Video: The Dudes of Disorder Party it Up in Squamish

Apr 9, 2019 at 21:26
by Dudes Of Disorder  
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What happens when you send 4 hooligans to Squamish with their mountain bikes? You get loads of memories, a few scars, and an epic 12 minute edit documenting the trip.

You've probably never heard of the Dudes of Disorder. They're an enduro race team based out of Victoria BC that specializes in prioritizing steeze over speed. With enduro racing getting more and more serious, The Dudes are here to show you that even though enduro is all about going fast, you can still have loads of fun doing so.

Left to right: Sam Warren, Andrew Giesbrecht, Peter Blankenborg, Max Field.

Is this a good idea? Probably not, but Andrew sends it anyways.

Yes, Peter somehow survived after exploding into the trees at the bottom of In & Out Burger.

Huge thanks to Goldstream Bicycles in Victoria BC, for helping keeping our bikes running smooth.

For more videos and photos, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Be sure to keep an eye out at the Island Cup Series enduro races as well as a select few BCES events.


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 Really Sick Riding boys cheers!!! But actually i am this old that i read the title and hoped the dudes of (new world) disorder are John Cowan, Dave Watson, Thomas Vanderham and Jeff Lenosky Partying together. Damn Smile
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 Exactly what I was thinking when I read the title
  • + 1
 True Big Grin
  • + 3
 exactly... tad let down, but these kids are killing it
  • + 16
 Thanks for the feature! We're so excited to bring more content like this very soon. Stay tuned!
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 yeaaaaa boizzzzz
  • + 7
 Yeah, the whole 'hey look how kool and krazy we are' thing doesn't do it for me.
The whole white kids mimicking throwing gang signs(and instead unknowingly throwing a clusterf*ck of 'hang loose' 'hook 'em horns', and 'we love you Ozzie' 'signs' instead) makes me feel embarrassed for them
  • + 21
 don't take it too seriously ay!
  • + 33
 @KevSong: agree so much. As I approach 40 years old carrying the weight of family and home responsibilities, when I see these vids of younger folks with bones of rubber, all the time in the world, and plenty of stoke, I say good on em. Be obnoxious. Ride as much as you can. Have fun. Ignore the old guys whose day in the sun has passed and feel the need to be grouchy about it and wring every last bit of fun out of the time you have before other people start needing it.
Cheers boys!
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 Are you my dad?. Seriously though... it's just a joke. Just some dudes excited about riding in satirical fashion.
  • + 17
 @YoKev definitely has a gap between his knee pads and shorts.

It's not a shirt dude, it's a lifestyle. #kooksonlynolocals
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flag ldhbaker (Apr 18, 2019 at 18:10) (Below Threshold)
 Agreed - there’s been an abundance of “bro party bike vids” in the last two days. I suppose they appeal to some, but every video is basically the same: shakey camera work, lots of bros doing silly things, usually a retro or punk feel, Hawaiian shirts, and generally good riding. Good on them I suppose, so long as they aren’t pissing anyone off in real life, but the videos get old in a hurry for me.
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 Pinkbike is changing
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 Your 50 is showing...
  • + 7
 I need to start a 'reverse KOM' for the slabs around here. See who can go the slowest down them. At this rate there's going to be catch-berms at the bottom of all of them like the one put in on Boney Elbows over the winter.
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 Ha Smile ran into these nice lads at the Bear Mt Enduro. All smiles and genuine stoke! See you in Gnarnaimo!
  • + 3
 cheers man! We'll be there! Rumor has it we may have real jerseys...
  • + 3
 @dudesofdisorder:WHAT and give up the Hawaiian colours? Blasphemy!
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 woah wolmother sooo good played with them in high school
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 Great video! Makes me realize I need more friends to make a trip like this happen.....
  • + 0
 Smashing riding, boys!
PS- you don't need to rep yourself as "disorderly" to get cred, your riding and attitude will decide that for you.
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 you had me at the long dong log ride.
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 Fun to see these guys on trails I have ridden for once Smile
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 haha seen my buddy have the exact same crash on in n out burger
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 Great riding boys
  • - 1
 That dad should set a better example for his kid and wear a lid. What a kook!
  • + 1
 where is the steeze?
  • - 2
 Hellllaaaaa straight air "steeze" lol
  • + 9
 We *prioritize* steeze over speed, never said we had any quantity of either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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 Dig the shirts but that’s about it
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 More shirts next time - got it!
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