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Moots Announces New MXC Titanium Hardtail

Jun 4, 2024 at 10:38
by ECHOS Communications  


You could say it’s an XC or marathon bike, but it would be boring to put such narrow labels on a bike this exciting. The MXC is Moots' solution for riders looking for a lightweight ti hardtail designed for buff trails, demanding climbs, hours of hard pedaling, and locations where “downcountry” trends don’t apply.

The 1x-specific frame has space for a whopping 38T ring, clearance for 2.4” tires, and space for up to 3 water bottle mounts. The lightweight, large-diameter, double-butted front triangle joins a T47 bottom bracket and boost 148mm dropouts to manifest in ultimate axle-to-axle tracking.


The MXC is best paired with 100mm suspension forks to achieve a refreshing 69-degree headtube angle. And no, that’s not a typo - this rig is purpose-built for riders seeking a bike that excels in high-speed yet mellow terrain. Think Leadville 100, Chequamegon, and Sea Otter Classic—fast, efficient, and fun. For more aggressive trail conditions, riders might opt for our 120mm YBB-equipped Mountaineer or lean even more aggressively with the 140mm trail-capable Womble.


Complete bikes starting at $9,999

• 4 Sizes: S, M, L, XL
• Double-Butted Front Triangle
• 1.5” to 1.125” Steerer
• T47 Bottom Bracket
• 38T Chainring Max
• 24mm, 29mm, and 30mm Crank Spindle Compatible
• 30.9 Seatpost - Internal Routing
• Boost 148mm Dropouts
• Post Mount 160mm
• UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)
• External Rear Brake
• Up to 3 Bottle Mounts
• Up to 29 x 2.4” Tires

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 The only cool thing about a 69 degree head tube angle is that is uses the number 69.
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 This comment needs another 51 upvotes...
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 Due to me wanting to try a belt-drive without investing much cash, and the secondhand market being almost empty for that niche, I have an mtb with what may be a 71 deg head-angle

It is terrifying on anything remotly techy, but on smooth, flatish singletrack I can still have plenty of fun

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 @overconfident: stick an angleset on there, get to 70, ha.
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 @jona-mcc: I did that on my 2006 XC bike. It actually helped.
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 @jona-mcc: no space in that 1 1/8" headtube unfortunately.

