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First Ride: Canyon's New Neuron:On

Jun 12, 2023 at 12:04
by Dario DiGiulio  

Canyon's model lineup feels as though it's been run through with a finely-toothed comb, making sure they've hit every single possible niche and preference in the market. The middle of that range is where things can get a little too close for comfort, but the engineering teams at the German brand are still keeping things distinct enough. Billed as an "electrified adventure bike," the updated Neuron:On aims to be the long-wandering option in Canyon's growing stable of electric mountain bikes.

With a focus on covering ground efficiently and comfortably, while still being able to handle some serious riding, the Neuron:On aims to be a confident and reliable partner on all sorts of rides.

Neuron:On Details

• 29" wheels
• 140mm travel, 140mm fork
• Carbon or aluminum frame
• Bosch Performance CX motor (carbon models)
• Shimano EP6 motor (aluminum models)
• 625 or 700 Wh battery
• Weight: 49.8 lb / 22.6 kg (Size M CF 8 )
• MSRP: €‎3799- €‎5599 Euro
• Not available in North America
With the newly-introduced carbon frame and a move to Bosch motor systems on the higher-end models, there are plenty of updates to the Neuron:On when compared to the past model. In classic Canyon fashion, the pricing is very competitive, with three spec points that cater to a wide variety of potential buyers. A fourth, highest-end spec point will be dropping later this summer, but these three cover the bases quite well.

The Neuron:On CF 8 model comes with the Bosch CX motor and a 750Wh battery, Fox Performance suspension, Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes, and a DT Swiss HLN350 wheelset. €‎5599.

The Neuron:On CF 7 model comes with the Bosch CX motor and a 625 or 750Wh battery, RockShox Base suspension, Shimano Deore drivetrain and brakes, and an Iridium 30 wheelset. €‎4799/4999.

The Neuron:On 6 model comes with the Shimano EP6 motor a 504 or 630Wh battery, Fox Rhythm suspension, Shimano Deore drivetrain and non-series brakes, and an Iridium 30 wheelset. €‎3799+.



Frame Details

The Neuron:On keeps things fairly simple in this realm, as it's a satisfyingly simple bike aside from the motorized element. There are no chips to flip, no proprietary water bottles to lose, and plenty of sensible decisions made that should keep the frame humming along for multiple seasons. With double-sealed bearings, replaceable thread inserts, and even a "proprietary grease fill," the Neuron is focused on durability through nasty weather. The one chink in that armor is going to be the headset cable routing, which continues to disappoint when things get wet, as water always finds a way into those delicate headset bearings.

Cables run the fussy way.
But at least there's plenty of clearance in the rear.

We tested the Bosch-equipped models, which had a very cleanly integrated Bluetooth bar remote, as well as the toptube battery and mode display. Shimano models ship with the standard bar-mounted display, which is quite chunky in comparison, but does provide all the info you could possibly need.



There are plenty of e-bikes geared towards the steepest and most serious terrain out there, but the Neuron:On isn't necessarily one of them. Most of that is dictated by the fairly steep head angle of 65.5°, as the rest of the geometry is actually quite progressive. The seat angle is plenty upright for even the steepest climbs, the chaintays are quite long at 450mm, and reach/stack numbers grow nicely for each size in the range. I found the geo handled fast riding on mellower terrain very well, and led to a lot of confidence in turns, thanks to that balanced wheelbase and easy-to-correct front end.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Compared with the other eMTB options recently released by Canyon, the size range on the Neuron:On is broader and should suit a wider swath of riders. Reach numbers range from 435-510mm, and although the seat tube lengths are a tad bit long the nature of the Neuron is biased more towards traversing terrain than anything too steep, which makes that a livable compromise.


Ride Impressions

Within the broad realm of e-bikes, the short travel, full powered options have always baffled me a little bit. As a 140mm frame with trail geometry and components, the Neuron:ON fits squarely into that category. However, after a day of riding the Neuron through varied terrain, and pushing the limits of its range, I can start to see who this category might appeal to. For folks who are more concerned with getting out and covering ground, remaining comfortable over the course of the day, and aren't too fixated on riding gnarlier lines, this could be the ticket.

Goes up nice and easy.
But still has fun on the way down.

The geometry of the Neuron:On is more than capable of handling plenty of serious terrain, though the spec can start to hold it back at the pointier end of things. The Pike is a great fork, but is seriously undergunned for a bike of this weight; the same goes for the Nobby Nic tires, which feel decidedly sketchy on a heavy chassis like this. Luckily, the heart of the bike - the Bosch CX motor - is well up to the task, providing the most natural feeling and intuitive ride experience I've had on any e-bike system out there. It's more than plenty powerful, and the range was quite impressive, even with the smaller battery installed. If this were my bike, I'd probably bump the fork up to a 150mm Lyrik, pop some burlier tires on it, and have fun day on the well-rounded ripper.

Most e-bikers in my neck of the woods seem to opt for the more downhill-oriented options on the market, and to me that makes more sense if you're going to bite the electric bullet. I realize that the European market has a broader use case though, and that bikes like the Neuron:On will make more sense for a whole host of people there. For long days out touring around, and for mellower trail centers, this could very well be the bike of choice.

