Good Month / Bad Month: Hucks to Flat, Photo of the Year, Team Signings & Delays

Feb 1, 2021 at 14:11
by Daniel Sapp  

Hucks to Flat

Field Test Bikes Hucked to Flat at 1,000 FPS

What would our Field Tests be without seeing all of the bikes hucked to flat in slow motion? With more than one field test taking place this past year, a compilation was only fitting. With many people still stuck inside, watching @jasonlucas take years off his ankles while bottoming out a series of bikes on camera was a good way to start the year. Fortunately, with all 28 bikes in one video, we were able to balance some of the startling lycra-clad XC bike compressions with proper baggy riding attire and fun-having trail bikes. There's even an appearance by the Grim Donut.

Racing Rumors Confirmed

New Programs, Signings, and More

Grow Cycling Foundation

The end of one year and the start of a new season is always exciting. There are countless rumors as to which riders are switching teams and who has a contract up for renewal. With more uncertainty this year than in years past, it was great to see a lot of riders find homes on new teams.

Some notable mentions include Mitch Ropelato going to Cannondale, Jackson Goldstone to Miranda Factory Racing, Dakotah Norton to YT, Emily Batty to Canyon, Pauline Ferrand Prevot to BMC, Loris Vergier to Trek Factory Racing, Vali Höll to Rockshox Trek Race Team, and Eliot Jackson and Veronique Sandler to Santa Cruz. And, of course, we have Evan Wall joining Orbea's Enduro team. There are far too many talented riders who found new homes to mention here, but a full roundup can be found here

Great Photos

Photo of the Year is Back!


We gave out the Pinkbike Awards at the end of last year for the best bikes, components, gear and performances. Now it's time for everyone to nominate their favourite photos for Photo of the Year, our annual photography competition where the winner receives a $5,000 check from Jenson USA.

All photos taken during 2020 and before Wednesday, January 27, 2021 and then uploaded to Pinkbike and nominated by users before February 5, 2021 are eligible. Each Pinkbike user can nominate up to three different photos. The judges will then spend several sleepless nights narrowing the nominated photos down to 32, after which we will open things up to the public. We will pit each photo against another photo in a college basketball bracket-like showdown. At this point, users will vote on the matchups and the photo with the most votes will move onto the next round. So 32 photos will narrow down to 16, then 8, 4, 2 until there is a single photo deemed 2020 Pinkbike Photo of the Year.

For more information, check out the details here.



Some 2021 Events Looking Less Likely


While there is progress being made towards some return to racing, several events including the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival and Sea Otter Classic are being rescheduled to fall dates. There have also been rumblings about whether the 2020 turned 2021 Olympics in Tokyo will be able to happen.

The Times reported earlier this month that an unnamed senior member of the ruling coalition over the Olympics has said, "No one wants to be the first to say so but the consensus is that it’s too difficult. Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen." Although Reuters also said that "Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori said on Tuesday that Japan would hold the Summer Olympics regardless of the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic."

The London Bike Show was canceled altogether, and will not return, a casualty of Covid.

With plenty of uncertainty still surrounding travel, vaccines, and when the world will see a sense of normalcy, the dates in the Ultimate Guide to the 2021 Race Season are far from set in stone.


WeThePeople Postpone Full Suspension BMX Project...


Timing is everything and WeThePeople's timing in revealing their interest in creating a full-suspension BMX bike has ruffled some feathers.

In now-deleted social media posts, renderings of WTP's upcoming Swamp Monster BMX were apparently leaked to Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes of the Fingers Crossed project. Ruben has been documenting the development of the Fingers Crossed full-suspension BMX for the past couple of years via social media and videos of riding it at Revolution Bike Park and in Malaga. His post expressed his anger and perceived disrespect at WeThe People also planning to release a full-suspension frame that was similar to his at the same time as he was publicly developing his own. The posts attracted more than 500 comments and plenty of heated debate, but it seems that the parties have since been in touch, as the posts have now been deleted.

There is no set date on either project for a release date yet, but we'll keep you updated as they progress.

Delays, Availability, & Price Increases

Delays in Components and Manufacturing are Reaching into 2022

Propain Spindrift review

Last year, the name of the game was scarcity when anyone was searching for bike products. This year seems to be off to a similar start. While some brands have stock here and there, many others are waiting on components that are backordered for the foreseeable future.

Propain, for one, acknowledged their experiences first hand. The brand has also had to deal with the increased price of shipping which will, inevitably, be passed on to consumers. With some delays of up to 14 months, bikes will likely be in demand as much this year as last, if not more. For reference, the average lead time was around 90 days before the COVID bike boom.