I could go full mullet with a 26" rear, 29+ front

They may get me to 68 degree, and put my seat angle at 70 :-)
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 @overconfident: Back in 2014, I got my first decent mountain bike which was a Diamondback Overdrive hardtail with a 71d headangle. I took that thing through its paces and I beat the shit outta it, even regularly riding some black runs. After graduating to bigger and better bikes, I ended up riding it on some local trails once and I couldn't believe how I managed on that bike for so long. I'd never go back hahaha
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 @overconfident: Works Components makes a 1 degree ec34 angleset
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 @bikenejad: wow, great call, I didn't realise a 34mm headtubes had space for adjustment
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 Whatever we might think here on Pinkbike, Moots knows its audience.
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 Really? Is that why they’re selling that ridiculous off/the/shelf eBike?
  • 12 2
 @bubbrubb: They have something of an older demographic…young people just don’t typically buy their bikes for obvious reasons. You may not like it but I bet it’s right up there with their other top sellers already. Electric bikes just sell. It’s like pulling teeth selling a $4000 bike but 6k+ e-bikes sell themselves. Just the way it is
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flag st-lupo (Jun 4, 2024 at 23:47) (Below Threshold)
 Then why shill it on PB? Seems like PB is the bipolar opposite of Moots’ target audience.
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 @st-lupo: Shill it on PB? It’s a press release like any other. Idk, PB may seem like a different audience but if I could afford one I certainly would. I’d entertain selling a kidney too lol. They’re rideable art that oozes quality that most anyone can appreciate. The money is in the details and you can ride all the shuttles and chairlifts you want and still own a sick hardtail. Personally I think everyone should. Maybe not Ti but they’re excellent tools for providing instant feedback on line choices
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 @Kiowa008: Agree that shill was a poor choice of wording (didn't have my coffee yet). The point was the irony that Moots knows its audience and yet I get the feeling that PB (in broad strokes) isn't that audience. Buff, mellow terrain isn't the reason that I check out PB first thing in the morning.
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 @st-lupo: Well, it's just an article - I doubt we'll see a Moots ad in the site header anytime soon. If so maybe it'll be followed with an ad for Raisin Bran. But I sell many a Moots out of my shop - and I'll be at Snowshoe all week (not riding a Moots, ha!). Seriously though, some of us check the site for news like this more so than the excessive amount of racing content the site has become.
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 @st-lupo: What is a bipolar opposite? 2 poles opposite of a third pole? Opposite of Kanye West?
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 @st-lupo: Not everyone who frequents this site is a broke kid. There are people in the world that have good jobs and can buy whatever they want. As our trails get more and more dumbed down and less technical around Colorado. The idea of and want for a Ti hardtail is growing on me.
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flag wyorider (Jun 5, 2024 at 7:03) (Below Threshold)
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flag ridedigrepeat FL (Jun 5, 2024 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 If their audience is pure unadulterated rubes, then agreed.
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 LOL. All the IG hate on Moot's own feed was hilarious. That e-bike is an abomination though. I've seen in in the flesh.
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 @Kiowa008: People buy a lot of motorcycles and cars. It has very little to do with bicycling, does it?
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 @Kiowa008: but it’s not selling it. They recently advertised the exact same bike now flat bar. Because it’s not moving. I recently saw a large moots dealer selling all bikes at cost to clean out inventory.
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 @Dustfarter: thank you.
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 It somehow looks like it's from both 2024 and 2004
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 … and 1994.
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 And 1994
  • 8 4
 A good sign of timeless design Gotta love it!
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 I'd love this bike if I'd live in the 90's...
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 @Lemmyschild: AND 1994...
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 I'd call it an XC bike from 2016. Either turn it into a gravel bike by sizing down and putting on curly bars, or turn it into an actual contemporary geometry by sizing up and putting a 2 degree Works Components angle headset on, and a 120mm fork too. Perhaps get Waltly or Titan or whoever to make a frame in the geometry you really want.
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 That rear mech looks like dog poo on a simple bike like this.
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 Starting at $10k, this article is a Moot point for me to read.
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 You gotta pay for all those extra head angle degrees. It has 5 more than its competitors!
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 Well they could sell it for less but the average moots buyer is willing to pay a premium to not risk being seen on the same bike brand as a poor.
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 @xciscool: look at the Neuhaus Metalworks Hummingbird SL for a TI bike with a similar intent, still made in the USA, but delivered at a more accessible price.
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 @Ososmash: is their titanium sourced from the US?
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 @Frank191: Yes Moots source their titanium from the US and also weld their bikes in the US. This is why they are so expensive.
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 @rbrehm: Considering who buys these bikes, the price itself is a Moot point.
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 @hardtailhooner: I know. I was asking about the other brand that was referenced as being cheaper.
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 @Frank191: Probably from another planet.
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 Have you been looking for a bike with 1990 geometry but 2030 prices? Well we have just the bike for you!
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 "buff trails, demanding climbs, hours of hard pedalling" - sounds thrilling
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 There are people who actually enjoy road bikes and don't just ride them to keep in shape.
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 A bike purpose built for the clay hardpack of the midwest. Would be a real fun rig to rip around on those old school deer trails.
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 Maybe not the most exciting as a mountain bike, but I could see this being a great alternative to a gravel bike in areas like Pisgah. Clearance for a big chainring. Geo that is plenty capable of singletrack detours but still feels nimble on the road. I'd buy something like this if it was remotely affordable.
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 @beeeefkirky: almost all XC hardtails will clear a “whopping” 38t chainring.
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 @xciscool: and those are what I would likely end up with considering given my finances. But that doesn't change the fact that this would make a rad Pisgah bike.
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 @PhillipJ: I thought they did it for social & career growth reasons , find a group of bankers to prance to a coffee shop with in clicky shoes & cute hats
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 Reframe it as a modern, progressive gravel bike, and this starts to actually be somewhat interesting.
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 Yeah, it would be a great gravel bike for my area. Mountain bike not so much.
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 It is a gravel bike. No joke, my actual gravel bike is slacker. There is zero reason to have a 69 degree headtube on ANY bike at this point except a road bike.
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 @Hubyuckle: When I joked that gravel bikes are just 90s XC bikes with drop bars I got lots of angry responses, but here we are…
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 @ridedigrepeat: I was gunna say, most modern gravel bikes are slacker than 69
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 doesnt look like a session..
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 Don't Get Eliminated!!
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 Right you are ken
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 By those standards the xtr equipped Bontrager ti Lite hanging out in the shop has gotta be worth a cool 5g's. Could be the last piece to my retirement puzzle.
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 Hard to justify when IBIS is selling DV9 frames for $1,100. Yes I know they aren't made in the US and don't have artistic level welds but they have updated angles, are lighter, and climb just as well.
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 starting at $9,999. ouch, just get a REEB SST
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 1997 called. They want their titanium XC rig back...

