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Crestline Releases Special RS180 Team Edition eMTB

Feb 5, 2024 at 13:10
by Crestline Bikes  

Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.

PRESS RELEASE: Crestline Bike Co.

This limited Crestline RS180 Team Edition is the latest version of our Bosch CX Race powered ebike and will be shipping in spring 2024. We will be offering customers this RS Factory Team build which will ship setup with a Cascade Tuned link bumping rear travel to 180mm. We've paired that with a Fox Factory 38 180mm fork. While updating the rear linkage to incorporate additional travel, we were very careful to ensure that the bike retains all of its original characteristics, which everyone who has ridden one has come to love so quickly.

This edition is limited to 75pcs and they will all be individually numbered 1/75 to 75/75. The bikes all ship with the BOSCH CX-R (RACE) motors and a 750wh battery plus all the latest bluetooth components available from Bosch. The RS180 is painted in Chalk & Raw Carbon with Yellow accents and has a gloss finish.

*Please note, this bike can still be configured in any of the originally released travel settings with a few changes we’d be happy to facilitate. This means you still have options ranging from 150mm rear travel all the way up to 180mm. More information on all these options can be requested by sending an email to info@crestlinebikes.com or scheduling a call to discuss the best setup for you.

• 180mm of rear travel (with travel adjust)
• Fox Factory Suspension
• Updates to geo to optimize longer travel
• Works Components reach adjust +/-5mm headset installed
• Head angle 63.25°
• Removable 750wh battery
• 500Wh and 625Wh compatibility
• Size dependent rear wheel options
• Size dependent Chainstay lengths
• Bosch CX Race Motor
• Dual crown fork Compatibility
• Up to +/-10mm reach with dual crown
• Wireless handlebar mini remote
• Wireless KS Circuit droppers
• Wireless T-type transmission
• Weight 49lb-52lb's (dependent on batt and frame size)
• Price: $11,999 - one build option
• Pre-order available now and bikes will ship in April 2024 from: Crestline Bike Co., Worldwide Cyclery, Fanatik Bike Co. or in person at your Local Bike Shop depending on your location.

The Race version of the Bosch motor had fast become a favorite among those of us who primarily ride eMTB. It is slightly less weight than the standard plus has RACE MODE with added overrun.

Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.
Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.

Motor and Battery

The Bosch Performance CX-R motor offers class-leading power and range. These 75 Special Edition bikes will be outfitted with the 750 Wh battery unless a request is put in for a 625Wh. You can always purchase an aftermarket battery that is smaller if you chose the 750h. The battery can always sit at the lowest possible point in the frame if you remove and re-adjust the rail system, giving the lowest possible center of gravity. We have some battery spacer options that will allow hot-swappable options to run the 500Wh, 625Wh, or 750Wh within the same 750Wh setting cavity.

The on/off switch sits under the top tube while a Kiox computer screen sits neatly integrated into the top of the top tube. This shows you a host of selected information including battery percentage (100%-0%) with nice accurate battery readings along with remaining range numbers. A small mini remote mounts on the handlebar allowing for quick mode changes, engagement of walk mode, and control of your Kiox display unit. This connects to the bike's system controller via Bluetooth to avoid any pesky cables going to your handlebar or through your handlebars as some brands have done trying to hide them. That feature in conjunction with the KS Circuit wireless dropper post means you only have a front and rear brake cable. It should be noted that even if the Bluetooth mini remote battery dies, you will still be able to operate your bike using only the system controller under the top tube, albeit with limited functionality, but you won't be left out in the cold.

These 75 bikes will all be individually numbered bikes and ship with the Race version of the Bosch CX motor, which is 150 g lighter and has the overrun feature when used in race mode. This means that the motor keeps working a little longer after you stop pedaling. This can be very helpful when trying to get up and over trail obstacles where you have to pause pedaling while climbing technical terrain, and it is actually extremely valuable in a race environment on undulating trails once you come to terms with exactly how it works.

Neat Bluetooth mini-remote
Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.
Bosch CX-Race Motor
Frame Details

With our adjustable travel settings, you don't have to worry about getting the wrong bike. Anyone who chooses either model of the bike will be able to set it up with either longer or shorter travel settings, and we even offer a few options in between the two extremes. This means that if you move to a new location where your trails are more challenging and you want more travel, you can have it! Or vice versa.

We also offer aftermarket rear triangles. The 27.5" and 29" rear triangles use the same linkage. All that changes is the chainstay length and axle placement: 27.5" runs at 445mm and 29" at 453mm. The bikes will ship as we believe they should be set up, but we won't stop you from making adjustments if you disagree with our recommended setup. Everyone has unique riding styles and terrains they want to tackle, so we want you to be able to customize this exactly as you desire. You can always reach out to us to discuss what options are available for your size.

Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.
Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.

Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.
Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.


RS180's will be available in the following sizes: RH-2, RH-3, RH-4 (*RH = Rider Height)
• RH-2 will always ship MX (29 front 27.5 rear)
• RH-3 will ship MX or 29/29 (you have both options in this size)
• RH-4 will always ship as 29/29 for taller riders!

We feel that this format keeps the bikes appropriately balanced by utilizing our ability to have either a 27.5" RT or 29" RT and thus keeping stay lengths nicely in check for all shapes and sizes!

Recommended size chart

Our 56mm straight head tube with pre installed Works Components reach adjust headset allows you to adjust your reach by +/-5mm longer or shorter on all frames sizes. These will be pre installed in the long setting but will allow you to dial in your perfect fitment, and eliminate the issue of getting stuck between sizes. Side note: If you plan on throwing a dual crown fork on you'll be able to adjust reach by up to +/- 10mm due to the straight steer tube on a DH fork using a different aftermarket headset available from our website or Works Components directly.

Factory Fox 38 looking FIRE with the matching yellow accents

Robrides eMTB's RS with a dual crown Fox 40
Come and break some traction with us


The Geometry on the RS180 has been updated and can be found on our website here. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions related to geometry for other settings other than whats listed. We can always point you to an older configuration that best informs you of what all the numbers end up at on your proposed setup.

Timeline and Availability

The Special Edition RS180 Factory Team bikes will be shipping to customers in Spring of 2024. (current ETA to ship to customers is early April)

The bikes will be available for pre purchase on our website here now. Alternatively, please reach out to us via crestlinebikes.com, @crestlinebikes, or email info@crestlinebikes.com and we will work to get one allocated to you in your requested size and configuration.

Troydon and myself photograph the 2024 Crestline RS75 eMTB.


Pictures by: Andrew Ford

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 "Youth is even better when you are old enough to afford it"!
  • 19 0
 They know exactly who they're marketing to.
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 @Jer3myF: yeah people who can afford it.
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 This comment wins for sure! Hands down. Legendary. Hats off to you good sir.
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 @Jer3myF: FAQ: 'How do I turn my bike on?'
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 Marketing genius, boomers will be queuing up.
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 I bought the water bottle for 11,999 and they gave me the bike for free....what a bunch of great guys.
  • 14 1
 IMHO this is the way an e-bike should be set up. Awesome to have so many options to mix it up though. Yes they're expensive but this is a premium product and VERY dialed when you compared them to anything else out there. I can't afford one but damn they ride nice!
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 No downside on the ups (w/ motor) + eats bigger bumps = more fun!
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 "Team Edition" means the ones the team uses to ride around the event village?
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 Team trips to McD's.
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 @boozed @warmerdamj you guys are close but i'd recommend you consider adding in, "used by world cup DH race team riders to warm up and spin multiple training laps on" Seems reasonable to keep your options included though, a trip to McD's and a ride around the event village never hurt anyone. haha
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 Ugh can’t wait for mine lol it’s a local brand to me so I’m gonna support
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 If I only had that kind of money laying around Smile )))
But still, awesome build, although I would prefer a OneUp dropper and a coil shock.
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 Damn, seems dialled!
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 Look good Troydon!!!
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 A bike with “Weight 49lb-52lb's (dependent on batt and frame size)” that uses a “Bosch CX motor, which is 150 g lighter”. Good stuff
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 crestline, what the emtb segment is lacking is someone to put out a bike with a much higher power motor system. the big brands arent going to do it but someone like you should! given the choice between a government restricted class1 and an off the shelf high powered bike i know which one i would choose. i wont buy another emtb until i can get something with much more power than my bosch cx. the tech exists to put these bikes out, i am not sure why no one wants to do it
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 If you want one you can build it. Bafang m620 has more power than is usable in single track. There are a few overseas frame makers making some solid stuff
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 HPC bikes. Their trailblazer with the Bafang motor is very powerful, it's 1000 watts or more. Nothing else class 1 can touch it. Even better when you add the thumb throttle Smile
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 Never heard of Crestline.. looks neat though
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 They work together with Cascade Components. Or are the brand of Cascade. Or vice versa, not sure really!
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 @hitarpotar: Crestline is it's own company but they use cascade components links.

