Video: Erik Orgo

Jan 11, 2013 at 4:44
by Dmitri Shushuyev  
Here is what we were up to from September to late December:

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Summer has gone by. Autumn and Winter crept in. The weather turned sour. Rain, cold and then eventually snow had fallen down. Ever since it became impossible to ride outside we started going to our indoor facilities. It's nothing much, but we use them to the fullest.

Eki throwing down 3 tuck no hander over the spine. This trick he does best from among the riders with whom I filmed before and took photos. Super stylish goes big and text book perfection If you would ask me how a 3 tuck no hander should look like then in my opinion this way for sure Thanks to Atmosfair Clothing TSG Alexrims and Urban Kreation for their support

Should we make a dirt edit next time around? What do you all think?

ds whip transfer

Song: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)

Special thanks goes to the people who helped us out:
- Our families and our closest friends
- Timo Pritzel
- Andres Vaab from Red Bull
- Atmosfair Clothing
- Alex Rims
- Stefan Anton

nose diving a spine

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 this vid just got better and better the entire way through it, awesome!
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 Tallinn Style!! Put an eye in this guy at the Simple Session!
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 I bet th
  • 3 1
 *i bet this park is really boring to these guys now, because they have found every line possible.
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 Im not your typical fan of BMX but watchin this dude rip makes me want start payin more attention to this style of riding. Legit edit too!
Dope a&$ flair to mani!
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 This made me "wow" quite a lot. Awesome riding!
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 backflip flair to manual wuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
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 I just have to say I f?#king love barspins, never get tired of watching them getting thrown. total banger of an edit too! propage!!
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 I like how there are sofa's and chairs for the girlfriends and lazy kids, haha. Some of the best BMX park riding I've ever seen! These guys can tear it up!!
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 fuck you canada, i want your trail networks and ability to actually BUILD trails without them getting torn down
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 False they still get torn down occasionally... Had 2k worth of bridges torn up this year was a sad day Frown
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 So good Dmitri! Eki should get hooked up for sure!
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 Minute 3:07
That got my jaw dropping!
Nice vid!!!
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 so good
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 That was sick!
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 Wear a god dam helmet in every shot!!!!
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flag demz (Jan 11, 2013 at 16:57) (Below Threshold)
 go cry to your momma and cool story... NOT! never tell it again!
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 Once upon a time there was a guy called demz, he was a annoying little faggot ...... the end. Is that a good enough story for ya dick head
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 Damn, such a good mix of street and park style tricks.
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 OMG!?!?!??! 3:08
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 The flare to manual was f#cking diiiaaallled!!!!
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 A lot can be done with a small amount of space!
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 Backflip 540 to fakie, this guy is sick!!
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 Anyone know what the song is called plz
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 semenuk&messere have something coming!!!
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 some of the best riding ive seen in a bmx edit in a bit. great edit dudes
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 Last trick flair to fake was awesome. Made the video worth it even though it was the same park .
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 Savage! That was my attitude about ten years ago when I rode bmx Smile
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 damn, i really am quite bad at riding bikes
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 Is biking hard? i can popa whellie pretty far my highscore is 4.8 feets
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 sick vid! he shredsss
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 Does anyone know the song?
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 Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Nasty
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 3:06 sick!!
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 i wish i had something like that here in canada
  • 29 3
 Boo hoo, poor Canadians! The whole world cries with you Big Grin
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 scooter fags
  • 10 0
 billeesh its called joyride 150
  • 4 2
 toytoy i live in whistler im just out there to troll
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