Video: North Trip - Episode 1

Jan 2, 2013 at 18:10
by Da"u Corporate  
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This video is about the gathering of the team, trip preparations and starting on the journey north to Norway and Sweden.

To be continued...


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 Anyone else wondering when these guys are gonna actually ride a bike?
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 There still driving
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 thats what I was thinking
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 *mind blown* But only because I smashed my head so hard on my desk cause I just wasted six minutes watching this.
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 haha I love your comments, I imagine your face at the end of the video, while thinking "WTF I f*cked 6 minutes of my life by watching a video without mountainbike !"
This first episode aims at saying :
Where we are going ? Who is going ? and Why ? A road trip is not only about riding, it's also a travel and an adventure.
Next episode will be a 6 minute ride video.
If you want to see stupid video bonus of our trip -> like our facebook fan page :

See you next wednesday
Da"u Corporate
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 Bien vu Dau (a prononcer Dahu bien entendu) Smile That"s strange indeed to see an edit with no ride Smile
But at least we"re waiting for Ep2
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 You can't even imagine i had a full screen and i couldn't see the time bar after the end apocalypse i thought that something is missing.Next week's episode has to be good
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 I think it's a great approach. Build up a setting, introduce "characters", tell a story and let it unfold gradually..

There's already plenty of "3 minute blasters" with nothing but sick bermslashing, so I applaude this documentary/artistic approach!
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 Guys, episode 2 is turning out next Wednesday, we ride Hafjell in Norway, aka the European Whistler!!! Be patient Wink
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 I'm sorry im so impatient, I have that ADD disease, also known as "i have a short attention span cause I grew up with a remote control for the tv" disease. Smile Tear it up out there!
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 Episode 2 NOW
i wont to go to Norway and sweden too next summer. is it easy to camp at the bike parks?
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 in Hafjell there's a camping spot a hundred metres from the lift Smile
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 PLUS Norwegian women are the fucking BOMB
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 I 2nd Rail gunners statement... met so many amazing women from that region in Australia it was insane.
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 @Railgunner... I dare to differ basing on my own observations... with all the respect: a Bomb is a big overstatement. Come to France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland and we'll talk Euro Bombs.
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 The editing was great, not so sure about the content, those guys seem to take it all very seriously... I'm going to have to go watch Rob's Dirty Business to lighten my mood after that.
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 they are french dude
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 CG is french too. And you can't say he's serious
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 CG is the man!!!!
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 I watched this whole video to only see guys talk, and set up a tent??
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 I know this will be awesome, saw you guys filming and shredding in Åre and I've been waiting for your vids since then.
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 The Canadians would never allow us to watch a six minute video without riding in it.
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 Cant wait for next episode. I will write down all the tips. Cauze i have idea to make similar trip just opposite way from Latvia. Scandinavian DH/FR Circuit...
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 Its a good thing you guys are mountain bikers and not high jumpers or basketball players... haha. Looking forward to episode 2!
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 Sweet visuals! Waiting for EP2
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 DUDE, thats a big ass tent
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 I liked the video as it's a story line. It makes me really excited for the next one. Great job dau-corporate!
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 Thx! Appreciate Wink You won't be disappointed !!!
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 sweet more, more, more
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 nice work. the riding video should be kick ass!
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 the biking section never came man and maybe that's a problem
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 Super slick visuals, Guys! Can't wait for the pedal-to-the-trail action!!!
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 Less talk, more action
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 gdamn... the TV blocked again on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL!!

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