The bike's are sick as well
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 @wellbastardfast: thanx for the clarification - wasn’t sure about it.
What’s interesting about the e-Crestline is it’s not using an idler, yet they release a chart showing the frame has 22mm of rearward axle path - an amount that usually needs one. At least other manufacturers use one when having such a rearward path. Then again, Cascade do know their shit about suspension - couldn’t figure it out of their explanation about it, but i’m not this into suspension know-how! Smile
  • 2 1
 Santa Cruz looking type frame. Mold Parting line in rear triangle already figured out, probably by same designer. Cool bike though. I would still get a new DH and Enduro rig for the same price.
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 Is there no editing of these articles anymore? It is clearly AI written, and reads terribly. Go ahead an use AI if you like, but at least go over so it and edit it so that doesn't sound like robot vomit when you read it.
  • 3 3
 "Clearly AI generated"? If MIT can't tell the difference, I'm not sure you or I could. Is it milquetoast, corporate filler? Absolutely.
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 I actually personally wrote this article without using AI, sorry that i sound like a robot to you. I have been told i write too many words but that's just me doing my best to explain everything. - Troydon
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 @crestline: "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter" - Mark Twain.

Copywriting is hard. Proof it down, distill your thoughts down to the very minimum amount of words you need to convey your point.
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 @crestline: Troydon, your response soinds suspiciously like AI
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 I skimmed the text and it reads better than a lot of PB articles. Not sure "reads like AI" is the burn you intend it to be, given that humans are often sloppy, can't be bothered proofreading properly, and are gradually losing the ability to string a decent sentence together. Machines often do a better job nowadays, and that's from someone who is losing out because of it.
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 @crestline: you got all the choice marketing lingo in there though
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 @crestline: Troydon writes the article while shredding faster than 99% of the readers on here. Keep up the good work!
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 In case anyone wanted to know, 75 x $11,999 = $899,925
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 Which is a tiny fraction of what Specialized are making on their higher priced but vastly inferior S-Works Levo. Considering the quality of components they are purchasing, support, engineering effort and tax, I think they are offering a great service. I highly doubt they are laughing all the way to the bank, more likely trying to offer the best possible product they can and taking on an enormous risk considering the state of the industry in order to provide us with an outstanding product.
  • 8 1
 @mi-bike Don't forget we sell a large number of our bikes to dealers for a lot less than $11999 so we don't get anywhere near the amount you've calculated. It might be a good exercise for you to look up what it would cost to develop a bike and purchase the molds needed in order to make the frames. You might not have as much to say about price and start asking yourself how are these guys able to have pricing that competes with the bigger brands.
  • 1 2
 @rojo-1: Revenue doesn't correlate with profit and I obviously didn't suggest that Crestline is making close to a million bucks with this. I posted the number without judgement.
  • 5 5
 Ebikes or specialist DH bikes. The manufacturers know the traditional motorless enduro bike is dead. Just need.a handful of the pb readers to finally accept the truth.
  • 4 3
 "Motorless" enduro is alive and well in grassroots racing across the world, regardless of whether EWS survives Discovery. It's much more practical and attainable for kids to get a used $2k motorless enduro that pedals up and races down, rather than a DH rig or some $12k/65lb eDH yacht. Some of us aren't 65 or disabled and we want a light rig without a battery for big mountain terrain.
  • 5 0
 Well I ordered one and I’m still gonna use my normal enduro bike. Sometimes the day calls for a standard bike, sometimes an eeb
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 that +4mm Fox CSU is looking delicious...I'll take one
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 use me as "i can't afford this button"
niiice bike though!!!!
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 sorry, should have realised 'press release' means positive comments only. i love this bike so much, what great value, i must buy 10 of them....
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 Vault hubs? At this pricepoint?
  • 3 2
 This bike slaps
  • 1 2
 pivot shuttle, rocky mtn altitude, etc that can compete. Some crazy fanboys on here... or is it AI?
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 Best E-bike of 2024 on the table right here
  • 7 3
 based on what?
  • 11 5
 I've got the 2023 model, running the new Boxxer. If you can afford it, it's the best bike out there by some margin. eDH bike is a new category and unlike a DH bike it gets up to speed quickly, which keeps the party alive if the trail isn't vertical. Plus you don't need an uplift.
  • 4 4
 @rojo-1: So you guys need boost riding down stuff now? Maybe you need to find some steeper, more challenging terrain. You know what keeps the "party alive" on mellower stuff? A trail bike. They also "don't need an uplift".
  • 1 0
 @fentoncrackshell: I ride in Wales on extremely steep terrain. Just comparing it to a DH bike that absolutely requires steep terrain to feel good. The Crestline on the other hand feels good everywhere. Gotta try it to believe it.
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 @mr-fabio: based on what I say… duh
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