Video: Sending it in the Sierras

Nov 2, 2015 at 19:33
by Drew Boxold  
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Brian Cahal might be a new name for you, but he knows a thing or two about scoping out shady gaps in the bike park and hitting them with style, "riding in the bike park (Northstar, Tahoe) started off mellow" says Brian. "Lots of laps with the boys, finding alternate lines here and there and scoping out hucks to send. As the year progressed I found myself racing a lot more and as the end of the season approached, I still hadn't done a lot of the moves I wanted back in the park...


The closing weekend soon came around and it was my last chance before the lifts closed - not trying these out was not an option and I knew they would haunt me during the off-season if I didn't. I wrote down a list and on the closing weekend, with film maker Drew Boxold in tow, we set out to cross as many as I could, off the 'send it' list. Some worked and some didn't..."

Gambling in the Sierras.

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 Quality riding. Quality tune
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 Sick riding but I almost didn't recognize Northstar without the perpetual dust clouds.
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 Haha yeah we got lucky and it rained a few days earlier in the week right before closing weekend.
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 Nice huck to flat at the end too. Sick fighter.
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 To anyone who hasn't ridden northstar:

1. Those hucks he did are way gnarlier than anything have to scope them to understand
2. He flew through those rocks.
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 Yep....that waterfall section is Gnarly
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 If you walked through that waterfall section on foot, you'd be wondering how a bike doesn't instantly explode. Good vid!
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 yep. sweet creative alternate fo sure. sick.
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 You had me at Beasties
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 If you don't make front page sell your frame to camcamgale
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flag headyspliff (Nov 3, 2015 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 Think it'll make me ride like that? Haha
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 He made waterfall look super easy
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 For sure. Gonna save this for a re-watch in spring and see if I can ride his lines
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 It's nice to see quality vids with people that are not pro! #KeepsMeFromSellingMyBikes
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 This is actually the sickest video I've seen in a while sums up why I wanna bike. All of the time
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 "super techy rock section"
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 wow, that was awesome. great edit, great riding! well done.
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 Should be titled...tippin'' hips.
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 Or fix it to say "the sierra" , to describe the entire range. Sounds and reads foreign
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 Lol I was there when he shot that
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 Sick hucks!! And sound is matching great Wink
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 Brune is duh shit
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 HAHA I did it for the luv. You guys rule.
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 @basiledownhill is that you ?? Big Grin
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 I'm gonna be sick.......
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 Making me homesick.
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 that looks so prime!
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 West Shore Locos, ese.
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 those are some fat tyres
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 This is like the biking equivalent of modifying a collector car.. "derrr heyy you can't do that to it, that ain't the way it's supposed to be!".. but it's so cool to look at
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 Its the "Sierra" not "Sierras."
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 Except almost no one actually calls it The Sierra except pedantic people. Also, that bike looks 2 sizes to small for him.
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 It's a large, the biggest size they make and he's only 6,1
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 smgishot13 the people of Walmart say a lot of things that aren't correct just barely axe them.
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 I was gonna take the negprops and say the same thing. Flatlanders and transplants call it the Sierras.

"Notice that Font, on that first day of European awareness of California's biggest mountains, got something very basic right. He grasped on that long ago day that California's Sierra Nevada was a single, continuous entity. This is why he called it the Sierra Nevada. If he had thought of it a complex of mountain ranges, he could have used the plural form: las sierras nevadas. But he didn't."

I know, I suck.
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 "flatlanders and transplants" from a guy living in SF?

I'm done
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 @carlmontnative easy there, Tahoe Bro
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 Everyone! Please! Can you not find anything better to argue about?
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 this is pinkbike, no
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 Next will be north shore, South shore!
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