Injury Update: Aaron Gwin Out Until DH World Champs

Jul 24, 2019 at 12:17
by Daniel Sapp  

After a rough start to the season, it looks as if Aaron Gwin is going to be out for a little while longer, focusing on rehab and ensuring everything is good to go for World Champs according to an Instagram post today. We've reached out Aaron and will update this post if there's anything else to add.

bigquotesHey friends, little bit of an update. Shoulder rehab is goin well, makin progress everyday and workin hard to come back strong. My right shoulder is starting to feel decent but unfortunately the left one is taking longer than I’d hoped. I’m able to do easy riding but can’t pull up on the bars hard or handle any type of bigger impact.

I was really hoping to make National Champs this week and the following 2 World Cups but I’m still a ways out. I’ve been racing injured most of the year and I’m going to be patient with this one and wait till I’m back to full speed. So as of now, I’ve shifted my focus to World Champs. That’ll give me the time I need to fully heal and then a few weeks of riding to get back up to speed. I’ve never won that race and I’m really looking forward to being strong there. It’s been a tough season so far, probably more mentally than anything. I’m really missing ridin at 100% and it’s rough to be watching these races from home.

I’ve been taking advantage of the time away though the best that I can and I’m happy with the progress there. I’ve been focused on rebuilding the strength in my lower body/ankle since the ankle injury a few months ago and that’s going well. Upper body will come next. I’ve had some great meetings with my crew at @intensecycles on bike setup and we’ve got a few new projects releasing in the near future which has us excited.

I’ve finally had some time to finish my house and I’m hoping to get through final inspection in the next week. The amount of paperwork and fee’s to handle all that has been real. Lol Hoping to move in middle of next month, been pretty much living out of a suitcase in by buddies guest bedroom for almost a year now haha. Other than all that and some extra guitar time, I’m just really enjoying this time with my friends back home. The support crew here has been epic and that’s keeping things fun when I’m off the bike. Anyways, long post but was waiting till I knew what was going on and when I’d be coming back. Thanks to all you guys for the support and messages. Really looking forward to coming back and hoping to finish this year strong!
Aaron Gwin


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 Put Dungey on the bike!
  • 5 0
 that would be an interesting project
  • 34 0
 I’m taking a real gamble........ and leaving him in my fantasy team.

It’s a bold strategy Cotton
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 Blame it on the wheel size.
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 @Waldon83: let’s see if it works out for them
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 I'd like to see that!!
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 That's okay Aaron, take your time Smile
Can you please now kindly show us pictures of your (likely) ballin' ass new house and, most importantly, garage? My vision board is ready
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 He needs to have an “Welcome To My Crib” episode or do something like that while he’s off the bike lol how cool would that be!!
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 He needs to let Warner do it though.
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 @Vudu74: Can't wait to see Warner finally test out that toilet-with-a-view!
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 @Vudu74: Warner did one but the house wasn't finished
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 @makripper: neither was the Throne.
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 @Vudu74: Yes!!! Please !!!
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 MTB Cribs
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 The house is just a by-product as long as the garage is sick. Oh yeah the house needs to have walls thick enough that I can't hear the significant other bitching while I'm in the garage.
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 For as much as he talks about it I think it's the least he could do.
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 No chain = no problem, no tire = no problem, no shoulder = no problem
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 Uhh , actually , his shoulder seems to be a real problem
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 Ain't got no chain Ain't got no tire Ain't got no gold medal to make you smile Don't worry, be happy
  • 4 2
 @acali: It’s not quite working, too many syllables on that last line. Should have missed the word medal...but don’t worry.
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 So I guess he is human after all. How you bounce back from a rough season like this will define you as an athlete.
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 @acali: Needs more upvotes!
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 @Samuel-L-Jackson: Just gotta make “to make” into one sound like “t’ya” a-la McFerrin. Works perfect!!
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 No house = no problem
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Your witness saw that guy get slain
Now there's too many snakes on the plane.
Don't worry. Be happy now.
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 Better to come back strong than risk another injury - heal up!
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 Love watching Gwin ride! Sorry your hurt! Get well soon. Take your time, we can wait until your healthy. Crazy how fickle humans are. One of the most prolific riders of all time gets hurt and doesn’t win a couple races and all this sudden he’s washed up?! I will wager Gwin will be competing for the top spot again in the future. Gwin fan for life!!
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 I’m wit u. Gwin has done US well and is a true ambassador of the sport of DH. Praise Gwin ginger power!!!
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 all the best for the new begwinning...
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 Plastic Cranks season yanked!!!!
  • 3 2
 Plastic E13 cranks*
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 We all saw what went down at St Anne last time you raced it, You got this Aaron!
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 @laurencedube let’s hope not, the World Cup needs all its top riders, Gwinny is certainly right up there, only a matter of time till he has the M29 on the top step of the podium ????????
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 I think it is a sign of a true champion to come back mentally and physically after such a bad time. If he wins the worlds now especially as it has eluded him for so long, and now the French seemed to have upped the game again, it truly will be an amazing feat and one I think he could do considering his past domination.
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 I watched Gwins segment on 3 minute gaps yesterday, and I miss that guy. No GQ hair cut, no fancy threads, and no massive crazy house. Just a normal guy dialed up to 11 and determined to be #1. I think 29 wheels are his kryptonite, and I think he's more invested into his house than racing.
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 Unpatriotic! (But I quietly agree)
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 The guy has been crushing races with his good haircut and large salary for a while now. He's been designing his own components and dialing in his bikes for multiple successful seasons, consistently beating the fastest riders alive. Run after run of measuring split second improvements and minute refinements that are way, way beyond the comprehension of the vast majority of riders, even the 'fast' ones... But I'm sure he's just totally unaware of how slow his new wheels are. He probably didn't even give it much thought. I mean we all know 29ers are just an industry-wide conspiracy to make you buy a new bike anyway. Good thing you're here to set him straight.
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 @jlf1200: Patriotic! (please don’t hurt us)
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 Hah, so he shouldnt get a haircut that is 'current', shouldnt buy clothes that are 'current' and live in a shack?

