Brighter by New Wave Cinema - Reviewed

Jun 10, 2010 at 21:57
by Brody Dare-O  
Tam Forde of New Wave Cinema recently released his long awaited movie Brighter. I just watched it again and every time I finish it, I wonder how Tam got so damn talented. I reviewed the sections and thought I would share my thoughts with the community.

Read on for a review of Brighter,

Sections and Descriptions:


Buehler's day off is a great little plot put together to make you giggle throughout the movie. It shows Garrett in numerous random spots that you'll have to see to believe.

Mitch Chubey-

Chubey opens the movie with trick after trick after trick. His style and fluidity get better and better as the section progresses. The music keeps the section pumping and Brighter shows it's a contender in the MTB movie business.


Tam's unique style of editing comes out fully in this section. Sorge and Agassiz show how much they like to hip. Sorge rips up some singletrack before going large at Brad's Yard. Brooks finishes the section with some familiar Kamloops' riding. The music allows the unique editing to feel natural to this section.

Buehler Utah-

Garrett has always been known for going big. I would compare his style to Steve Romaniuk's in that he floats over everything and makes the biggest hits look smooth and easy. I love the mellow music in this section especially when the Bass hits hard as Garrett is gliding over the Utah sand. This is one of my favourite sections in the movie.

Mike Kinrade-

I was so stoked after seeing this section. I've always enjoyed watching Mike send it, but after finally seeing the giant pocket air landed clean this became my favourite Mike Kinrade section. Mike generally rides his smaller bike in this section and the music fits the technical freeriding scene.

Kinrade Argentina-

Another big mountain section with melodic music. I love it. This section felt a lot like a ski movie section and that's a good thing. I'm glad Tam made this a full section instead of mixing the footage in with Kinrade's first section.

Dangerous Dan/Mike Laudrum-

The Flow Riders return and destroy their home trails in another unique section. The music is almost cryptic, but fits the glossy black and white footage so well. This is my other favourite section in the movie.


Buehler and Sorge shred the trails of the Kootenays in this high octane section. Switching between big bikes and little bikes, the boys flip, whip and hip the fastest trails around. Hopkins rounds out the section with more high speed riding. That guy is crazy fast.

Casey Groves/Paul Van Velzen-

Casey tricks the hell out of this very unique section. The music presents a very colorful editing style and makes the shots of Casey's tricks feel like they're pulling you into the section more and more. Paul shows his trials prowess with mind boggling maneuvers.


James Doerfling is someone to watch out for. He is such a well rounded rider anywhere he goes. He and Buehler send it in Kamloops as good as the locals. Buehler gives Bender a run for his money in the final shot of Brighter.


Buehler's day off is over. What better way to end it than with a double back flip?


The credits roll and a big shout out goes to Tam Forde for making one of the sickest mountain bike movies to date!


Dirt Tours-

Leeroy Brown is fast. Seriously fast. Kinrade, Sorge and Buehler enjoy more Kootenay trails. Very good music keeps this section flowing nicely.


What's a mountain bike movie without a bails section?

Extra Footage-

Nearly 6 minutes of additional footage. A great beat and some great riding go hand in hand in this section.

Transition Factory-

A tour of the Transition Factory. These boys know how to run a business!

Kinrade's Casa-

Argentinian living at its best! Mike didn't want to leave.

Overall/Final Thoughts:

Brighter is an incredible movie. If you bought NWD 10, Follow Me, Kranked Revolve or any other biking movie for that matter, Brighter deserves a spot in your collection. I felt the production value of Brighter was better than any other action sports movie to date. Tam's skills with a camera and a computer are hard to beat and this movie is a testament to that. I highly recommend Brighter, so go pick up a copy today! Let's support Tam so he can keep doing this for everyone that loves mountain biking!


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 I couldn't agree more with Brody's breakdown on the movie...i brought it to CR along with Follow Me, and the vast mayority agreed that both movies are as good as it can get. Brighter has this artistic feeling that you must appreciate a lot if you like "sort a like" MTB not the typical "banging heads" music and screaming all around...

It a must have in your collection...
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 This is far more like an advertisement for the movie than a review...
I'm sorry, but not everything in the movie is amazing, particularly the overdone effects and transitions. A review is supposed to be just that, a review. If there's something you don't like about the movie, then say it (and there always is something, no movie is perfect). Was brighter worth the money? Sure, because my roomate bought it and I didn't.
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 Haha you caught me Razz

