Danny MacAskill Takes To The Streets of Edinburgh

Oct 11, 2017 at 15:39
by crankbrothers  
Danny MacAskill Stamp 3 Pedals

The people of Edinburgh got quite the show today as Danny MacAskill headed out to some of his old street spots to get some time in on his new Crankbrothers Stamp 3 MacAskill Edition pedals. A mix of immense bike skill and imagination lead to these clips below; check out just another day for the trials sensation from Scotland.

The Stamp 3 Macaskill Edition ($99/€99) is available now at crankbrothers.com and dealers worldwide. To find out more, visit crankbrothers.com or follow @crankbrothers on Instagram.


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 180 skid in first clip was the shiit
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 @charleyboy14: Did you hear about the new planet they found on our solar system?
Ha ha Dany, we discovered your secret.

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 I'm selling my bike.
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 Meh, it doesn't matter what other people do. Just because Superman can fly, doesn't make everyone quit everything, it's just a good thing he can.
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 @Kramz: You know uhh... you know he's not real, right?
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 Don't tell us its for an e bike !!!
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 My gosh, how are the street dwellers not acknowledging this physics defying demo......amazing.....dm is amazing....
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 I genuinely think people have more interest in looking at their phone/getting back to work quickly/talking bollocks to their mates than seeing possibly the best bike handler in history do his stuff in the flesh. Almost nobody even turns their head. This will always be a niche sport, always.
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 @BenPea: It's Scotland, we're not big on emotional expression, it lets the weather in.
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 @Steventux: I'm going to use that.
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 Please stop practising Danny, you are good enough. Give us mortals a break
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 I love seeing him revisit locations from his first viral video. I have vivid, nostalgic memories of when it came out.
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 +1: Hey Danny, how about a re-release of the original Inspired video on Youtube in something more than 360p?!?
I'd pay good $$$ to see that in 1080p or better. Cinematography & editing were nearly as raw & visceral as your tricks - whip pans to asphalt instead of fade-to-black: inspired indeed!
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 I wish I got a trials demo whilst wait for the bus... Backwards to forwards mono! WTF!
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 Almost just as amazing is the disapproving looks he gets from the passers by as they ponder their 40 year career in accounting and how the hell a guy on a bike has fun all day doing skids and wheelies, and gets paid for it. Good on you Danny! Keep killing it!
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 That gap jump though
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 I wouldn't have cleared that with a bigger run up, a takeoff lip and somewhere to land.
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 I want to see the outtake where he goes for a swim! It will make me feel a little better about my comparably pathetic riding talents. Smile Go Danny!
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 Added risk with the road and incoming people carrier. He must have been fairly comfortable with it, which is even more impressive.
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 @Poulsbojohnny: Just like Bruni
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 Its cool seeing him back in the same spots from his inspired bicycles video way back when
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 I can watch this all day long
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 that second clip looks exactly like a section of his first inspired bikes video (am i wrong), sick skillz!!!
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 What the hell!
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 Making the impossible possible
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 What kind of bike is that??!?
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 @NiloB: "Doesn't" Look like a Session..
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 Inspired. Not inspired by session but inspired, I mean Inspired. Ok nevermind it's a bike...
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 @NiloB: thankyou, i lol'd
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 24 inch wheeled bike. Not too big not too small.
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 Inspired Skye.
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 Always deconcerté with a full open mouth when I see the skills and tricks of Danny
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 I miss Edinburgh so much!
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 Tell me why
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 waiting for a e bike clip Smile
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 Done it already, with a twist (no pun intended).

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 Danny your Awesome! Your incredible balance inspires me! Keep it up!
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 He's the best cyclist ever He could probably enter any event and do well
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 Good stuff!!!
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 Such a boss!

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