Video: Steep and Loamy Goodness in the Scottish Highlands

Aug 27, 2020 at 6:00
by DoH .  

Bravehearts Fury in Fort William was built several years ago by Mark Clarke, a local guide and bike mechanic, it was always a cool track, but would often have fallen trees and was typically steep and tight with no catch ruts so was incredibly challenging to get down. During lockdown it got a fix up, fallen trees cleared, old broken bridges removed, catches and fresh turns built! Its a hell of a trail so we decided to film a run down it then leap into the river to finish!


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 The lyrics on that BIG track are really grim. Definitely not going to share with my son.
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 Yeah. Horrendous. Odd choice.
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 Brutal to listen to as an adult never mind a kid. No idea what he was thinking using this song as his soundtrack. I'm not sure SCOTT would want to be associated with that.
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 Horrific music, never mind the lyrics - stopped watching halfway though.
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 @skill7: SCOTT even commented in support down below
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 @dominic54: Pipe down ya prudes, it’s just a song.
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 Yeh I think in hindsight I actually agree. I honestly didn't give the lyrics much thought and normally try and keep it PG but probably unnecessary in a bike video that would be better being family friendly! Thanks for the comments, boot in the arse to keep it in mind more in future!
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 @Niseach1: I just hit mute, great riding but WTF was he thinking!
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 @Joecx: Hopefully you will all enjoy the freshly updated children's music instead of Biggie! hahahaha
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 It's a great soundtrack for sitting around wondering how to get more women into the sport. :/
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 what song was it? Now its a jingle from a children's show
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 @lastminutetech: It was 'knock you out' by Notorious BIG and Busta Rhymes
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 @dudesofhazard: soooo i just listened to it......yeah, things have changed and you cant have that kind of content in open platforms anymore. Im a huge metal and punk rock fan and a percentage of songs i love would fall in the same category too. Im surprised no one along the line said “hmmm maybe we should use a slightly less sexually explicit song”
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 @dudesofhazard: The Biggie verse was taken from the 1992 Bandit track All Men Are Dogs.
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 I want to ride that track!!!! Great tune to, even if some where offended.
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 Regardless of who may or not be offended, I find it comical how Pinkbike proclaim to be all for women in the sport, how they regulate the comments section so nobody can be offended, but then post videos like this.
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 @Davec85: no worse than the shit little mix put out on the radio
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 @Bigwill13: Personally I take no offence to it, I'm just calling out PB for their hypocrisy
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 Oooft you can really see the work that's gone into that trail!
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 Great riding, shame about the soundtrack
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 Sign us up!
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 I do like to share these videos with my kids as we live in Scotland but the sound track is certainly not for their ears.
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 Hey Mark, I think you are right about the music. I normally keep it a bit more cheerful, but wanted to try a different style and didn't give the lyrics enough thought, in hindsight its not really appropriate to the video. Thanks for the comment though good reminder to keep it family friendly in future! Cheers!
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 Why this song??
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flag Daddybear (Aug 28, 2020 at 3:29) (Below Threshold)
 why this comment?
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flag boozed (Aug 28, 2020 at 4:42) (Below Threshold)
 Why gangsta rap in general? It's so out of place on MTB videos.
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 @boozed: Whose to say what music belongs in a MTB video.
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 Honestly didn't give the lyrics much thought, flow of the tune worked with the riding was the main reason I chose it. Said in a few other replies too though that I actually agree, having seen the comments and given it some thought that I should have picked something else.
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 @dudesofhazard: it works well. You can't please all the people all the time, no doubt whichever track you used there were gonna be some wetwipes complaining. Good work dude ????
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 @dudesofhazard: oh the tune definitely works well! Good riding dude!
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 @mknott9: Sure, the creator of the video can choose anything they like.

But there's almost zero overlap between MTB culture and gangsta rap culture.
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 I Love Biggie and I love that sound track, but yeah, I guess it's probably not appropriate. Ha. Sick track and riding though!
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 @dudesofhazard: Or else, howzabout just the natural trail sounds of a bike ripping along a truly well made trail? I don't think your trail, or the video required any sound track aside from the natural trail/ forest sounds. Those are the trail videos I find the best to watch. I just muted the soundtrack, and the video was great. Beautiful trail youv'e built there, BTW....
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 Great trails and awesome riding. Pity about the lyrics
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 Awful music - stopped me watching it in the end.
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 It's biggie! If you don't like it mute the video or just be offended quietly. lol
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 yeah, with this song being about a wet, juicy loamer, the obvious song choice should've been Cardi B's new hit: WAP Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 Awesome track. Music is certainly......unsual.
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 Its biggie & busta...if you don't you do!!
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 Very good as usual and I enjoyed the music! judging by the comments above it seems to not be for everyone, but that's ok. Maybe show it to your kids with the volume off?
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 no louty behaviour and not a schralp to be seen, mint!
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 I'm heading up to Fort William soon, is the this trail easy to find. Looks a lot of fun.
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 so so so so goood
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 Looks a great trail, but a seriously bad choice in soundtrack...

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