Video: Training for Rampage with Nick Pescetto

Oct 4, 2015 at 20:15
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With Nick's second Rampage appearance around the corner, the crew headed out to southern France to adventure into the legendary Black Hills. This spot is as close as it gets to the feeling of Rampage runs without having to fly overseas. We camped out there in the middle of nowhere for 4 days, avoiding storms and hiking lines all day long. Local rider Antoni Villoni was our guide, showing us the darkest sides of these hills and we can't thank him enough!

Filming for Beyong rampage feat Nick Pescetto - training
Filming for Beyong rampage feat Nick Pescetto - training
Filming for Beyong rampage feat Nick Pescetto - training
Filming for Beyong rampage feat Nick Pescetto - training
Filming for Beyong rampage feat Nick Pescetto - training

Part 2 will be filmed at Rampage! See ya in the desert.

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 Pretty tame compared to what's at rampage but I loved watching that! those lines look so much fun, (in comparison to rampage where lines look like death sentences)
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 "Lines" in Rampage nowadays are big, groomed hits. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't even dream of riding any of it but this vid here shows the real spirit of Ramapge- off camber, narrow exposed ridges and nasty run outs from big natural drops. Wouldn't appeal so much to the casual observer but flippin' cool riding!
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 I dunno, that last line looked pretty nuts. Some crazy exposure on the left side. Would hate to fall there.
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 That last line was the only crazy line though... The rest looked relatively achievable by a lot of riders
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 achievable doesn't mean its not crazy or not dangerous. rampage is also achievable by many, but one mistake can make achievable turn into a possible fatality :\
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 When were there completely natural drops in Rampage? Since the earliest years, every drop was groomed in one way or another. As for just being groomed, please try riding from the start gate or hitting some of the runs that aren't based on slopestyle setups and let us know how groomed or non sketchy that is for ya Smile

Its impossible to compare the two but damn, this looks very close depending on how the dirt acts. That last line kinda looks like part of the one Jaws ripped up. Awesome.
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flag chyu (Oct 5, 2015 at 19:48) (Below Threshold)
 C'mon guys, it's nick pescetto, not andreu or vink or aggy.
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 He totally got robbed Oh wait, I'm a little early with the whining about the judging
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 Was hoping to see some Bizet flips...still, I’ve always wanted to go to the Black Hills and that drone shot at the end is doing nothing to help.

Roll on Rampage.
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 where a bouts in france is this
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 It’s in the South.
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 Near Digne-les-bains
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 That place looks like a giant version of the local quarry we used to ride as kids. And I mean GIANT VERSION!

How awesome was that last line?
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 our shale quarry's elevation drop was only 300 feet...think deep holes. Similar lines though, especially in the large overburden piles of clay nearby. Water would erode deep gullies with rocks poppin out everywhere. But mountain bikes sucked in the 1990's, so the fear factor was probably similar.
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 quarries are really nice place to ride, i wished i had one close to my home; possible road gaps
step ups etc; wished there was a guide for finding them, cause looking over the net can b e quite difficult, the dutch name for them is not
so for it self speaking to be finding it on the net
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 no one is gonna bitch about the christian reggae???

ok ill do it.

geezus f*cking christ that christian reggae sucks!!!
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 I'm wearing my ignorance openly here but, isn't rasta a type of christianity? The lord Bob Marley spoke of wasn't pagan as far as I could tell.
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 Well yeah my problem is not with the religious message per se my problem is when they think just because your song has a religious message you can forget about evrything else. You still need good lyrics and good music go listen to bob marley rastaman chant and youll get it. Is an openly religious song but the song is still pretty damn good.
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 riding and camera work is sick
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 Kudos to the producers of the film. Great editing and story line development with a nice payoff.
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 Upper part of rampage is really good real riding. All the built big features are just a competition on who has number nuts.
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 awesome riding! and that was pure costa rican reggae with jahricio!
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 Hello Nic (Nick?)!
My Answer is:
With no words (such a marketing and selfmading story telling shit) and better style (because it's Polish Style of course Wink )
I'll never stop looking for Jaws in RBR - he deserve for it!
But it's not the straight hate just my point of view (neva' been The Real Hater - too old for this shit Wink ) - my cohones are smaller than Yours and my bike is smaller, too Smile
Cheers and good luck in competition!
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 We were just going to chill but you cant chill with friends right? That line looked sick!
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 Okay so was that a barrel roll at 0:34 or am I being a retard
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 another place to go on my list
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 Just another definition of.............SICK!
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 Why does it say his name is Nike in the home page title?
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 somebody give those guys some proper breakes. i think my ears are bleeding!
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 Definitely going to root for rampages Rasta!!!
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 Nice music bro from Costa Rica
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 Great edit, Nick! Was so cool to meet you there... Good luck in Utah!
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 The music was incredible along with that creative line. WOW.
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 Un leon no se rinde! -Jahricio
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 What a beautiful sight, plus some pretty sweet lines.
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 That's a sweet spot. Definitely will help in Rampage that's for sure!
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 Such a rad place! Good luck and we'll see yal out there
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 The Bob Marley of biking!
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 They totally ruined the Moss, this is an outrage!!!
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 What an epic place to ride :O
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 I want that Vw
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 yeah that syncro from rob j is awesome
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 can't wait
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 CP GANG is the BOMB !!
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 this was awesome....

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