro... it's for free on YouTube... like it always has been....
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 @OlSkoolJake: Pretty sure it’s blocked in the US
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 @OlSkoolJake: not in America
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 Is someone going to hit Gee's line?
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 Anyone got a streaming link for this in the US?
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