Photo Randoms: Embracing the Mud - 2019 Windrock Pro GRT

Mar 11, 2019 at 9:07
by Daniel Sapp  

From partying to the pits, conditions didn't slow things down and the crew at Windrock knows how to do it right.

The mud was relentless, as were the hecklers.

One run, one trip to the bike wash.

Water was a blessing and a curse this weekend.

All sorts of tactics for fighting the wet. Visors were lengthened to shield from the rain. Riders were putting latex gloves over riding gloves to shield from the rain prior to race time.

Kenda seems to have had a new mud tire on the track for testing. Details were sparse but there's no doubt that they're trying out a variety of ideas with the Intense team prior to the start of World Cup season.

Neko Mulally and Max Morgan were both seen wearing a new logo on their Fox helmets this weekend.

Ethan Shandro's bike is prepped and ready for the wet conditions. ODI grip covers, keeping things dry until race time. The full-on moto-style fender seems to be doing the trick as he consistently posted top times all weekend.

Trek Factory racing mechanic Grant Sides has his tools prepped and ready for both Charlie Harrison and Ethan Shandro's bikes. Sides is one of the youngest factory mechanics on the World Cup circuit at 24 years old.

These unlabeled wheels were spotted on a bike near the SRAM/RockShox pits. We've seen similar wheels on SRAM bikes in the past but still don't have any details.

Truvativ TLD bars were part of the prizes given away to top riders this weekend.

Loris Vergier layered up and ready for the cold. Also, note the Monster Energy logo on his helmet. There was little news about this but he has now joined Luca Shaw in rocking the green "M".

Friday was International Women's Day. This is much of the Pro Women's field after some treacherous conditions in qualifying.

Caroline Washam's mechanic had a pretty dialed set-up for the weekend. The ski boot dryer was a good move for increasing comfort between practice and timed runs.

Everyone wished they brought a propane heater as this crew did.

Knoxville, TN is the closest major city to Windrock and the mountain bike scene there is one of the strongest there is. With a couple of birthdays happening, it only made sense for them to band together and rent a bus to travel over to Windrock for a day of spectating. They brought along some good barbeque too, of course.

The doggos were out to party as well. Layla and Dale kept it chill trackside all day long.

One of the coolest things about this race is that amateur riders are sharing the track with the best in the world. There are few races where you're going to be putting your bike on the shuttle next to Loris Vergier's.

Neko Mulally, along with Sean Leader made the weekend happen. Neko crossed the line in his qualifying run and went straight to doing an interview for the local television station here.

Windrock is not only home to great mountain biking but the OHV park is one of the largest. If anyone got bored of watching bike racing, there was plenty else to keep them entertained.

Spectators were out in force.

Andrew Mueller Photo
Andrew Mueller Photo
Trackside conditions were just as gnarly as the race itself. (Andrew Mueller Photo)



  • + 56
 the east coast has had the wettest winter on record. One giant mud puddle over here.
  • + 14
 Same with the Rockies. More snow here in Colorado than any winter in the last 10 years or so.
  • + 103
 "You don't even know what mud is!"

- Every UK Pinkbiker.
  • + 123
 @MTBrent: You think mudhuggers are your ally? You merely adopted the mud, I was born in it l, rolled around in it. I didn't see dust 'til I was already a man. Then all it did was blind me.
  • + 2
 Looks like a fairly average ride during about 11 months of the year in the UK. The other one it is frozen.
  • + 1
 @kind0fimportant: hopefully the trails will benefit from the moisture and last a little longer into the season. Everywhere was so blown out last year
  • + 7
 Just remember when a Brit tells you its dry today, it literally just means there is no actual precipitation coming from the sky at that moment, the ground can still be waterlogged and look like these photos lol
  • + 4
 @kind0fimportant: Shoot... compared to the Sierra's you guys aren't getting squat. Keystone has received half the snow as even my small local spot that's peak elevation is under 9k. I think they're over 100" over Loveland too.

Resorts on the west coast are getting smoked. I think Mammoth is pushing 600" Going to be open for 4th of July.
  • + 1
 Weird isn't it. Seems like the west coast had one of the driest winters. Usually it can rain here for 60+ days straight. Ive been biking all winter and have only had maybe 5 or 6 days where it was a monsoon and I couldn't ride.
  • + 3
 @onemanarmy: where did you get these numbers? Mammoth mountain resort is posting less than 450". Or are we trading fish stories...?
  • + 3
 @onemanarmy: @RBalicious : there are several resorts here in Utah reporting over 500 inches on their websites.
  • + 2
 @onemanarmy: I didn’t say that we’re getting more than the west coast, I said we’re getting more snow than we have the previous winters - the last few have been bone dry for us
  • + 6
 His father was a mudder... his mudder was a mudder.
  • + 1
 @kind0fimportant: Yeah we had a few real real bad years too. Last year was o.k. at thee end.

