Video: DJ Brandt Learns the Ropes of Freeride - Rise to Rampage Part 1

Sep 20, 2019 at 14:29
by DJ Brandt  

With Rampage coming up and getting my second invite it seemed like a good time to start telling my story of coming from nearly nothing to riding in the most prestigious event in Mountain biking, Redbull Rampage. This is the first of 3 episodes that will explain everything I overcame just to ride in the big show. This episode covers meeting Ethan Nell, learning the ropes of Freeride and breaking my femur in the process. All filming and editing done by Tory Powers.


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 Not sure why this video needed to be made. Seemed more about Ethan pumping his own tires. I prefer the humble Freeride scene.
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 I have to agree, douchey behavior ...They are sick riders all the same.
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 Didn’t make it past the first minute and a half.
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 Hahahahah are you actually serious ???????? I’m dying at these comments
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 @EthanNell: Wanna make video that'll really give these keyboard warriors a reason to talk?
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 @djbrandt: @EthanNell you guys suck, stop having so much fun and start being miserable and serious....don't you know that's what the keyboard warriors want? For sure you are losing insta followers right now!! ????????????
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flag lalientoxc (Sep 29, 2019 at 18:09) (Below Threshold)
 You’re such a f*cking loser you still leave at your moms n trynna talk shit bc you’re salty that people didn’t think the stupid shit that comes out of your mouth is funny@EthanNell:
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flag lalientoxc (Sep 29, 2019 at 18:11) (Below Threshold)
 Bitch you smoking weed on the daily is more than a reason to talk ab n quit watching ur shit. Idk how you are even sponsored you have such a bad image @djbrandt:
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 @lalientoxc: You are the reason why the internet is toxic. Every a-hole has an opinion.
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 @lalientoxc: you still talking about us though 3
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 Still leave at my moms? Hahah live? Actually just bought my own house lmao this is amazing! Thank you guys for all of your support! @lalientoxc:
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 Ever heard of twitch?@lalientoxc:
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 @EthanNell @djbrandt The salt is big in these comments.. you two are the future of freeride! All these little keyboard bikers just upset their future isn't as bright as yours! lmao
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 DJ - been a fan of yours since your Valmont days 5+ years ago. This Video portrays you as a total moron FYI.
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 Cool man, I've gotten a lot of messages from people with similar injuries who say I inspired them. Keep your negativity to yourself, go for a ride and lay off the key board.
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 @djbrandt: saying it as a fan not a hater, man. Just something to think about...send it at rampage
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 hi DJ that vid is lame as f go ride your bike
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 was this from last year, I don’t get it. This is horrible content.
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 After this, he's gonna be FR Brandt.
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 "We're in Rampage we're hittin the gym this year aight"
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 Wow, why so many negative comments? I actually found this pretty cool. It’s nice to see the friendships these guys have and for them to make in the big stage that is rampage is incredible. Bummer that people are too quick to judge, it’s not like we weren’t all young at some point. Keep the videos coming and good luck on rampage
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 Screw all the haters DJ. Just keep having fun and ignore all of the BS. I'm really looking forward to seeing you at rampage this year. Proud you my friend!
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 The first 100' of Kong is the hardest move on the trail. That was a horrible looking get-off. Nice work on healing!
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 Its a bit intimidating, that's for sure. I can't imagine having a front wheel slip out while dropping in.... or being stuck up there with a busted femur... good god. That must have sucked so bad.
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 I'm 46. Ethan and DJ both inspire me to ride and look, kids will be kids. We have all done crazy shit. I wish I discovered this sport at their age.
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 hell yeah boys that was awesome and hilarious
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 link broken kind of.. you gotta modify the URL after clicking.. looks like the double http make it loose the : in https://.
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 Hory sheit. Can't wait for Rampage.
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 Stick to music
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 Dude is legend! Lets fuk'n go DeeG
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 Anyone else quick read the title as “Rise to Rampage Fart 1”?
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 In my defense to the downvotes, it was a 3am hungover post. Couldn't figure out if DJ was growing a Movember stash or had been eating Oreos.
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 @SacAssassin: Who is hungover at 3am? You should still be partying or past out at that time haha
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