Dakine Acquired by Marquee Brands LLC

Dec 11, 2018 at 13:33
by Daniel Sapp  

Marquee Brands announced that they are acquiring Dakine's Intellectual Property and brands in this press release. JR286 has acquired all of the operating assets of Dakine and will become Marquee Brands' operating partner for Dakine.

Marquee Brands is a brand management company which also owns the Ben Sherman, Bruno Magli, and Body Glove brands, along with a few others. JR286 and its affiliated group of companies specialize in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of branded and licensed sports equipment and accessories.

According to the release, Marquee Brands and JR286, who will develop Dakine's core categories, will maintain dedicated teams for the brand in Hood River, Oregon, Los Angeles, California, and Annecy, France. Ken Meidell, Dakine's current CEO, will be joining the Marquee Brands team.

We reached out to Dakine for comment and received the following from Chico Bukovansky:

bigquotesWhen we started working on Dakine Mountain Bike products 19 years ago, it was driven by our personal goals, our love of the sport and feeling like we had something to add to the developing world of mountain biking. Since then our passion for riding bikes, building trails and designing great products for the mountain bike market has never wavered. We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most passionate mountain bike athletes in the business along with a staff that is dedicated to the sport.

As we have established mountain bike as a solid business category the Dakine dedication is stronger than ever. The new team at Marquee Brands and JR286 has given full support to our mountain bike division. They recognize that our base in Hood River, Oregon is a great mountain bike destination and gives us quality trails and testing access right out our door. Keeping the staff involved in all the sports and products we are involved in has been a key part of our success and a fact that the new owners' respect and value. We are looking forward to the partnership with Marquee Brands and JR286 and all the solid business background and new levels of support that they can bring to Dakine.
Chico Bukovansky, VP Sales


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 And there goes another sporting goods brand acquired by another supermegaconglomerate. We'll see if the new ownership influences where customers spend their money.
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 Ugh. Not again. All the good ones get snapped up...
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 They were already owned by private equity before. Altamont Capital sold Dakine to a new group.
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 What could go wrong? Body Glove is still going strong right, haha,
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 @Patsplit: leaves room for the next small company with good ideas....as the wheel turns
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 Maybe the quality will go from bad to worse.
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 @Boardlife69: agreed. No loss really.
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 It is all about the synergies... synthetic energies :/
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 @jdubyapepper: And they got it from Billabong.
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 What are you talking about, I buy all my Dakine on Jensonusa and the Clymb. I think where they chose to sell it is what influenced customers and shops to spend their money, or not.
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 @Boardlife69: My dakine Poacher pack has seen 16 seasons of snow and it still looks new; just re-waterproof it every season.
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 Success to them!!
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 @patrickbatemanworldtour89: body glove was never really core surf brand...more volleyball, boogey board
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 @CactusLover: I got the same pack and absolutely love it. It goes on every trip with me. Some throwers, I mean baggage handlers tossed it by one of the tie down straps, partially separating it from the main compartment and Dakine fixed it for free. Yeah!
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 @patrickbatemanworldtour89: Bad Boy Club, and No Fear... oh the good ole' days. Big Johnson, and Pornstar too. oh and Hypercolor
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 @CactusLover: Yeah, my Poacher has been to snowy heaven and back WAY more than it's fair share.
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 Well as far as my experience with dakine backpacks, they definitely arent making any money off me. I bought a dakine backpack 16 years ago! Still in great condition and i use it daily.
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 +1 Also - Chico, shhhhhhhh.
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 "JR286" is such a personal name that resonates with me as a mountain biker. It just edges out "marquee brands" for sheer anonymity.
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 I was trying to figure out which 'Star Wars' Droid was JR286
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 @Cronarkom: More of a stormtrooper name, really. Kinda fitting.
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 After googling JR286 and seeing someone sending it 10ft out of the water on a powerboat, i think i have more respect for these guys.
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 Sombrio gets gutted, dakine sold... Half the decent brands are dead and gone.
Maybe it's time to bring back Roach as a Community owned brand that just makes decent stuff?
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 NWT3K, they are custom kit company that started in snow. They definitely have the quality down and back it up with design capability. Local WA brand that has been building momentum the past few years. They are primed for success.
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 @adventuresbycole: Thanks for sharing!
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 @adventuresbycole: And the owner is a local ripper, and built a killer jump line close to home. Smile
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 @adventuresbycole: Still waiting for NWT3K to downsize that billboard jersey logo.
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 There are some out there already:

