Marine Cabirou Suffers Injury at Test Camp

Jul 21, 2020 at 13:01
by Daniel Sapp  

Marine Cabirou announced on social media that she has a grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction while training with the Scott Factory DH team after a bad crash directly on her shoulder. While there is very minimal racing happening at the moment, it still will keep her off the bike for a bit. She says that nothing is broken and after a bit of rest, she's back at training with more hiking, gym time, and rehab.

bigquotesIt’s part of the game...Little over a week ago, during our test camp with the @scottdhfactory team, I had a bad crash directly on my shoulder! Nothing’s broken, but I have a grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction. After a bit of rest, I’m back at training, not on a bike of course...for next weeks the plan is more, hiking, gym and rehab. Thanks everybody for your support, I will be back as soon as possible! Big thoughts for my mates who shredding @bikeparkchatel this week! Hope I could come very soon!!!!Marine Cabirou - Instagram

We're wishing Marine all the best with her recovery and hope to see her back on the bike soon.


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 It's what we North Americans often refer to as a "separated shoulder"
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 THANK YOU! a few dentists below are being extremely literal :-)
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 Those of us from the US would call it a bankruptcy
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 We call it that because Canadiens are hard AF and Americans can’t afford the doctors visit.
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 @adrennan: YES! I'm right there with you brother....
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 I did this exact same thing last October. Was riding again about 4 weeks later with copious amounts of Voltaren, tylenol/advil and KT tape. That coupled with light band work and resistance training, I was riding at 100% by January.
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 Probably the most painful injury I’ve experience, despite having gone through a shattered tibial plateau. Had the same injury June 2019, was only off the bike for 4 weeks, but wasn’t a good rider for at least 3 months, and not really back to normal for the better part of 6 months. A year on, I don’t notice it except for the ugly bump, but it was a surprisingly persistent issue for a “minor” injury. You don’t realize how much you use this joint ‘til you can’t.
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 @mtallman2: in hospital now for that exact injury (tibial plateau fracture) from DHing. The shit hurts so if you say it’s worse than that, I want no part lol.
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 @olddirtyE: pre or post op? My pain post op was a bear for a day or so but seemed to improve quickly. Plus, better drugs, stuck with NSAIDs for the AC separation.

Hang in there dude, tib plateau fractures are a process to get back from, listen to the docs on weight bearing, you don’t want complications with that injury. Healing vibes!
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 I had/have Type 3. No surgery, just physio. Collarbone now sits well above the joint in some positions but you can’t tell the difference in others. Doesn’t really bother me now but it looks gross. Just carry my skis over the other shoulder and take care when hike-a-biking. Don’t think I detached any muscles as Mattysville describes.
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 not to say she did either, I’m certainly not a doctor, that was just the “classification” system I found. Either way it doesn’t seem like a major injury but it’s not a little bruise either. I hope she heals up soon, Sucks to see anyone out with an injury especially after such a breakout year like Marine had last season.
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 I did mine, didn’t know what I’d done so got an X ray and they just told me it wasn’t broken and sent me home. Collarbone sits well above the joint now, but after some self administered physio it’s fairly strong now.

It’s a pain in the arse but sure with proper medical treatment it is fairly fast to recover from. Appreciate the NHS is free but they did me over there haha
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 Yep, that's no joke ! I had it in 20001 and had surgery. Nothing mandatory, you can choose to have it or not. On the long run it's better to have it. A friend of mine choose no surgery, 10 years after he hardly regrets his choice.
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 Well.. I may have a better A/B testing than you and your friend.

In 2013 I did my left AC (type 3) while riding in Taichung (mtb.. there.. yeah). I still rode to the bottom of the trail, went to a hospital there but decided to go back to home/Germany and get surgery there. Summarizing: German Surgery, tons of PT.. back to full schedule in 6 weeks.

In 2014 I did the right AC.. also type 3.. while snowboarding. At this point was living in the US. Doctor said surgery is not needed (even though, to me, both xrays look the same). Rest then some PT.. but wasn’t as strict. back to normal in ~2 months.

Today it’s hard to tell which one is better/worse.

Moral of the story: who the heck knows!?
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Yep, who the heck knows ...
Anyway yours are still relatively fresh ... get back to us in 2030 ;-)
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 Right on Mattysville. Grade 3 AC sep generally includes a coraco-clavicular separation as well. Generally surgery is only necessary for grade 4-6 but is generally unsuccessful. I never separated my left AC but I have developed bad AC arthritis (butterflyer in highschool and college). AC arthritis sucks. Can't swim anymore or do overhead stuff, but I can ride without pain for the most part as long as I don't get too heavy into chunk.
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 It can be a pretty serious injury, especially if she’s torn both the AC and scapular ligaments. I did mine in January of 2018 snowboarding, and it wasn’t until that October that I was 100% (no surgery, just pt). I was able to ride earlier, but especially pulling up on the bars was painful. I had a buddy who did the same thing though and got surgery, and he’s still messed up, two years later.
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 Bet she bounced backup and did a dance Smile Get well soon!
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 I bet she did. That girls' a tough 'un, alright!
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 The ligaments are are all torn. I have it. You need to strength train to stabilise it. Very common in MTB and hockey, American football, rugby. The best way to avoid it when being active is to stay in the house lol
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 Heal up quick. Looking forward to watching all of you pro's rip it up!
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 Nice. I had one of those, and a clavicukar fracture, and sternoclavicukar joint dislocation. Get well!
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 Had one of these just a bit of a bump bit of duct tape all good mate
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 physio or surgery w/zip-tight?
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 grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction - a what?!

Translation: her ligaments are partially torn and need some time to rest.
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 According to my surgeon, "Grade 3 acromioclavicular disjunction" means that the three clavicular ligaments are broken.
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 type III: clavicle elevated above the superior border of the acromion but the coracoclavicular distance is less than twice normal (i.e. 25 mm)
AC ligament: ruptured
CC ligament: ruptured
joint capsule: ruptured
deltoid muscle: detached
trapezius muscle: detached
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 @Mattysville: yup. It’s no joke.
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 Sounds bad but not as bad as a severely displaced clavicular fracture. Hope she heals up in time for Worlds et al.
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 @headshot: Having just come off 4 months off the bike for a severely displaced clavicle fracture I'd have to agree. I would take a lot more medical jargon any day if it healed faster.

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