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 Should clearly be called the Neur:On
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 Neuron: NO
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 Come:on, Cany:on!! Name your company and bikes right!!
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 And why don’t they have one called the More:On?
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 Move:ON would sell.
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 Hard to imagine people going for a Mor:on
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 @twonsarelli: Is this the classic self deprecating American humor I've heard so much about?
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 @twonsarelli: Maybe in the USA ?
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 whats the hardtail version called??? Facepalm
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 @twonsarelli: I bet some wouldn't get it in time, only realize later on
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 @sewer-rat: Did Cove just buy Canyon?
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 @twonsarelli: it’d get a huge Pinkbiker discount
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 This is already that with the Cable Tourism that it comes with
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 @sewer-rat: Hard:On has a nice ring to it. The portable version will be called the Carry:On and the Move:On will be nice after a tough breakup. Chemists will ride the Bor:On and they will make one that moonwalks called the Michael Jacks:On
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 @WestC0astWanderer: The moonwalky one would just be a matter of reversing the polarity, wouldn't it? You pedal forwards, you roll backwards.
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 @vinay: Its voice activated so you gotta say "HEE HEE" and then grab your crotch to turn it on. Comes with a sparkly glove but unfortunately Michael's greatest hits are sold separately. I think it's a licensing issue.
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 Already been done, but not an e-bike.
  • 29 1
 I don't get the point of a 140mm 50 pounds ebike. It already feels dead on the DH, just give that puppy 170mm or more of travel.
  • 5 1
 I've been saying this for some time. You're already hauling a motor that would allow you to beat an XC-pro without breaking a sweat, and as you point out, the bike already weighs 50-55 lbs. What is lost by providing a 170mm of travel?

If you don't have terrain that justifies a 170mm bike, then you absolutely don't have climbs that benefit from a "full power" e-bike, no matter how short on time, out of shape or other condition. When it comes to the SL-type e-bikes, maybe a 130-150mm format makes sense.
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 A 170mm bike at the same price point is gonna weigh 53-56 pounds though.
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 @KJP1230: agreed
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 Doubled sealed bearings at the back of frame and then a nice open window above the bearings at the front of the frame (cable tourism); yep, that really makes sense.
Another winning blow for headset cable routing…
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 Perfect for the bike path moto GP
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 Coming to a sidewalk near you
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 @Chondog94: only on sunny Saturdays on the way to the grocery store or bar
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 I sometimes wonder whether they try to nudge people towards their carbon frames not necessarily because of the intrinsic properties of that frame, but because the aluminum frame leaves you with more compromises for the components and/or geometry. In this particular case, I'm surprised the aluminum frame apparently only allows for shorter travel dropper seatposts. Easier to fix but still weird is that the install shorter version of the same handlebar. It surely doesn't contribute to the lower price, does it? Not sure about all the electronics systems that are available nowadays but I suppose Shimano probably also has a sleeker display on offer just like the Bosch motor is getting. It doesn't bother me personally as I don't see myself getting a new bike anytime soon but it does strikes me as odd.
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 Assuming I’m not against e-bikes, what is the point of one with 140mm of travel?
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 To make people pay the premium for the 160mm version?
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 I cannot see the point. Even for those with knee issues, I could not imagine spending all this money to get a less-capable bike that will pedal the same as one with more travel
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 I think if you're only ever riding milder terrain the shorter travel will feel a little more poppy and potentially be more fun than a longer travel setup that would make it too tame.
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 It’s so crazy to me, how many bikes canyon has in their lineup. It feels like they released new bike ever week! Many of them overlapping in category
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 Very much like 10 year ago you could (if you had the money to spend anyway) buy a Mercedes and never come across one exactly like yours, between all the models availbale and the myriad of trims and options.

This particular Canyon bike targets the German, Swiss, Austrian and Northern Italian market where there's plenty of riders looking for a comfortable bike for big alpine days out whitout any interest for speed.
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 "a confident and reliable partner on all sorts of rides". Great sales pitch.
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 I was a little affraid as a Specialized fan that Canyon can only make beautiful bikes and cannot make any mistakes but the ugliness of this is a little comforting.
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 Right, who though neruon:on would be better? neuronon?!
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 “ However, after a day of riding the Neuron through varied terrain, and pushing the limits of its range, I can start to see who this category might appeal to.”

Or going mountain biking for those not fortunate enough to live in proper mountains
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 Let's talk about warranty, shipping cost on warranty, shop cost for replacement labor for warranty part..
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 Too bad this camo design isnt for sale
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 will someone make a 300wh 35lb ebike
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 Haibike Lyke cf10 has a 250 Fazua motor. Also looks ok for Haibike.
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 Orbea rise, Specialized Turbo Levo SL, whatever Forestral calls their bikes, there are more
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 Make em say on, neuronon on. - master P.
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 Ebikes are evil, this one in particular. Should have been named Saur:ON! Big Grin
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 That would have been perfect. Then a bunch of parents buy their kids the wrong bike and less Surrons on trails!
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 Wouldn't even consider it due to the cable routing through the headset. Just stop with that bullshit already!
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 they should call this Site PinkEbike.com
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 The industry just has a huge hardon for the idea that everyone will spend an extra $5k for an extra $800 in parts
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 What about the Moar:On?
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 Free range of course
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 Check out my hot pics➤ u.to/mWPGHw
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 Another scooter review..who cares
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 Apparently, you did. At least enough to click through and then comment on how little you care.
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