- Needs Factory here in Van (@needsfactory)
- TREES Mountain Apparel out of Quebec (@treesmountainapparel)
- Can't Quit Cartel (@cantquitcartel) in UK
- 6SevenRacing (@6sevenracing) in UK
- HandUP gloves (@handupgloves) in US

Just a few but totally agree - resurrect Roach!! #cantkillaroach
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 @cdnmtbkr @ratedgg13 There's also Tasco MTB (@tasco_mtb) in San Diego
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 @ratedgg13, who owns the Roach name now? NorthFace "borrowed" the indy name from Roach to use as a name for some shorts years ago. seriously tho, its time for that level/style of gear to re enter the market. It was mostly different grades of nylon, not the slinky thinner material commonly used lately.
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 @shedsidechuck: RaceFace bought Roach a loooong time ago.
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 @tripleultrasuperboostplusplus: @NWT3K logo size is no more "billboard" than TLD, Fox, Dakine, etc. And it doesn't scream NASCAR like all the other brands. Top notch quality and comfort, along with excellent customer service.
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 we're on track for everything in the world being owned by disney
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 and Jeff Bezos
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 ...and delivered by Amazon.
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 Buy small brands. Plenty of small guys making good backs. Ride small brand bikes owned by real people.
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 Ride small wheels! 26 ain’t corporate
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 Ha ha, that's on you. I would be on 29 if I wasn't so damn short. 27 for me ;[
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 Big Pharma creates customers not cures! Says my Naturopath every month... when I purchase producs and services from him
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 All I can say is that I wore Ben Sherman shirts for YEARS. Great work shirts, funky prints, spot-on sizing, wore really well. And then suddenly, the size that fit me was way too small (no, I stayed the same size). So I sized up, and found that the quality had gone to crap. Did some digging....Marquee. Adios Dakine.....
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 I have a Ben Sherman coat I bought 15 years ago. I still wear all the time. It is a quality piece of clothing. Not sure if they were owned by anyone back then. I’m guessing not.
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 This is my memory of what happens when big conglomerates buy up small companies: all the edge cases go away. Less quirky products, more consistent sizing (for better or worse), curious experiments. Which explains why the outlier sized people suddenly find where some products used to be cut a little different from the rest of the line now everything is insanely consistent across sizes and across brands, and that officially nothing fits ever again. And every brand in every store is like this.

On one hand, this kind of buyout represents living the dream for the owners of these companies. But damn if it isn't a terrible trend towards total homogenization.
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 We all hate it when big conglomerates or private equity firms gobble up the Dakines, Hurleys, and Five Tens of this world. But can these smaller brands survive without getting consumed by a company with far more resources and money?
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 Mature industries, in general, conentrate until they have 2-3 major players. MTB has a lot of consolidation to come in the next 10-20yrs.
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 Create a product/niche/demand/process/jobs then maybe sell it off so it can grow furthermore...now the employess may stay and be part of the big ol corporation. Sure, many times not as nice as small family but now they may get 401k, better and less expensive healthcare(bigger pool) and room for advancement.
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 You don't have too many options when growing a small business. Either IPO on the market, seek another round of venture capital, or exit by being swallowed into a larger company. Once a business is established in the marketplace, the early investors want their money back, so when a company comes calling to acquire for the right price, the angel capital investors get a big say.
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 I'm pretty sure Marquee Brands and JR286 wont care much, if at all that there's been a good amount of concern about what comes next for Dakine as a brand here, I can see all those at Hood River caring ALOT though, and so long as those concerns get air time at board meetings, hopefully things will stay as they are.
I use there kit as a "go to first" brand,(most if not all my kit is there's) I've never had cause to use there warranty as yet, but just having it there is a real plus. I did have a 19 year old pack of there's give up it's small pocket zip, which I didn't have fixed, (never asked) but the fact it lasted nearly 20 years of daily abuse, went along way to settling my mind on quality.
Adding to that, I've had Dakine UK and EU reps, running half way around the world trying there best to find me old stock kit that's in some backroom store, long forgotten, as I HAD to have it. that's serious customer service, and then some! and if that suffers due to this takeover, then it will be a very sad day indeed.
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 Being a local in Hood River for 40 years, and donating many building materials and time to the local trails, I lost my Pro-Deal this month, after being with them for 15 years. Lot has changed since then, now I'm just a number. Thanks for the memories JR286.
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 this is what i was curious to hear... sad
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 If it was private equity owned, this could be a good thing. PE firms want one thing only, profit, at the expense of anything, do they can flip it. Their CEO probably didn’t have the choice and is most probably on an earn out, so might not stay after anyhow. Sad but maybe not the end of the world.

