Devinci Rallies Behind Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation

May 9, 2017 at 14:59
by Cycles Devinci  
Classic Stevie.
Today marks one year since we lost Stevie.

Join us in our 30-day pledge to inspire young rippers around the globe

Steve Smith made history in 2013 when after an all-time season he throttled to the top of the podium at Leogang, Austria, clinching the UCI World Cup Title. Three years later the mountain bike world went into collective shock when we learned the 26-year-old had lost his life to a tragic motorcycle accident in his hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

During his short time with us, Smith had a profound influence on young and aspiring gravity racers around the world. And to commemorate one of downhill mountain biking’s most beloved athletes, Devinci has partnered with the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation in its mission to nurture and support Canada’s next generation of elite riders.

Stevie Smith wheelies his front flat across the finish line of what became his last World Cup event Cairns Australia
Stevie Smith wheelies his front flat across the finish line of what became his last World Cup event, Cairns, Australia

bigquotesSteve gave so much to the sport of mountain biking and to our brand, it feels natural for us to match that dedication by engaging the community to rally behind a good cause and a great person.Yvan Rodrigue, Devinci CEO

For the next 30 days, Devinci will match any and all donations made to the Foundation (up to $10,000 CAD). Additionally, we’re making a long-term commitment to Foundation athletes as an official supporter moving forward. The 2017 Wilson carbon also sports the Foundation Badge on the top tube as a tribute to Smith’s accomplishments on the bike.

"We always stood behind Steve.and even though he’s no longer physically with us, this won’t change", said Yvan Rodrigue. "We’re more than happy to show our support for the Foundation and the development of tomorrow’s young rippers."

Stevie Smith during the 2016 UCI MTB World Cup round one Lourdes France.

Today Smith’s infectious spirit lives on through the Foundation—a venture created by Smith’s family and friends that has received generous support from inside and outside the bicycle industry for community enrichment projects in the Chainsaw’s name.

For more information and to make a contribution, visit

MENTIONS: @devinci

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  • + 275
 Everytime I see a news about Stevie Smith, I remember the video segment where he's a young gun and practices with his mom driving him over and over... Damn onions...
  • + 33
 And I still remember the song during that segment.
  • + 24
 Seasons Smile
  • + 42
 For anyone looking for a little Stevie nostalgia:

Remains one of my favorite bike movies ever made
  • + 5
 Yep And both get faster and faster :-)
  • + 2
  • + 4
 that's how I'll always remember him RIP
  • + 5
 Makes me think of him and how rad his mom is. onions
  • + 6
 I get that the onions line is funny, but this is serious - lets be honest and admit that Stevie's death hit us all very hard and that we can honestly admit to crying about it a bit. There's no shame in that.
  • + 9
 @ratedgg13: goes without saying man, don't think anyone is mocking the situation
  • + 2
 Don't forget the Whistler section in the same movie.
  • + 6
 @ratedgg13: Cant watch that clip without the tears coming out, this was the first time for myself (and I'm sure for most of us) that we learned of the young kid from the island who wanted to put Canada on the world cup map. I'm just happy we had the pleasure to watch him live out his dreams and become a force to recon with amongst the worlds best. His legacy will be every time we decide to get out and turn the cranks, throw a little roost and share some laughs on the trails thinking of how fortunate we all were to have witnessed his story unfold. Salute
  • + 2
 @VPS13: RIP Stevie, well said
  • + 4
 @ratedgg13: Still admit to shedding a tear about his and mcgazzas passing.
  • + 3
 @Myfianceemademedoit: "when I grow up...I'll be a monster" - He sure did grow up and became a monster on the bike, RIP Stevie!
  • + 95
 I still stand behind the idea that they should rename the Wilson to The Chainsaw. This is still cool though.
  • - 17
flag EastCoastDHer (May 10, 2017 at 5:17) (Below Threshold)
 Trail Boss has a nice buzz to it.....but don't Stihl my idea!
  • + 10
 There should be a petition to get this done
  • + 22
 Or make a chainsaw edition. Limit them and donate proceeds to charity.
  • + 19
 Crankworx should change the name of the Canadian Open Downhill to the Chainsaw Downhill.
  • + 3
 And Mt. Prevost to Mt. Smith, or even better, Mt. Chainsaw. Well deserved! Longlivechainsaw!!!
  • + 1
 Maybe they're working on a complete new DH frame which they'll call The Chainsaw. I haven't done my research to find out where the name Wilson comes from, whether it'd be unfair to that person.
  • + 1
 That's a neat idea.
  • + 75
 Kudos to you, Devinci. #longlivechainsaw
  • + 31
 We like to bitch about the bike industry with all their new standards and wheel sizes, but at the end of the day the bike industry is run by humans who care about the sport and its people. We just dont hear enough about all the small things they do to give back which we should. But hopefully PB is changing that with this AWESOME story and Propains AWESOME kids team. Major props.
  • + 16
 It is actually heart wrenching to see the pictures and know that he is no longer with us. I would love to see a bike being named after him, to really embody his memory.
  • + 12
 Devini Chainsaw? I mean, that is an awesome name even if it wasn't in Stevie's memory!
  • + 12
 This is tough. I can feel for his family. I'm glad we're doing right by our heros and giving back, building our communities and remembering who inspired us. Grieving the loss of a child, living or dead, is absolute hell on earth. Sadly I've been through both. Seeing a community come together like this is one of the most uplifting things a grieving parent could ever be a part of . Thanks folks.
  • + 11
 I'll be putting down the money where it matters and what I belive in.
Props too everyone involved that makes this possible, all in the name of a bloke we all love, miss and respect.

