Phil Atwill & Gaëtan Vigé Join Cube Global Squad

Feb 5, 2019 at 23:06
by cubebikesofficial  
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CUBE have come a long way ever since they started their downhill program back in 2016. With three seasons of experience, countless kilometers travelled and two different wheel sizes in the bag, the team is excited to announce their 2019 team roster.

Germany's Max Hartenstern will join forces with Phil Atwill and Gaëtan Vigé to form the 2019 CUBE Global Squad. The team will race all stops of the UCI Downhill World Cup and selected European Downhill Cups. As in the previous years, Gaëtan, Phil and Max will race the CUBE Two15 29“ equipped with parts from our long times sponsors: CUBE, BLISS Protection, MAGURA, Fox, Schwalbe, Race Face, 100%, CapGo, MRP, SDG, Crankbrothers and Juice Lubes

Max Hartenstern

DOB: 06.03.1999
Nationality: German
Favorite quote: Ride or die
Why do you ride downhill: I just enjoy riding bikes a lot, can´t help myself it is my thing
Favourite riding spot: I am not super picky I just like it fast with good dirt
What keeps you motivated: My constant drive to ride faster than I did previous
What do you listen to: Right now? Miscondcut - Ready To Go

Max transfer to mountainbikes at the age of 13. He started racing BMX at the young age of six and got picked up by the CUBE Global Squad in his last season as a junior rider. Carrying over a strong junior year, he finished his first season as an elite rider with a 15th position at the last World Cup stop 2018 in La Bresse/France.
Career highlights: 3rd at World-Championships Cairns/Australia 2017.
Favourite movie: Earth.
Fun fact: Sucks in maths, loves YouTube, knows how to hunt just by watching videos.

bigquotesIt is my third season on CUBE. Long term business relationships are kinda out of fashion
especially in today’s fast pace time. I am friend with a lot of guys at CUBE and that makes it super enjoyable for me. With Phil and Gaëtan on the roster it´s going to be a hell of a show, trust me those guys are characters… The 2019 race season is here and I spent a lot of time on the CUBE Two15 in the past two years. I am strong, healthy and ready to aim for top 30 results all season long
Max Hartenstern

Phil Atwill

DOB: 11.01.1995
Nationality: Great Britain
Favourite quote: Work hard play hard
Why do you ride downhill: Love it and it is my dream
Favourite riding spot: Pelion, North Greece
What keeps you motivated: I love what I do and I know what I’m capable of and I want to prove to myself that I can get there
What do you listen to: I like a bit of all sorts but I’ve been listening to a lot of 90´s stuff recently.

Phil is known for his shining character on and off the bike. He moved to Greece recently to enjoy almost perfect conditions all year long. Pleasant temperatures most of the time sound pretty promising if your goal is to ride your bike all season long. An incredibly fast pace and a fair amount of top 10 results at the UCI Downhill World Cup over the last years got temporary slowed down by an ACL injury plus reconstruction in 2018. Fully recovered and healthy he is hungry for more.
Career highlights: 5th at Lenzerheide 2017.
Favourite movie: Wolf Of Wallstreet.
Fun fact: Hates spreadsheets, knows how to swear in Greek, can manual almost everything.

bigquotesI knew CUBE was a big company but after they took us around I realised it is massive. All shiny, clean and very professional. It looks like it works very smoothly. I want to perform to what I can do and I think the provided structure can help me to do so. If I ride to the best of my ability I gonna be happy. Looking forward to that.Phil Atwill

Gaëtan Vigé

DOB: 15.04.1998
Nationality: French
Favourite quote: No dig no ride
Why do you ride downhill: I had the choice between Downhill or Cross country. The choice has been quick
Favourite riding spot: My home spot otherwise Whistler is the best
What keeps you motivated: My sense of competition motivates me and helps me pushing the limits
What do you listen to: US rap.

