Video: RAW Season 2 Ep. 6: Amir Kabbani's Fade Away Session III

Jan 7, 2014 at 1:14
by Dmitri Shushuyev  

2013. Boppard. Our next destination.

chills with cold ones
Amir Kabbani's Fade Away Session. The last stop of our 2 week trip. We arrived quite late that day from Chatel. There was a lot of rain a few days back, but there seemed to be an abundance of dryness and riders at the trails. The boys were wrapping up a training session with cold beers, laughs and talking about the good times.

long time no see
Did not expect to see these two here. Haven't seen them in 2 years. It's always smiles and good times with the Samson bros.

dinner time in Boppard
Dinner time. There is nothing much to do in Boppard. It's a pretty quiet town.

Magnus Baumann and Moritz App. Met these two at Nine Knights. I was feeling ill at the time and it was a bit difficult to carry on shooting, but thanks to these guys the level of fun never dropped and it motivated me to shoot.

It s under way
Minor weather set backs did not hurt the overall good atmosphere of the event. Everybody were so friendly. The riding was crazy good and Szymon Godziek was an absolute machine! I asked him if he could repeat a cashroll for me and he went to do it, no problem. LEGEND! It's one thing that you cannot take away from mountain biking, the friendliness.

Despite the gloomy weather in Chatel, Sherwy got into the finals and went away with a solid 3rd place. He surprised me with his consistency and flow.

End of the line. 2 weeks on the road. 3 countries. Was a bit sad that the trip has come to it's final stop. All good things come to an end, but not in a negative sense. It means that it makes room for more good times to come next year.

Special thanks to Amir for having us there and for allowing us to shoot. Special thanks to Timo for this amazing trip and year. Thanks to Sherwy and all the other boys too!

Thanks to Patrick and Luisa for taking us to the airport.

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 I gotta cut down on my porn intake 'cos when that cute nurse popped in at the end...
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 Thomas is really dialed rider. Creative with so much tricks in combination not always the same truck drive up oppo truckdriver down. (I also liked his rampage run) Simon also has a lot to show and gets better n´better. Wish a exciting 2014 to everyone.
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 Best trick goes to 360 bar hump, doesn't matter how many cash rolls you do you can't beat a bar hump
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 Nice one to bad Teo broke his arm, get well soon!
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 Thanks man. Yeah that was an unexpected thing and everybody was shocked as to what happened, but he is getting better now and already riding some street
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 hmmm...I can't load this and there's been no comments for 9 hours. Me thinks the video is broken.
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 the video works lad. try on your mobile or in another browser
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 It's nice!

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