One thing for sure; that Dakine tailgate pad isn’t so cool anymore, is it?
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 Hood River local chiming in. They've done pretty well for a company that started out in Hawaii making windsurfer footstraps! Hope this doesn't screw things up for all the Hood River employees.
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 The company was already private equity owned so who knows. Often a new ownership group can bring access to better supply chains and product synergies and funding. Or... They can cut costs and people and not deliver on the upside as they let it rot and all the talent leaves.
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 Chico Bukovansky..wasn't he Bluto Blutarsky's red-headed step-brother?
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 This is a great joke
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 25% TRUMP Tariff on Jan 1 coming in the USA for products made in CHINA, who do you think is gonna pay for that???? $12K-15K Bikes just around the corner!
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 shimano stuff is made in japan and malaysia, right?
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 Can t complain about my Dakine stuff. Never had any issues. Hope the best for the stuff
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 Chico Bukovansky was a character in a Bukowskii story
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 Dakine sucks
They dont stand behind their warranty policy.
When called out they gripe and offer a “Generous 40% discount” instead of repair or replace if sefective.

Since they were bought by hurley theyve lost their soul and quality, its only downhill from here.
Weak pockets, crotches, and backpack zippers. Overpriced shit, stupid modern design with little function and short lifespan.

If you want quality, look elsewhere.
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 Considering Hurley sold to Nike in 2002....

Think you're thinking about Billabong? They bought them in 2009. Then Altamont Capital Partners bought them both in 2016. They also own Brixton. Fox Head. Etc.

I personally don't like companies like this. They buy up brands and treat them as commodities. They treat the employees like ass. Generally what you start to see is less unique products... more regurgitated products. More work put on less people so that profits appear better than they are, etc. They make the companies appear like they're more profitable than they are and then flip them for profit.... that's why they've sold 3 times in 10 years.

My hopes is that having the current CEO in place will give them some stability. The goal with some of these guys is to buy brands with potential. Give them access to a larger audience. Plug in some new power employees. Otherwise leave them alone and watch them grow. But often times you have like when Vista bought Bell... they just put their fingers in too many places and screw it up.

Soooo.... hopefully it's a good thing for Dakine not a bad.

As for warranty... all my products from them have held up well. All of them.
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 yeah, i don't know why people are upset. in my opinion, they don't make very good quality equipment. their bags are almost as expensive as osprey, evoc, poc stuff, but not nearly as good quality. spend a little extra and your stuff will last far longer they only dakine stuff i still buy are their ski gloves because they're relatively cheap and i tend to lose those
  • 1 0
 I once used their warranty which was quick and easy but could only have a credit on their website (which is good) but almost everything was sold out and I also surf. Got a backpack just because credit was going to expire but after 2 years I told my story on here they give me a credit of the new price of the bag (50$ more) without expiration so I was pretty stoked. Some company may make bad des ici on sometimes but dakine did the right thing and they got me back as a customer.
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 @DH-Angel: my mistake, billabong i guess
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My mistake, billabong
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 Strongly disagree. Decent products at reasonable prices. Upwards of 2 bills for shorts isn't my thing, if they're overpriced, what's the other brands that generally cost way more?
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That's surprising as I've purchased many Dakine products, and have only had to warranty 1 item which was a backpack. I went into a store to buy a new Dakine pack as my 11 year old pack's zipper stitching started coming undone (which I thought was fair given how much I used and abused it daily over 11 years). The guy who worked in the store told me that "Dakine has a lifetime warranty on their pack zippers" and to go through their online warranty return process.
I did just that, and got a response from a Dakine warranty person later that day. I took a couple of photos and emailed them, and the next day I had a $100 online store credit where I "bought" the equivalent of my old bag which came under $100. Free replacement warranty backpack arrived 3 days later. Couldn't have been happier with the result.
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 @onemanarmy: Couldn't agree more. Everything I've ever owned from them has been pretty bullet proof so warranty has never been an issue. I really hope that the brand stays the course but it seems doubtful the way things tend to work out these days. Either way I'll remain a happy customer until I have a real reason not to.
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 I like dakine stuff and have had good luck with them. I have a couple pair of their riding shorts which i really like. I warrantied an older pair a couple years ago that had zipper foab break on me. I thought they would just have me send them in for a new zipper but instead they gave me full credit on there webstore. Decided on some $100 plus leather glove for snowboarding. By far the best gloves i have ever owned in 30 plus years of snowboarding and i have owned plenty.

