Video: Mesa 2 - Freeride in Utah

Apr 10, 2021 at 12:55
by Daniel Sapp  

Utah is still the proving ground for freeride mountain bike riders across the globe. Pushing riders beyond their comfort zone with its unique landscape; making or breaking dreams. After the year of 2020, Tom Van Steenbergen and Ethan Nell decide to take on the harsh desert one more time.

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 Mr. Huth - whatever you're getting paid for these videos you deserve more. Amazing edit as always.

Also, is it a coincidence that whenever a huge step-up is being built, mr. Macduff is always somewhere nearby?Smile
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 I heard he's doing it as a volunteer for the love of the sport
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 @RedBurn: I heard he’s making racks
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 Haha! Glad you enjoyed it! Huge team effort on this one. The guys crushed it.
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 I love how they repurposed that into a massive step up. Such an insane edit.
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 This should've earned a 'must watch' designation.
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 That Nell look back is where its at! Styyyle! These dudes are down!
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 Isn’t it. I think its the only time i’ve ever had to do a double take on a slo-mo.

(Not sure why someone gave you a neg. Pricks are everywhere)
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flag murfio (Apr 11, 2021 at 9:17) (Below Threshold)
 @timbud: I just gave you a neg for no reason other than shits and giggles.
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 @murfio: like I said mate: Pricks are everywhere
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 I saw these jumps in real life, they don’t even look possible and I’ve hit some pretty big jumps. Great job guys!
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 Hell yeah - I'd have to call Matt at Winder's off road recovery just to get away from them
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 @suspended-flesh: lol thats funny.
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 The snow shot made me audibly gasp
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 That’s Utah for ya. Proud to call this place home.
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 @Dr-YTMTB: Calling Colorado home aint too shabby either but theres just something about the contrast of desert and snow you get in Utah thats hard to beat
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 Why u not Bermie Senders, though?
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Yeah, Colorado is beautiful as well. There’s nothing quite like the I-70 stretch through the mountains and through that tunnel coming into Denver from the west.
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 That's so cool that they built trails so that both guys could be in the same shot, but not doing the same thing. Most edits with multiple people either have them following down the same trail, or just give them totally different segments.
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 This (and Gee’s slate line) is the best vid I’ve seen in about 3 years.
Everything, the riding , the editing, the mesa, the music, amazing.
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 That was dope. Well done boys!
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 Rampage is great, but give these guys some time, and the talent and artistry really comes through. Riders and cinematography.
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 Next Gen Freeride! That was awesome!
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 That was... beautiful. Well done!
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 These dudes are insane. The energy and passion they have on the bikes are awesome. The tricks too...
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 Yooooooooo boys! Ethan and Tom killing it as always. Filming and builds so goooooooood.
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 2:00 is one of the sickest shots ever!!! Beautiful vid, awesome riding
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 So fcking awesome. Van steezebergen bros are defo building at the same time in Utah!!
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 Truly superior film editing. Great watch!
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 I been trying to contact Mr. Macduff to see if he is still selling the rux fork. I see why he hasn’t answered now. Ha!
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 What a great duo, San Steenbergen and Ethan Nell
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 Great video!! Really like the parts where they were riding on identical tracks.
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 Fantastic edit and sick riding! Stoke provoke!
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 Best edit! These boys rippppppop
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 This is a must watch!!
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 Such a good vibe and some serious skill being shown.
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 Awesome. The riding and filming both are insane
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 so great, nailed it Calvin. my fave
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 I think Calvin is my favorite dude so far.
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 Can't find any credits for the amazing music...Anyone know who it is?
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 Watch til the end - credits in the credits, found at the credit portion of the vid. Give these guys credit though that was rad.
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 sunday sends holy crap
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 What is the legality of going out and building stuff like this? Specifically heavy alterations like the last ~30 seconds?
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 CHAPEAU!!! to all. Wow.
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 Fukn legends
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 Woaaah! So metal
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