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Video: Steve Peat Syndicate Season End-er 2012

Dec 4, 2012 at 10:26
by Duncan Philpott  
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It's the end of another successful season for the Steve Peat Syndicate and the SPS find themselves celebrating this with a day of fun in and around Sheffield. Catch up with the whole team, as well as Josh Bryceland as they tear around the newly built Parkwood Springs, an inner city trail centre, race go-karts just down the road and finish the day off with burgers and beers at Peaty's own residence.

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 dont know if I'd call it xc riding, but it looks like fun!
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 If it is, I'm all for it!
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 XC trail bitches! :-)
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 Ack, from the title, I thought that Pete had a season ending crash. This is much better!
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 Hah I didn't realise people would read it like that! Now you mention it though...
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 What's up with the kitty litter trails, it looks like the stuff they make bike paths out of here in the U.S.?

I understand sustainability, but at what point do you draw some sort of line?

If you can't even hold together through a sweeper because it's so loose it defeats the purpose of a bermed trail.
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 This trail's new and although the main lines have bedded in the sheer volume of traffic the trail's had for being in the middle of a city means that its becoming loose around the edges. The trail builders were in the day after us as they'd noticed this. I agree with you i'm not the biggest fan of the surface. But given the amount of riders on it the whole time they needed to go with something sustainable once its bedded in properly. With this only a few hundred meters away from my house I can't complain!
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 I take it then that the trail surface had to be brought in (ie not naturally occuring materials for the area)?

Is it crushed limestone or something along that line?

The stark contrast between trail surface and the surroundings surprised me, hence my comment that it looked like a bike path here in the US.

I could understand such materials being used for their drainage qualities, it just changes the core feel and dynamic of a trail.
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 i wish i could be in the team , but the price tags kinda holding me back
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 Hell ya. Looks fun. It would be a dream come. True to get to. Ride for the peaty team. Keep up the hard work everyone
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 I really hope they are helping to maintain that trail considering the way they are riding it.
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 The look on Peatys face at 4:25 is priceless. And I'm all set with burgers flipped with someone else's hands! No spatula?
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 OMG, for all you kranked 4 fans, listen to the song closely, doesn't part of it sound like the song from the opening biking/chase scene in kranked 4 when the guitar is strumming, just slower, different tune?!
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 epic size bonfire considering its surrounded by trees lol oh and good times being had there for sure! Smile
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 Those troy lee designs full face helmets look soooo sick. i want one! nice video
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 So many rocks blown off that trail
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 I would ride XC every day if it was like that!
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 What an amazing trail!
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 Looks like its surfaced
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 That looks like so much fun

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