Video: Vinny T, Nico Vink, Louis Reboul & Christian Rigal Shred Loose Freeride Lines

Dec 5, 2021 at 1:13
by Vincent Tupin  

After Rampage we headed up to Big Water and had an amazing day riding Freeride lines with good friends. This is one of the best Freeride spot I have ever ridden !

Riders: Louis Reboul, Nico Vink, Christian Rigal.


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 Why do you always write "shred" instead of ride? Isn't shredding like when you cut or mince something, like cheese. Is it just a very cool way of saying ride? Should I say that I shred my bike to the super market instead of ride? Would it make me look cool among my english speaking friends?
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 think of playing a guitar vs shredding a guitar. emphasizes context
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 100%! Inadvertently, you could ride cabbage, or ride pork, or ride cheese. It’s way cooler than saying shred and all of your English speaking friends will admire you, I promise.
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 @Lonjuan: i only ride pork
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 It's shredding as their bikes only have V-brakes I think
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 @mior: hahahaha, I thought the exact same thing.
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 Shredding if a type of riding my foreign friend. It can also be considered a feeling - take it in and apply your understanding on your way ton the market and you will know the answer to your question. ...its quite possible that you actually shred very hard on your way to buy eggs.
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 @J26z: Since male chicks cannot lay eggs they get shredded too. So we should at least shred the curb to the supermarket car park.
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 @Lonjuan: should I also say the pork that I ride is "gnarly", I understood that's also very cool thing.
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 Didn’t niko vink and the fest guys leave dark fest because they didn’t want too much social media and YouTube?
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 "It's about personalities, a lifestyle, a certain dedication to the art of riding bikes and building trails, things that are far more important than how many views or likes a video gets on social media.

We want Fest Series to represent the art and essence of what we believe riding bikes is all about – and hope it can be an example of realness to future generations and whoever else is into bikes."

And then he went to judge Ramage lol
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 @jabblede: I just dont understand why it's so hard to understand that thats their vision for the Fest Series. Not Rampage. Not their film projects. Just the Fest Series. A series they started and have creative control over.
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 @Blablablup123: I agree. They weren't saying anything about other business opportunities or other events - they were just talking about Fest. I mean that poorly-written/passive-aggressive PR statement made it pretty clear that corporate communication isn't their forte, but at the end of the day they were just saying that they wanted their own creation to be about a specific type of rider-focused thing and not turn it any further into a media-driven event. If they want to choose to limit Fest series' media exposure and financial potential, then whatever, that's their choice. Give'r.
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 @8tom8 f*cking yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn
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 There's work, and there's play. I think it's an understandable tension when you make your hobby into a career
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 Yesssss such a fun trip with the sickest crew!
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 Hey guys, can we stop posting locations for your social media clout? Could easily ruin a good thing by broadcasting the exact place.
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 Big Water, Utah is hardly a closely kept secret.
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 Fairly professional edit. I'm sure 'the talent' are cared for. To some extent.
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 Vital mtb calls it a ‘post rampage session’, maybe you should focus your reading there vs here at ‘dinkfight’
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 I need to go ride in green river, it looks so rad!
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 Different area, this is Big Water.
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 Must Watch ?
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