I stand by my review though. I didn't put any negative comments in because I want more people to buy this DVD and support Tam. I knew there would be enough negative comments once the review was posted. Everyone has their own style but I thought the effects, transitions and editing made this movie stand out above Follow Me. I guess I'm artsy too then Razz
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 Whoa, wait a minute. I bought this movie, and it's pretty good. Definitely different from the average bike movie. But you can't honestly compare this movie to Follow me.
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 Why can't I compare it? They definitely are quite different but they're still meant to be the same thing. Like Straitline says below the budgets speak for themselves (Brighter = minimal budget/Follow Me = unlimited budget). If Tam had the same resources as the others in the biz I don't know what would happen! Frankly, he did an amazing job that deserves everyone's applaud.
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 I would agree. But it does not "stand out" above follow me. The biggest reason is actually the riding. The roster in follow me is just plain sick. Dont get me wrong ........I loved brighter, but those collective/anthill movies feature the very best riders in the world, and thats what makes them better.
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 I would say the riding in Follow Me isn't enough. At least with a minimal budget Brighter pushed filming towards where it should go. Follow me was standard bike p0rn with a big budget and a lack of vision. I expected more from Anthill.
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 @ TOTT - You don't even know what your talking about!! Standard Sports action Porn is rider parts. Follow Me had a loose theme which allowed for great action. Didn't reinvent the wheel, but for riding, was the best Mountain bike film to date!! ( RTTH, Seasons, Earthed 1-5 are close - my opinion only) I watch these film to get stoked on riding. All the gay new camera stuff is cool but over done allot!! New Zealand was the best riding I've ever seen in a film, raw riding!!. I showed the film to my Dad and he was Efin pumped!! Your just a bitter old man!!!!!!!

And this article is about Tam and Brighter, I bought that film too, it was Awesome!!! Nice work Tam - watched Stripped last night!!!! Smile
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 You guys both have good points. I like Follow Me but in the end felt it lacked the artistic touch the Collective movies left me with. Brighter was the opposite and gets me more pumped to ride. Thanks for the positive comments though. I bought both movies too and will continue to support all these guys. They all do fantastic work regardless of our opinions!
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 I watched Brighter again last night. Very good film. Especially considering the budget. I just think its bold to say that the budget is the ONLY thing seperating this film and Follow Me.
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 Nobody said the budget is the ONLY thing. There have been really good points in the comments and the biggest one for me is that Brighter wasn't your standard bike p0rn. I've read a few threads on Follow Me and everyone continues to say that it wasn't what they had hoped for. I second that and reiterate that Brighter WAS what I had hoped for.

For those that didn't like Brighter well that's too bad. Tam worked really hard on it and I think I speak for a lot of people in saying it was incredibly well done. Follow Me was good. Let's quit comparing apples to oranges though and just go biking Smile
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 Agreed, Apples to Oranges. Brighter is sick too though.
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 Review is spot on. Doesn't hurt that it's about $10 cheaper than most films out...
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 i bought this dvd some weeks ago and i dont like it. it was not worth the money.... follow me and here we go again are recently nice dvds!
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 I totally disagree, i thought this movie is epic! but every one to his own,
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 I also bought this movie, and think it is excellent. It is short (30 minutes), but definitely worth the $20 price tag.
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 way better than follow me, which was standard bike pr0n.
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 I think Tamas needs to be cloned and more of him out there capturing the sport. The Google Earth segment made me start searching valley's and hills locally. Stoked for his next film and comparing it to Darcys' film is a bit unfair due to the vast difference in budgets but it got me stoked so job well done.
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 Great review Brody! I don't know why everyone is complaining about the length.. that's why the DVD is only 20$.. AND it's supposed to be an artsy MTB film... I think it's amazing (not just because I am biased)...... especially because Tam did this all on his own (besides the Agentina section), with VERY little budget and time issues.

Lots of my friends enjoyed it who aren't even the least bit interested in MTBing.

It's amazing.. get over it.. and the music is great! Not everything has to have mainstream crap in it!

Great job.. by the movie! It's awesome!
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 I haven't seen the flick yet but i'm deffo going to.Can't wait to see Kinrades section.
I have a question if anyone can help,in the 4th photo,does anyone know what type of rig is on the right as we look at it? It's not a Sintessi Bazooka,the reason i mention that is because the front end is very reminiscent of the Bazooka,but the back end has never seen a Bazooka.Any help at all?
Gringo.Redface Cool
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 Got to see the premier of this movie in Vancouver earlier this year. Have to say, as a drunken movie watcher I was disappointed with the length of the movie, lack of affordable beer and not enough Chubey! Chubey dude, we need to party again soon. I forget the soundtrack of the movie but if I do remember correctly, I wasn't too impressed with it because it used overplayed/previously used songs. Other than that it was awesome
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 In the pic for the dangerous dan section, are those plastic rims!?!?
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 they are some sort of wierd combination of stuff but i know that they are not just straight plastic. i believe that those are the ones that you can throw in the freezer and they will true themselves
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 Looks pretty awesome, looking forward to finally watch that!
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 great movie, did anyone else notice how the crash section was like 70% mitch chubey?
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 i would've watched a whole segment on Kinrade building that crazy freeride half-pipe
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 I thought this was dissappointing except for the riding in South America.

"I felt like I had taken toooo muchhh LSD"

To artsy for me. Kind of like those stoned out ski movies of the early 2000's
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 Lol....I like those stoned out ski movies, and I like this one. To each his own.
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 One of my favorite movies to date !!! Kinrade Kills it !!!!
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 epic movie!
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 I bought dvd & thought to much slow moe you knew 15 min, off film streched out to 30 min. wtf,
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 the sound track wasnt my favorite, and i wish the black and white segment was in color but otherwise it was a good movie
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 brighter is decent but it is way too short! could have used more dh/trail footage
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 Where I find that film for download please ? Smile
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 Is it going to be on iTunes like NWD 10 or Follow Me?
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 thats what i was just wondering
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 has this company made any mt bike films since Brighter?
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 .........that they are composite. I dont know about that freezer thing.

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