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5 Things We're Expecting to See at Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 20, 2022 at 3:21
by Christina Chappetta  

Multiple riders throwing bar spin and tail whip combos.

With multiple riders opting for capable single crown forks on their Rampage bikes, including Dylan Stark, Brett Rheeder and Brandon Semenuk, we're expecting to see a huge uptick in the variations and combo tricks come finals day. We've already gotten to see some of the tricks riders are comfy with like tailwhips and bar spins but that's just the beginning as they have one more full day of riding left before the big show on Friday.

First hit last light for Rheeder.

Riders to get inverted on the 70+ foot canyon gap.

Szymon Godziek very quickly early on Tuesday dropped in and cleared the canyon gap, no problem. In fact, he hit it a few times. Later that day he and his dig crew decided to adapt the takeoff and add some extra kick at the top. Dylan Stark and Szymon are the only riders venturing that far riders' right and taking on this iconic, rebuilt feature and they're both known for going huge, so we can only speculate but perhaps there are some plans to get inverted.

Godziek spent the afternoon modifying the lip of his canyon gap. Why could that be

Features that have yet to be unlocked on finals morning.

It seems like every year we say THESE are the biggest features yet, THIS is the most ambitious build ever. Truly though, some of the builds, and particularly landings, the dig crews have taken on are behemoths. No single rider has a complete top to bottom run established yet and quite a few are further behind than others with hot, dry days not helping much. It's not unusual to see riders tick off features for the first time during practice on finals morning but we have a feeling it will be more than "just a few." Were the ambitions a little too high?

Dylan Stark s quarter pipe nearing completion.

Bigger overall amplitude than years past.

With a stacked rider field of 18 athletes, the talent pool is at an all-time high and the eagerness is there after seven gruelling days digging on the mountainside. Multiple features on the hill, including drops, step downs, step ups and the canyon gap itself, are measuring over 60 feet so the hangtime is going to stack up quickly. Lower down on the course Thursday evening we got to see William Robert hit his Fest Series size jumps just after the sunset so who knows what he has planned once he gets comfortable.

TVS with some serious hang time.

Rider(s) start their run NOT on their bike.

There's no missing the giant gnar-wall that drops directly under the start gate, and that is where Brandon Semenuk is heading...straight down the face. Aside from that feature alone, there are still 17 other riders that need to enter onto the face of the mountain to begin their runs and of course style points matter. From the top, it's so steep that the thought of "riding" off doesn't even make sense in our minds so what about jumping off?

Rampage o clock.

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 7. Someone's going to get robbed.
  • 75 43
 7. Some Pinkbike members will claim someone was robbed when in reality they weren't and we thank God those idiots are not judges.
  • 43 13
 @scott-townes: loosing your shit already? breathe in, breathe out buddy, its just beggining and will get worse
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 Poor Norby
  • 34 4
 @scott-townes: Maybe I am an idiot...but I will always believe Brage was robbed. So was Norbes, but I don't even know who that is or what he did.
  • 10 5
 @WaterBear: brage robbed of what? he crashed, hurt himself and as i read somewhere- didnt want to start this year
  • 5 0
 @nikifor88: He had to get another surgery on his shoulder. So yeah, I wouldn't want to start a month after a surgery either.
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 @nikifor88: Pretty sure the "Brage was robbed" comment came from the RealMTB RedBull contest... Most people thought he had the best edit, including myself.
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flag nikifor88 FL (Oct 20, 2022 at 8:04) (Below Threshold)
 @motts: usually you can choose a time for your surgery for your convcenience, he had a year to do that
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 7. Not a single bike is looking like a Session.
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 Lets hope jackson riddle doesn't
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 @nikifor88: OK troll. Why don't you get in touch with him and tell him you think he's using surgery as an excuse?
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 Will wager $10 they make no mention about who the judges even are (by name) during the broadcast
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 @scott-townes: Love this lol
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flag nikifor88 FL (Oct 20, 2022 at 10:48) (Below Threshold)
 @motts: geez where i said its an excuse? he just didnt wanna go and its ok, but that surgery probably was not blocking him, thats what i meant
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 @nikifor88: x games real mtb
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 This warrants the invoking of the opinions/a*sholes dichotomy.
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 6. wind hold
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 12. Contestants going nuts in the finish gate, desperately trying to convince the judges this was the one.
13. Dolly bird interview at the finish gate "Talk us through your run". "I'm just stoked to get a full run in".
14. Cam doing his best to cover up the other commentator's shitness.
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 14 for sure
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 All of them are a definate
  • 5 0
 I said “dolly bird” in my head in my best British accent and now I’m laughing to myself.
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 10. Little groms at the finish begging for goggles, gloves, helmets, shoes, socks, etc.
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 8. Real heat from Dylan Stark
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 baseball caps on every commentator
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 *trucker hats
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*5-panel hats
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 11. Pre- recorded Bike hub sounds
  • 24 3
 Brendog where art thou?
  • 27 0
 "Reproducing and swinging d#!k" - The Ride Companion
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 6. Nothing quite like a proper Brendog freeride run
  • 11 0
 Bitching about... pretty much everything.
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 Will there be 2nd runs?
Will TVS toss another 50 ft front flip drop?
Could we have all single crowns on the podium?
Will any alternates get a shot?
Will Jaxson spin/get inverted to compliment massive supermans?
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 7. Shit the front door!
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 That happened to me once when I couldn't find my keys in time.
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 Alex V. on the box!!!!!
  • 8 3
 RB needs to get rid of the helicopters for some sort of drone setup. They are too noisy and ruin the ambiánce
  • 5 4
 an drones don't?
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 They actually tried at 2017 Rampage, I think? And as far as I remember it was THE ugliest live stream I ever witnessed
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 Blimp / hot air balloons.
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 @nateb: don't go pro's live stream nowerdays? imagine sitting at home an switching between views!
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 @nateb: That's no way to talk about the commentators.
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 @LemonadeMoney: give Tippie a jetpack
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 Tethered balloons make a great surveillance platform. They'd probably work well for filming, The price of helium would likely be almost expensive as jet A.
  • 7 0
 @nateb: hot air balloons are as loud as helicopters, it is just not constant. However they do not hover.

Blimps/airships on the other hand would be suitable, they have so little effect on the ground that they can be used in mine detection. If only a tyre company had an airship that tours sporting events…
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 @nateb: too windy
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: go for hydrogen for added jeopardy
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 @lewiscraik: The Delium blimp?
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 @nateb: bring back dirigibles!
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 absolutely no work on friday.
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 Caveman to "wallride" from Semenuk on that start gate.. is gonna be EPIC...
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 Single crown takes the win - can do all spin flip twirl macdoodles
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 7. PB comments complaining about it "just being a slopestyle course".
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 Dont forget the RB employed influencers trying to sound cool on the social to try and get some attention outside of the slopestyle community
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 Fingers crossed for coverage on par with Hardline. The drone footage ect just really made the event more rad to watch
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 Are alternates practicing as well? What happens when one of the riders goes down (someone always does in practice) what line does the alternate get to ride?
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 Rob Warner to commentate
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 I expect to see someone get robbed.
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 Can I watch it in the US with Youtube TV?
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 Download the Opera browser, turn on VPN, select Europe. Done.
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 @BenPea: Thank you
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 Oh I would love to see a caveman off the start again
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 "Can I have your goggles"
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 Cables going through headsets Announcement of Redbull E-Rampage
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 Will (shut the front door)Brad be announcing this year?
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 6. Terrible commentary.
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 jordie rip
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 A “CaveMan” yes
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