[April Fools] First Look: Maxxis' New 'NotPatch' Tires

Mar 31, 2021 at 14:31
by Daniel Sapp  

In an effort to cut down on Sharpie cover-ups, Maxxis have taken matters into their own hands for select DH tire models with the release of a new line of NotPatch models. These tires are designed to help out the large crop of top-level racers who would normally be forced to buy multiple permanent markers a season in order to keep their sponsors happy.

bigquotesWhile we are fortunate enough to sponsor many DH racers, we can't sponsor everyone and certain riders have sponsorship obligations to other brands. For years we have seen top racers and mechanics frantically coloring over hot patches on our tires in the pits in order to stay compliant with their sponsors. We're glad to finally bring them a solution that will save time and effort on their part and eliminate the risk of logo bleed through or inconsistent/mediocre work and race-day errors.Maxxis

The new NotPatch edition tire will be available in several popular gravity-oriented models and will be denoted by 'NP' at the end of the model name, although there obviously won't be anything to read on the tire itself. The NP designation will also help Maxxis lengthen their model names and increase the number of SKUs in their catalog, one of the company's main goals each year.

Initially, the option will be available only for the Minion DHF, Minion DHR II, High Roller II, Assegai, and Shorty tires in DH casing/wire bead versions.

You can't really tell what it is from a distance, but the Sharpie only does so much in covering up a logo up close...Maxxis aims to alleviate the pain with their new 'NotPatch' tires.

According to Maxxis, other riders who are interested in doing the same for themselves can purchase a special paint pen that was designed by Maxxis to impregnate the rubber compound rather than simply covering it up. The ink is fully waterproof once it's dry, so racers won't need to worry about hiding in the pits after a wet and muddy World Cup run.

'NotPatch' tires and paint pens will initially only be available to order for licensed trade teams, managers, and UCI-ranked athletes due to limited quantities being produced. Maxxis have not yet disclosed when exactly they will roll the option out to the general public, but it is in the works with pricing TBD.


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 “The NP designation will also help Maxxis lengthen their model names and increase the number of SKUs in their catalog, one of the company's main goals each year.” LMAO
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 The only thing that gives it away as April fool
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 Top shelf self-deprecating satire here.
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 @ScandiumRider: c’mon mate, sa-tire? You’re better than that
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 @pedalgnash: I'm so ashamed...
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 @diggorygardner: i was seriously buying it until that line

great one PB!
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 This is an April Fool's joke AND a flex
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 Yep. I came to say the same thing. So well-played. This is how it’s done!
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 For sure—Maxxis tires are so dominant my first thought was "weird but makes sense"
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 Throwing so much shade
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 @friendlyfoe: No, this product makes it so you don't have to shade anything Razz
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 Specialized riders secretly wishing this wasn’t a joke.
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flag jclnv (Apr 1, 2021 at 8:16) (Below Threshold)
 Nah they want a Michelin version these days.
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 I wish this was really an option. Not so much because all my sponsors are concerned but it would be nice just to not have that garish yellow logo.
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 I’m the same. I hoard the OEM white branding Maxxis because the yorange clashes with everything.
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 Genuinely one of the reasons I went with Kenda this year. Maxxis makes amazing products but I'm not paying $140 to be a rolling Maxxis billboard clashing with everything that isn't yellow. And I'm way too lazy to be using a sharpie to customize sidewalls.

Kinda reminds me of Alpinestars. There's some brands that just NEED to have their logo highly visible.
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 @brianpark: But then I would look like a scrub using OEM tires...
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 @Peally: personally I couldn't give a shit what they look like, when I'm hammering down a trail I'd take day-glo pink if they offered superior performance
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 No logo all black would look pretty sick. And sell really well i think.
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 @mtb-thetown: that’s kinda my aesthetic.
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 A proper paint marker is a very quick fix. Don’t use a sharpie - they don’t last.
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 Honestly. Plain black tires are just great.
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 @Peally: I actually tried other tires too for this exact reason but they just didn’t compare. Thank goodness for Sharpie pens!
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 An April Fools that's actually a brilliant marketing reminder how sought after their tires are. Well played!
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 Castelli did this with their Gabba Pro jersey, which included a black felt pen in the box. I think the statement that 100 Pro versions were available was actually true. For the price of creating the packaging, it's great marketing.
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 trek racing teams cheering until they check what today is
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 Loic Bruni has joined the chat.
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 For anyone genuinely interested, oil-based paint pens do work much better than a normal Sharpie style marker.
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 Delays in delivery have led to universal calls to delay the opener in Ft. William.
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 Just think how sad all the non-Maxxis athletes were when they realised this was a joke
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 New bruni line
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 10/10 would buy
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 Castelli actual did a version of this as a joke. Their soft shell Gabba winter jersey was so good that many pros bought them and felt penned the logo out if they weren’t sponsored by Castelli. Next year Castelli sold. Pro version that came in a box with a sharpie.
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 Would be nice for all of us that don't want to be a rolling billboard
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 For everyone complaining about the yellow logo, do remember when maxxis tires had an orange pinstripe line all the way around the tire... on both sides!
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 Wobbles and all, I still prefer Maxxis tires. I don’t prefer the massive hot patches with the looooooong designation and the garish yellow brand logo.

I’d be all about this, April Fools joke or not.
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 Everyone complaing about how their tires look while they are dressed like goobs and playing in dirt. Are the comments part of the April Fool experience also? They must be if people are concerned about crap like that.
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 Well done, Maxxis.

::Slow clap::
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 Maybe Michelin could follow??
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 I actually wish this was a thing to complete my stealth black look on my bike.
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 Paint marker works very well. Check out ones for graffiti artists, like: shop.bombingscience.com/canada/molotow-627hs-15mm-one4all-paint-marker.html
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 @dump: That's an acrylic/water-based paint marker (similar to Uni-Ball Posca) and isn't too durable. Stick to oil-based. Uni-Ball "Paint" and Sharpie has something too.
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 Me too. Sharpie paint pens work surprisingly well though!
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 Couldn't look any worse than the current patch design. I know deep down Maxxis want to bring back the old style hot patches
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 This will as be good for the people that are concerned that the normal yellow Maxxis logo doesn't match their bike..
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 Cool. Zip on rubber still takes the cake
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 Savage and funny, good job Maxxis.
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 This was actually funny, cause it's subtle.
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 This is brilliant. An April's fools joke Yet so true Smile
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 April 1st is the worst day of the year on Pinkbike.
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 a few, ok. a dozen or more is too much.
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 I have April fools day Razz
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 funny how they just took the pic where theres no logos on april fools day xD
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 I’d pay for that special blackout pen
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 They had me convinced until halfway through the article
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 ok but can this please be a real thing
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 now thats savage
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 Funny flex!!
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 april fools lmao
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 The struggle is REAL!
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 hahahaha.... stop
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 Now if MAXXIS could really focus on quality control that would be FANTASTIC! NO JOKE!
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 not sure why the downvotes.... too many wobbly tires.
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 @jaydawg69: So true. 3 of 5 Maxxis I've used have some serious wobble.
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 Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
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 Hahahaha how sad!
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 The real joke here is Michelin is better!!! Hahahahahaa
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 I'll take two!
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 quite a flex.
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