I think you guys are a solid 100-200" above this time last year at every resort. Been a good year for a lot of places for snow. Tough for places getting water damage but great for us snow lovers.
  • + 0
 Not up here in Vermont. Too much damn snow.
  • + 2
 @RBalicious: Guess they're at 426". I got their numbers mixed up with Squaw. They're over 600 after this last storm. Alpine is over 500.

My local spot got over 200 in Feb alone. Was up yesterday and it wasn't a lot at of fresh from Sat night but it was blower. Not used to snow that light very often in the Sierra's.
  • + 2
 @hamncheez: Hell yeah dude. Utah has been getting it. My buddy moved there and it seems like the dude is riding powder every freaking day.

Most of the country got their fair share for Feb. I personally hope it continues into April. Though I'm tired of the rain/water issue at my house. Freaking leach lines are filling up my septic system.
  • + 1
 @RBalicious: Mammoths summit has 635" the base has 426"
  • - 1
 @onemanarmy: psssh over here we got over 10 feet in one dump. 20000 inches at the peak of palomar mountain. We will be sledding until labor day. I saw a polar bear taking a crap on my car. The kids are still walking to school barefoot.
  • + 0
 This looks like home... Smile
  • + 1
 Meanwhile parts ot the Europe already feel like summer. Maribor bikepark opened this weekend, with present forecast it might happen that bikepark will be operational for almost 2 months before they host the world cup...
  • + 1
 You see bike park videos all winter from the UK, all I'm sayin'
  • + 30
 Wow that’s a Kenda surprise
  • + 3
 Underrated comment right here...
  • + 1
 That would be funny if they release a new KOT in proper section and casing. A shame that the 2.3 sized the same width of the 2.1... 26"old good (muddy) time!
  • + 4
 @ChickenStrips: yes, I thought it was eggscellent.
  • + 3
 @Clem-mk: my hellkats are properly sized. Bigger than my old 2.5 minions and even comparable to my 2.6 butchers.
  • + 17
 You had me at doggos
  • + 11
 "Messier than a microwave burger in a trouser press" (Rob Warner)
  • + 5
 "How does he sit down with...."
Wait...wrong race but right conditions!
  • + 6
 Those new Sram rims are a carbon-copy (pun fully intended) of Mello Bouwmeester's single-wall carbon design. Collab or knock-off?
  • + 4
 They’re really overemphasizing the mud thing, but in reality it’s to cover for a really bad stomach bug that was running roughshod through the local mtb population and ultimately all of the pits... “relentless mud” = windrock giardia
  • + 2
 Mud like that is a good laugh to ride in sliding about like bambi on shots. It’s when it’s super sticky, clings to your tyres making them super wide and eventually stopping the wheels turning that I really lose my shit, cry and want to go home Smile
  • + 1
 Reminds me of 24 Hours of Canaan and Snowshoe --- Granny Gear Productions always tried to host the races about a month too early and nearly every race was muddy as ______ making it basically suck. Hence the low turn outs through the years.
  • + 4
 Biggest ears I've ever seen.
  • - 6
flag bizutch (Mar 11, 2019 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 i don't know man. One is kind of bigger than the other. You probably don't wan to date he tells her crappy stuff about you (said every douchey frat guy ever).
  • + 1
 You mean that bike's covered in mud? I just thought that was the paint job, like those Santa Cruz's and whatnot, and it matches the Tacoma... Wink
  • + 3
 Look at all the dirty girls. I love it! Smile
  • + 3
 How tall are you?
  • + 1
 @Ride406orDie: Tall enough to get on all the rides at the carnival. Why?
  • + 1
 @m1dg3t: username had me curious
  • + 0
 @Ride406orDie: LoL

Why? What's the difference if I'm 5ft nothing or 6ft 5?
  • + 3
 the food looks good
  • + 1
 "all women's photo" 2nd from the left, we see you Mitch Ropelato, you can't hide in there
  • + 1
 Those Sram wheels are Zipp's entrance into the mtb wheel market
  • + 1
 This would have been a blast to watch live
  • + 1
 All that mud reminds me of all of last years East coast race season.
  • + 1
 Nice mud shots ladies!
  • + 1
 Looks damp...
  • + 0
 ok firstly emopeds now lgbt propaganda what next
church boys reviews??
  • + 1
 Are you serious?
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