You can only go fast if you have a bro haircut, 26" wheels with downsized frame, shack of a house and clothes you have owned for 10 years....
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 Didn't they have a big thing on PB showing his "new house" just a year or 2 ago? Is this the same place, just still being worked on, or did he buy a sweet house, only to decide that he now needed and even sicker one commensurate to some increase in earnings?
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 @thekaiser: Dont be so weird about stuff like this, just because Aaron is one of the top guys in a sport you participate in doesnt mean you have some kind of ownership over his personal life or choices or should expect to have any kind of insight into his private live unless he invites us all in to take a look - which he did which I thought was pretty damn cool, his house was awesome.

If a random guy's business comes good and he buys a nice house, nobody gives a shit, footballer or similar buys a mansion, well thats expected and nobody gives a shit but my god Aarons bought a nice house! He had is hair cut too! No wonder he got injured / hasnt won this year....
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 @justanotherusername: oh cmon it’s tongue in cheek. But I agree his house is pretty awesome
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 @thekaiser : you jelly
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 @justanotherusername: I feel like I have heard as much about Aaron's house as his mention of exactly what shoulder injuries he is recovering from, but a solid update on the house. Catch my drift here? He has earned his success, I'm not saying he shouldn't enjoy it. I'm just hatin' because every press release I read from Gwin makes me like him a little less, but I really want to like him.
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 @justanotherusername: Aaron’s Gwins wage should be the starting salary for a top 10 racer. He should be getting paid more. I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing he’s giving everyone something to aspire to and showing you can make it in this sport and it’s preventing all the other racers from being ripped off as well by showing how much a top racer is actually worth.
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 @thenotoriousmic: :Good way to sum it up, I didn't think of it from the perspective of protecting other riders wages either but you are right there.

@Erotomania: He is mentioning the house and other such personal stuff like playing guitar to give you an insight into what makes him tick outside racing, if he only talked about racing you or someone else would moan about him having no personality etc, cant win.
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 He’ll make a badass comeback next season! Watch!
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 WChamps #1Martin Maes #Aaron Gwin #Loric Bruni
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 I heard this new french rider Loric Brugier is really really good
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 I hope you take the time to heal well.
And I hope you come back strong and stylish (* but after the French on the box ...).
Good luck and come back stronger than ever
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 The Mont Sainte-Anne World Champs track is extremely unforgiving if you are not 100%. Best to heal up and be prepared than limp through the rest of the season with the risk of further injury. Goof luck with the rehab
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 I get that you are from ol' laid back California Aaron...But could you throw some g's on the end of your word bud...That drive me crazy...hahahahahaha
  • 23 2
 you missed a S, should say drives not drive.
  • 23 0
 @Skiskateshane: did you miss an 'n'?
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 Good idea man! Be patient and don't try and race injured! It'll all work out! Cheers.
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 Glad we got an update on his mansion, sponsors are pumped to know that news.
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 Bummer! But really wishing you the win for world champs! You definitely deserve it! Just hoping you can be up to pace after all season out! Good luck!
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 He needs to dump the 29 set up . It’s not working for him
Anyone else notice jack has been slipping down the ranks .

Perhaps the M29 is .......??

Just my opinion
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 Well Jack’s best ever result and season was on the M29 prototype so that’s a stretch...
  • 2 0
 @natedh9: Jack is also about 5 inches taller than Gwin. That may be a factor.
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 I guess you could be right, there is absolutely no way he would have done any testing, after all its a purely amateur setup. He should definately listen to the people on PB, some of them have done a KOM on strava recently on 27.5 wheels you know so its proven.
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 I realize Gwin is a professional athlete, but certainly there must be some way for someone to proofread social media posts before they are out in the world.
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 Gwin never really was a rider that stoked me out..he has a “woa is me” attitude. This dude will never secure world champs
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 Take your time, AG! Wouldn't trade that view from your toilet for anything else either Wink
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 at our are bones don't break, they shatter... best to get 100% healthy before Sacrificing ones body back to the mountain gods
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 I’m sorry, but what?
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 Hw is one tough mo-fo. I think he's going to GOAT us possibly like Minnaar
  • 2 1
 It’s time to call Mr. Miyagi and let him do he’s thang.
  • 1 0
 Oh no Frown that’s sh*t luck
  • 1 0
 Intense is sure getting there moneys worth
  • 1 0
 Injuries vs intensity , Flip flop
  • 1 0
 Hello? Mr Darren at push! Plz. Sukz. . Check it b4 u reck it son.
  • 1 0
 Hopefully he will kick some ass at snowshoe
  • 1 2
 I wasn't there but I'm told he looked pretty good/fast/uninjured at Snow Summit on Sunday.
  • 1 1
 His "g" key seems to be playing up
  • 1 1
 I actually missed two...My lame attempt at humor
  • 1 1
 Dear Aaron, I hope you win the world championship this year. Jaame
  • 9 11
 Looking back over his shoulder, things have gwin going downhill for quite a while....
  • 4 5
 Wonder how he likes the intense
  • 1 1
 Shit luck Frown
  • 1 3
 And suddenly I've lost all interest in DH.
  • 3 6
 What an intense year for this guy so far.
  • 3 5
 Aaron Who???
  • 4 0
 Too soon
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