Video: The Top 3 Runs from Red Bull Medellín Cerro Abajo

Mar 7, 2023 at 14:05
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

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 This is so much scarier and gnarlier than any world cup track. Doubling down a set of stairs at 25 mph with a handrail 3in to your left and a wall on the other side with locals and dogs running around.
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 @nsmithbmx: am in awe
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 You're not lying. Racing fort Williams on a hard tail seems less daunting to me then racing this
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 @p0rtal00: Here here... the commitment it took to charge down those stairs like that is nothing short of breathtaking. Ernest Hemingway would certainly alter his definition of "sport" after seeing this, holy smokes.
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Those vertical hole punchers in the mid-track section (~4:30)
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 this must be one of the most dangerous versions of our sports.. this is absolutely nuts...
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 Add to that the fact that on video you can see what it really is, I had the pleasure of being live and direct and the level of going down those stairs is crazy. Juanfer is going to be talked about in the world cup this year. I hope so as a Colombian.
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 Don't figure the champagne/beer fountain spraying down on you as you drop into the stair set.
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 I just here to relive Claudio and Rob announcing a race together like the good old days. The urban Dh is alright.
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 The last dude looked like a scalded ally cat coming down those stairs!
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 Way higher consequence than a WC course if you crash.
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 Absolutely INSANE! \m/
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 Love this urban stuff and great announcing, but I've definitely seen more entertaining courses. Kudos to the podium finishers
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 Stairs were sick, but the rest was a bit underwhelming. Glad the race was won at the stairs, though.
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 This would have been so much better if they got the narrator from Narcos commentating.
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 The urban stuff sure is fun to watch. Makes me pucker.
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 This is definitely Fabio Wibmer's kind of event
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 I had the same thought, having watched his Lyon video yesterday. Dude's a stairopath.
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 Not convinced Fabio is about speed down stairs compared to these boys. Different sport!!!!
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 Don't think Fabio could keep up with those guys. He could probably throw in a nice trick here and there though Smile
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 Let's hope this brings the Dorado back into the limelight ;o)
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 I personally wanna know these guys storm down these stairs
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 Colombia te amo !
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 0:07 ... my eyes need Visine.
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