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Course Preview: 2014 Bearclaw Invitational

Aug 22, 2014 at 12:28
by Darren Berrecloth  
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Stay tuned for coverage all weekend from the Bearclaw Invitational.

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 Rat Boy or Hill for the win!
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 neee yyaaaaa
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flag brynwinter (Aug 22, 2014 at 15:31) (Below Threshold)
 ya ya ya cause hill and ratboy are really doing a slopestyle contest areeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
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 he forgot Adidas
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 ratboy would be all over that course Big Grin
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 At least he called it a Boner. Anyone notice Crankworx tried to call it a canon or some nonsense? Every since Crankworx brought on BudLight the event has gone down hill? Bring back Kokanee and the soul of BC... maybe it's just me? Not trying to be a hater.
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 Crankworx is badass.. plain and simple

Cant be perfect all the time. Commentating is such a small stupid aspect of almost all of these events (unless its Tippie.. then its awesome)
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 My only complaint with crank worxs joyride in particular is the announcers they got so many things wrong and it kind of bums me out
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 bangers and mash
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 Oppo bangers and oppo mash as well!
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 The announcers have never been good because they're the same people... year after year... mis-labeled trick after trick... even naming some of the features wrong during the Joy Ride. I shot myself in the face when the dude said the last feature was the log cabin. I want to make every component on my bike out of whatever those announcers' contracts are made out of. The bike would be iron clad and shit would just roll off it no matter how much shit or how shitty the shit is.
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flag whattheheel (Aug 22, 2014 at 16:03) (Below Threshold)
 Aw hell naw!! There will be no dissing of Bud Light while I am around here!! Take it back! Also, Does the Claw sound exactly like Lopes or is it me??
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 all im saying is that 90% of PB would be better than that sh*t... IMO
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 ryan meyer is the worst announcer ever. Misses a lot of tricks, and doesn't even know what they're called. you would think someone who rides as much as he does ( or used to) would know. for instance "bear claw one foot push off into a 3" like wtf? its called a fast/foot plant 3. I agree with ismillie, any grom of pinkbike would make a better announcer. I don't understand why they don't have injured riders working the commentary, Tyler Mccaul would have been 8 times the announcer, and a lot more entertaining aswell
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 Agreed. Bring back the Kokanee because it's BC. Bring the Goat Style back to Creston BC (home of Kokanee), because it was a good grass roots event that gave undiscovered talent a chance to reach the big FMB events. The rules for beer company's who want to advertise during any mountain bike event should be that there has to be mountains on the beer can. And none of that light stuff.
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 Someone is going to fall off the skinny
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 The boner log looks really hard.

*Pun intended*
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 I thought skinnies were dead lol
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 They will never die. NEVER!
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 The only thing that's dead would be me if I tried to ride that...
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 Not in BC they aren't, the North Shore still has plenty to go around!
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 Well I think that looks real cool.
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 What's not to love there eh?! Great lookin' line Boys \m/
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 Is it wrong that im more stoaked for this than i was for crankworx?
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 "...and i'm forgetting one sponsor. Oh well. Lets go ride bikes." - The Claw

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 oh yes! Pretty much no wooden takeoffs! Love it!!
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 I sense they're going to have one less sponsor after this year. Wink
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 Seeding runs were pretty sweet. Some of the guys took it easy, others put down some exceptional runs. Logan Peat did such a hard landing after a backflip off the big platform that he had both tires explode off. Haven't seen that before... Rogatkin did an impressive no-gander front flip. Tomorrow's gonna be great! Oh ya, Tippie is hilarious. Wild man was doing huge dust cloud raising donuts in the parking lot.
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 Does anyone knows if there will be any livestream ???
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 Unfortunately, Claw said there isn't a livestream. It's tough to get stoked for an event you can't watch. :-\
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 thanks okey ,that sucks :/
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 there will be a replay the day after though, I get to live stream with my own eyes though
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 not sure if this is the whole replay, but i thought redbull was doing that. www.redbull.com/ca/en/bike/stories/1331674051508/bearclaw-invitational-highlights-video-semenuk
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I missed out on Crankworx This Year ... And Totally Want To Hit Up The Bear Claw Invitational ..Anyone Have Info On The Event?
Would Be Appreciated
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 It's on an island in BC. You know, the one on the lake with all the big trees on it.
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 LOL! Honestly Never been there b4 Thankyou Though
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 You Have A Point There!
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 All the info is here my friend. bearclawinvitational.com/location.html
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 OlSkoolJake- oops, blew my cover. I'm actually a shoobie in totally richter clothing. Frown fack how am I supposed to know how the Germans order 3 drinks!?
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 Darren is the godfather of freeride, especially since he's had the staying power all these years.
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 Why am I having a wild bout of déjà vu right now...?
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 Course is much bigger than last years with boner log way higher and landing pushed back. Both hips are bigger and last booter is sending them. Going to be ridiculous
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 That looked incredible, god I want to ride a course like that so badly! my footage definitely wouldn't be as chilled though. unreal
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 Makes it look easy, I wish.
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 Right? I love how super casual he is about it - "nice little cruise off" indeed. I'd be sh-tting myself.
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 Sponsors are here bearclawinvitational.com (I think he forgot a few)
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 Funny that the guy is all cavalier about sponsors, right after he rattles off literally the biggest names / marketing budgets in the sport. :/
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 The drops in this video actually took my breath away!! What a monster course. Cant wait to watch this!
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 Just cruising like it's nothing
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 hope someone mannies the skinny stuff
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 It's insane on how smooth he lands!!
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 same course as last year, riding starts at 0m50s Smile
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 It looks so easy from Mr. Smooth!!!
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 LOL! Oh my god! That was amazing
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 I prefer Claudio's bike and ride comments
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 Get me dunk and enjoy the show
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 Yup, they got posters up for em...
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