Born and bred close to the mountains of San Remo, Gaëtan fell in love with bikes at an early age when he spend most his time at the local skate park and dirts practicing his latest tricks. His strong freestyle background still pops out even though he is a full-time racer now. From participating at Red Bull Hardline to UCI World Cups Gaëtan does it all.
Career highlights: 2nd overall 2016 UCI Downhill World Cup.
Favorite movie: Ali G.
Fun fact: Can survive on Nutella and Baguette for 4 weeks straight, can't grow a real beard.

bigquotesTo be honest I didn’t really know much about CUBE but ever since I have met everyone at the HQ it totally changed my perspective. They are actually crazy big and I am stocked to work with CUBE in the 2019 season. My goal is to finish inside the top 20 every single UCI Downhill World Cup and I am sure I made the right decisions to achieve my goals. It may sound cheesy but I actually feel home ever since day one. And it was not just because of a crazy night partying with the boys...Gaëtan Vigé


  • + 66
 Terrible photoshop work...
  • + 11
 ikr? Phil is staring directly at my soul
  • + 26
 Or proper Paint-work. It's all a matter of perspective.
  • - 1
 maybe the same guy draw the bike,it is very rare&ugly to my taste.
  • + 56
 I like that a team named Cube has 3 riders. Math nerds rejoice.
  • + 18
 seeing those dates of birth makes me feel old... or rather I have bike clothes older...
  • + 1
 Same here. I am in my forties, still can ride better than many younger. But, Dammit.....Big Grin
  • + 15
 must say I felt like Propain fit Phil's personality better but we will have to see how he rides that heinous looking bike lol
  • + 3
 Definitely think the same. He's quite an agressive and wild rider and currently Cube have the least slack DH bike going. Be interesting to see what comes of it though that's for sure - He's definitely my favourite rider to watch on the DH scene so hope it works out well. Cube could even have an Slack AF DH bike in the pipeline as well
  • + 10
 I don't know how to pronounce Gaëtan Vigé correctly.
  • + 2
 She ton wee-ghae.
  • + 3
 @imfluss: I thought it was Zhay ten Vijay
  • - 1
 Gay-tawn Veej?
  • + 9
 Oh look a Downhill-Team...
Cube: Boys please take the Enduro Bikes for the Video

  • + 4
 Good point, maybe Cube might be bringing out a new Dh bike?
  • + 14
 DH teams exist to sell enduro bikes
  • + 8
 Good to see Phil on the team!! I like my CUBE, don't mind if you don't.
  • + 7
 Looks aside, the bikes are well priced and the team is squared Wink
  • + 4
 All the Evil square companies are hiring the Rockstars of MTB. Guess they finally realized fun sells bikes and makes you cool. Pain is temporary Beer is forever. That’s my motto
  • + 5
 don't know about you but beer leaves my system a lot faster than pain
  • - 2
 yet Intense went in the complete opposite direction... The square of MTB going to the rockstar company.
  • + 2
 @kookseverywhere: It used to be "glory is forever" but all my experiences with glory is strangely connected to beer so...
  • + 5
 Always loved the Cube DH bikes, even if they get a lot of hate. I love the simplistic look, especially in black.
  • + 6
 Nice Nissan ad
  • + 1
 I wonder if that Frontier is ever going to come to the US?
  • + 1
 @sean916: You have the Titan, why would you want its smaller european cousin?
  • + 1
 Compact and easier to park I guess. Just like they want the current Ranger here in Asia-Pacific.
  • + 3
 is Gaetan in any way related to Yoann Barelli?
  • + 4
 Nissan Cube, funny match
  • + 1
 Phil looks out of his box*. it's not the off season anymore buddy!

*cubed, as it were
  • + 1
 Glad they specified the team … just by the look of the bike I would've said Phil signed with the Athertons… Wink
  • + 1
 Monchique trails in Algarve - Portugal!
  • + 1
 God, I was in High School when they were all born!
  • + 1
 This team needs a female rider to make it a Cube!
  • + 1
 Phil is the least square guy to join Cube
  • + 1
 @denomerdano are you saying he doesn't have real roots? Big Grin
  • + 1
 The fact he agreed to speaks volumes.
  • + 2
 Team Cube is cubed
  • - 3
 You mean squared? Wink
  • + 5
 @martin737: no. cube x 3 riders. cube^3
  • + 0
 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Right, of course! Came from the fact that if you got all the squares from cubing a number and put them together, it would make a 3D cube Wink
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