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 The Grim Donut's drivetrain obviously needs more ramp-up...
  • 34 81
flag dolores (Feb 2, 2021 at 15:50) (Below Threshold)
 it needs adjustable chainstays
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 @dolores: I'll be the first to say it: inserting your articles, photos, and videos multiple times in every comment section is starting to feel weird. Your stuff is alright but your delivery is... off-putting.
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flag steveczech (Feb 2, 2021 at 18:07) (Below Threshold)
 Don't listen to that boosh keep on keepin' on, ya hear? They hate us cuz they anus.
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 Get Alan Millard to build you the MK 2. Or Nicolas/Geometron
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 Forks look so delicate in slow mo, they look like they gonna snap.
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 I rode today in short sleeves and short shorts in 62 degree bright sunshine in Colorado. That makes it a good month, even if the rest of the month becomes an ice freezer.
  • 13 13
 Called global warming. You'll be really excited when your trails are on fire this summer.
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 @deserat: You aren't wrong. I probably have more good rides in January in the middle of winter than I had in the whole month of August last summer.

Spent all month last August looking at a fire smoke map website, looking for local trails that weren't choked thick with smoke. I had to cut more than one ride short when waves of smoke got bad enough my eyes began to burn and my throat hurt.
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 2021 will be officially dub’d “Groundhog Year”.
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 Everyone lived groundhog day for most of the 2020 year, except politicians and people with private jets and private yachts.
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 @tacklingdummy: and golf clubs !
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 BMX kids don't use brakes or helmets and they are going to cry about a full suspension version? Sounds like social media drama and not about a real product someone would buy and use.
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 The issue is someone developing a FSBMX feels like a major brand is copying their prototype
  • 5 1
 @thisspock: Ruben and Co. should have kept their project under wraps then instead of putting it out there for all to see. He made the bike public a year ago and he's going to throw a fit when another company tries to make something similar and unoriginal? Honestly as cool as Reuben is, he comes off as a real cry baby with this WeThePeople issue.
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 So impressive watching the Huck to Flat vids. What is the official height of the apex for the Huck to Flat? Seriously impressed by the crushing impacts of the test. I don’t like anything over 4’ to flat and my Fox 36 160 and 170 properly setup (30% sag) have way more travel left before they would bottom out from 4’ to flat.
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 A 4' drop is actually a pretty hard impact, I'm surprised you don't use all your travel. Lots of volume spacers?
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 @AndrewHornor:I totally agree that 4ft to flat is quite the hit! I’ve never seen a film of me sticking that height to flat but I can’t imagine it would look as violent as the Huck to Flat vids do. My 160mm 36 has one token in it and the 170 has a Vorsprung Smashpot with whatever spring was recommended for my weight at like 180-185 fully kitted (both are setup with Grip 2 dampeners) and both take quite the hit to use all the travel. A typical bumpy ride for me leaves the o ring about 5-6cm from bottoming out but I’d consider myself fairly average rider at best. For some reason both of the fox 36s I have take quite a hit to bottom out... like a day at the park or a really bad mistake on my part. I’ve actually contemplated having a custom tune done but when I actually use the bike to my upper limits I do get all of the travel out of them which to me seems right. I want the fork on my “fun bike” to bring me back from the edge of destruction.
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 @Dornbox: my setup is more cushy and I use all but 10-20mm of travel on an average ride (and just add a little pressure for park days). Funny though, sag is the same.
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 I think we can safely say that Delays, Availability and Price increases can be put in the "bad year" category, not just bad month category.
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 In upcoming shoot-outs I'd like to see ultra slo-mo shots of the suspension working on say climbing through a rooty section or braking hard through braking bumps. Very interested in how it all works in real life situations. Not that hucking into a swimming pool isn't real life!
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 I think slo-mo showing lateral flex of the rear wheel/frame would be informative. Most real trail riding isn't repeatable enough to make comparisons between different bikes. Maybe coasting down a small slope (for reasonably repeatable speed) and hitting a 2x4 or similar placed diagonally, filmed from behind to show how much the bike absorbs vs deflects. I mean, in actually riding one would go light on the bike to let it roll over a diagonal root, rock, or rut, rather than smash into it. But for a controlled, repeatable method of showing lateral flex it could work.
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 Power to WeThePeople! Release your bike to UsThePeople! (not that I'm going to buy it. just on principle)
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 @suspended-flesh: to which, can still snap.
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 Thought the YT was going to snap in the bottom out vid ngl
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 It's Alu.
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 Taking years off ankles doesn't seem like a joke. That's a lesson that seems real, judging by the other people who beat up their bodies (e.g. Mike Levy with his knee).
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 Does anybody know how much PSI is Jason running in his tires for HTF videos?
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 Bad month for UK riders as we’re now subject to and extra 2% customs levy on all goods coming in.
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 At 275lbs...that bottom out video is just "a day in the life" of my bike Wink
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 Just found out 3 bikes I ordered last summer are delayed. Hopefully arriving mid-summer.
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 Bad month for American Republicans. Are we the baddies?
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 Only if you're QAnon, KKK, Proud Boys, Trump MAGA, or any other crazy, conspirist racist redneck. Otherwise, a sane Republican with moral social conservative values is good. Wink
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 Keep politics off of Pinkbike. There's a time and a place for it, and this is neither.
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 @Abiron419: You must be new here. Let me show you around.
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 @CSharp: Yeah the 5 or sane ones left are fine with me.
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 @Abiron419: What, you didn't know bikes and politics go hand in hand? Ask the Sierra Club Wink
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