I hope they end up even stronger after this change of hands.
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 These acquisitions are happening in every industry, not just our little sheltered bike industry. It's the way of the world for now.
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 Make the builder pack be able to hold bigger saws, won't fit my 261
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 Zoic for life ...(until this happens to them i guess, again).
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 I’ve found they have awesome warranty. They have even warrantied a couple of completely thrashed tail gate pads no questions asked.
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 Dakine always have cool photos on the 3rd and 4th page of Bikemag. Hope it wont be gone
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 Exerpts from Email with weak warranty people the other day:

Them: Thank you for your recent Dakine Warranty submission. We have evaluated your product and it has been determined that your product is from 2005.
Dakine offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects within the normal scope of use, (and for backpacks and luggage, this is 10 years).
Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your product for warranty due to the age of the product.

Me: The warranty says nothing about 10 years from manufacture date. This pack is in its fair product life with light use overall, but with weak zipper construction as is explicitly covered by your warranty policy. The bag is not worn to the end of its lifetime, it failed prematurely & defectively.
By the way, What was warranty policy when bag was made?

Them: your warrantied item is outside the 10 year period. The term Lifetime/Lifespan does not apply to the owner's lifetime. Our product is not meant to last the lifetime of the owner but the lifetime of the product, which for packs and bags is ten years as described on our warranty information page.

I again reviewed your warranty policy and as previously noted, your warranty policy says nothing about 10 years. Go to the US page and review it. Backpacks are covered for the product lifetime which is determined by taking normal wear. Separating zippers as per your warrantee text, are clearly identified as manufacturing defects, which is a statement I concur with. As such, The kind it was me replacement or repair of the day affective pack covered under the warranty provided. Also the amendment about “product a lifetime, not owner lifetime” was not present at the date of purchase, And either way my circumstance is provided for replacement.

Them: Thanks for the heads up about the warranty page, we are working on updating the text to be more clear to consumers. As I said, unfortunately your bag is over 10 years old and outside of our warranty period. I hope you are able to use the 40% code to get a great replacement!

Me: My point is your companys not living up to irs stated policy. Be upstanding and issue me a repair or replacment free of cost.

Them: Unfortunately we are not able to do that as we must abide by our current warranty policy. We offer a generous discounted replacement code which is a wonderful alternative.

Me: 40% off retail is still at or above your dealer cost, your still making profit. Its not generous, its less than you owe me.

Me: Please forward this thread to your customer service warranty superior.
I am on the verge of sharing your companies dishonest warranty conduct and poor quality with pinkbike yelp google reddit. I would like a positive resolution.

Them:Thank you for your feedback on our Warranty policy. Isabelle passed my your comments.

I understand your frustration, and I am happy to address your concerns.

Our warranty policy is a limited lifetime warranty on packs and bags. The term "lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the product, which we determine to be 10 years. At this point, packs and bags start to wear out and zippers begin to lose their function. It looks like your bag had a particularly long life. It made it to 13 years!

Here is our warranty policy again for your reference:
Limited Lifetime Warranty-Packs & Bags

Dakine offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects within the normal scope of use.

Dakine will repair - or - replace, at its discretion, any products found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate utilization and still within the lifespan of the product. Dakine will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred because of loss or misuse of the product.

The term Lifetime/Lifespan does not apply to the owner's lifetime. Our product is not meant to last the lifetime of the owner but the lifetime of the product.

Manufacturing Defects typically show up on new or unused product, early in the product's lifespan. Each situation is different and it is up to the discretion of Dakine to determine the lifespan of the product and whether a product has a Manufacturing Defect or if it is suffering wear and tear.

(Excluded from dakine staff regurgitation of policy, but present):

In the case that a product does have a Manufacturing Defect, Dakine may choose to repair, instead of replacing the item. If a product is repairable we will instruct you on how and where to ship the product to. Dakine will repair the product free of charge.

Examples of manufacturing defects that will be covered:

Straight edge tear along a seam
Stitching defect that inhibits your ability to use the product
Zipper malfunctions:
- Zipper head has separated from the track
- Teeth are broken or warped
- Teeth separate when the zipper is closed.