  • + 14
 Very generous Devinci!!! So glad to see this. LONGLIVE CHAINSAW!
  • + 6
 Steve has been on my mind a lot lately, knowing that the 1 year mark was quickly approaching. Inside I was really hoping that someone in the industry would step up and do something big in his honor. I was also really hoping that it would be Devinci. Thank you Devinci!! Proud and thankful for what you are doing! #longlivechainsaw
  • + 4
 i carnt believe it has been a year since chainsaw was tragically taken from us, the pic of stevie wheeling over the line at cairns all ways makes me sad and lay as i put a comment about it on stevies twitter and he liked it and replyed R.I.P longline chainsaw
  • + 6
 Cause we all want to see it
  • + 5
 Fantastic gesture. Legacy of a legend lives on.
  • + 3
 Hope his family get to see the impact his life had on so many people, even those that never even met him. Something to always be proud of. Truely inspiring life.
  • + 5
 Still can't believe he's gone Frown #longlivechainsaw
  • + 3
 I will pay for new standards if this is what the companies spend it on. #longlivechainsaw
  • + 1
 Flying like a cannonball, falling to the earth Heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt How am I the lucky one I do not deserve to wait around forever when you were there first... La. La. La. La
  • + 3
 Why him? Pourquoi lui?
Sadness, tristesse.
Miss you, tu nous manques (en tabarnak) Steve Smith.
  • + 4
 Good on you Devinci! #longlivechainsaw
  • + 1
 So, if I give $10,000 is the fund raiser over? Or do you me to tell us... if you receive $10,000 from say 10 donors you'll then give $100,000 to the Stevie Smith fund?
  • + 3
 rename the Wilson to the chainsaw
  • + 2
 Long live Stevie!!! We never forget! The "Chainsaw" tribute frame is only fitting!
  • + 2
 I hope they will continue to remember him every year for a really long time. #longlivechainsaw
  • + 1
 The Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation is smashing through their $60k goal like Stevie smashed through downhill tracks.Long live Chainsaw!
  • + 2
 Every time I see his shit eating smile, it reminds me of his seasons segment. We miss you bud! Sweet move from devinci.
  • + 4
 This guy's a hero.
  • + 3
 My next bike will now probably be a Wilson #longlivechainsaw
  • - 1
 We lost Stevie and Devinci gave up on their DH program, and then gave up on Gaber, the guy who guided Stevie to the top... Now they're milking it. Thumbs down emoji for Devinci, but always hashtag longlivechainsaw
  • + 1
 His seasons vid clips are the reason I bought and still ride a cove shocker. Best clips ever.
  • + 1
 Work was shite today. This brings a smile and warm memories. Way to go Devinci! Miss ya Stevie!
  • + 2
 That's the way to do it. Hays off to you.
  • + 1
 Make a Chainsaw Edition Wilson and limit them and give the proceeds to the foundation.
  • + 1
 Mark Wallace is making Stevie proud
  • + 1
 Damn onions
  • + 1
 Stevie, my man! :'(
  • + 1
 so sad
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