Examples of wear and tear that will not be covered:

Faded colors / UV Sun damage
Material wearing over time
Gloves used on a rope tow
Tears in the middle of the fabric (not along a seam)
Tears caused by a crash or wreck

Examples of damage caused outside the normal scope of use which will not be covered:

Jagged-edged tear (straight edge tears indicate a manufacturing defect jagged tears indicate a rip)
A rip or puncture hole in the bottom of a backpack
Any material that was ripped or caught on another object
Melted material caused by excessive heat
Improper use of product
Airline damage (see below)
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 Oh nooooo... Only gloves that dont tear a stitch in 1 week. Fingers crossed they just own and dont screw them up.
  • 1 0
 I like Dakine , decent prices, kids sizes available and I have had really good luck with there backpacks .
  • 1 0
 I never really saw Dakine as an MTB company, I’ve got some of their travel bags and been impressed with them.
  • 1 0
 metal buckles on the non-RAS poacher please. i don't always need the bag or bigger pack, but i do need to look cool.
  • 1 0
 I didn't read it all but to me it doesn't sound like 'from riders for riders'
  • 1 0
 Interested to see how this goes. Really like dkstuff.
  • 1 0
 Next thing you know the UCI will be running downhill world cups!
  • 1 0
 19year ago...maybe in surfing!
  • 1 1
 Product sales about to tank when Trump tariff takes affect Jan. 1!!!! Sell sell sell now!
  • 1 0
 Bye bye indestructible bikepacks.
  • 1 0
 I can allready smell those sale rail Dakine bargains
  • 1 0
 Capitalism is alive and well... ..
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 JR286 is Nike's largest licensee, so I wouldn't be too pessimistic about the quality of products we'll be seeing.
  • 5 1
 They license Nike... they don't have anything to do with Nike. It's the Marquee side of things that will be managing it. The only good thing is they're keeping the current Dakine CEO in place. My hopes is that they don't try to make it all fancy as a brand as they've done with their other brands. Dakine makes some solid stuff and has a nice niche. Plus... I like their proform and I'll be bummed if it goes away or gets convoluted.
  • 9 0
 Nike certainly has things in the upper echelon of quality, if not for high cost (premium Jordans), but they also make a metric shit-ton of cheap crap.
  • 1 0
 @Jaylynx: ain’t that the truth
  • 1 1
 @onemanarmy: With all due respect, I actually know people at that company and the way they do things. But please explain to me how developing Nike products is having nothing to do with Nike.
  • 2 0
 @emarquar: My understanding was that they licensed the brand. Guess I'm wrong. Would probably make more sense to respond with a more informative post?

For example... is JR286 going to have anything to do with Dakine or is it just Marquee managing the brand? Just because JR286 is associated with Marquee it doesn't necessarily they'll work with Dakine the same way they work with Nike? Are they going to take over the product lines and increase the cost of the product by 100% in the span of a few years like Nike did with Converse? Or build very expensive, cool looking products that fall apart after you've worn them 4 or 5 times like most of the Nike's I've owned over the last 10 years? Or are they going to let Dakine keep doing what they're doing and just give them access to sales and distribution lanes shared with the other brands... larger capacity, wider availability, etc?

I'd venture to guess that most folks have no clue how it's going to work... clearly me included... clearly.

My only experience has been being apart of transitions in several industries over the last 20 years... several times. And they ALL work differently. LOL!
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 Soooooo I have some working knowledge of the relationship between JR286 and NIKE. I worked for the ol' swoosh for 15 years in groups that worked with JR286. There is a good amount of oversight from the NIKE side when it comes to JR286 product, but the goal is $$$ on that product. It is thought of as Nike product and should be reflection of the brand in terms of quality and look/feel. It is good product from the standpoint of build quality and such - I would buy it - no worries. The 3D language of the product as well as the graphic visual language often lags behind the company as a whole, but that also has to do with the cost of tooling and lead times on some of the licensed product. I would think this could open up Nike to move bags to JR286 and vampire some of the Dakine design goodness... I would IMAGINE there is overlap in source base on bags so it COULD make sense for JR286 to pull Nike Bags in and have some seriously epic material buys for raw goods - TONS of 600D poly and zippers, lining, hook and loop, even sublimation pricing could be effected. If I was at Nike and overseeing JR286 I'd use Dakine as an excuse to license Nike bags and drive all that through a consolidated source base to make some real good money. BUUUUUT i'm just a graphic designer and have zero official connection with either brand and I suck at math so maybe I'm way off base...
  • 1 0
 @jeredbogli: This makes sense to me.

Dakine's new partners can expand their product line and quality with very little work and in return give Dakine access to expanded markets as well as ease of global distribution.

Side note. I nearly applied for a design position at Nike a few years back. I like the area up there for sure. Much more expensive to buy a house now compared to when I originally looked. LOL!

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