Big, big lover of a Moots bike, but this one doesn't really do it for me...... Sorry Moots! ;-)
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 It looks great, and if you are into a hard tail this will last a life time. Geometry? Geometry serves a function. If you are on mellow trails you are on mellow trails, you do not need a slack HA. And if you are riding very hard trails you probably would not go with hard tail ...
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 Here's the deal people: We initially began cycling for a challenge and both trails and bike were just that...plain rough and quite a physical experience. But then? Hell, we get older and we want to be out on the trails...because you know we're endlessly trying to show our (aging) perpetual macho...but honestly we just want to post on Strava our lap times. So slowly but surely we get more features on our bikes (slack ain't left out) and in the end we need some "e" to push them all. We tend to ride what sells best too and the big box bike makers jerk us around like abusive parents to toddlers. Won't be long till a challenging trail "feature" will need to be a Greyhound bus laid across the trail...out 250 inch suspension 950 watt e's just mandate it.
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 ooooh this is exactly not what I would spend ten thousand dollars on.
  • 3 2
 I'm not the target market for this thing, nor the geomotron bike in the adjacent post with a 63 degree head angle. My old 2014 Fuel ex 29 had a 69.5 head angle and flexy 120mm fork. It was terrifying. this hardtail will have a real world head angle close to 71 degrees once the forks sag is considered.
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 "Up to 29 x 2.4” Tires"

My bike only needs two tyres, maybe this is why it's so expensive...
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 Just needs 26" wheels to look totally on point.
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 Why not just buy a used moots from the last 20 years? Are 29” wheels going to make an appreciable difference on buff’d trails and races where 1/3 of the course is on gravel?
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 Great, bike starting at $10000, but we still don't even know how much this frame weighs Razz
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 “ this rig is purpose-built for riders seeking a bike that excels in high-speed yet mellow terrain”

So a flat bar gravel bike?
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 Needs to be 71/73 #oldskool
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 Not every bike needs to be a shredder. This would be lots of fun on doubletrack and fire roads.
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 All of Moots bikes are over priced turds.
  • 1 2
 The implication with the Womble being described as 'trail ready' is that this bike isn't trail ready? That's not great for 10k

Apparently according to the Moots website they have 'perfected the mountain bike'with their Womble. Keep that secret otherwise all the big MTB players with be over there copying their geo charts.
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 You had me at titanium restomod. Come on pink bike this needs a field test alongside some classic early 90s titanium hardtails ?
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 It reminds me of the bikes I used to ride back in the day, not a memory I need to revisit but good on 'em for making it nonetheless.
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 They say it's a light titanium frame, but they don't say the weight. Even handcrafted steel frames now use a conical head.
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 Let’s just call it a flat bar gravel bike.
  • 2 0
 T47 is a nice bottom bracket standard. Have had zero issues and just hit 4,000 miles on the bike without replacing it.
  • 4 3
 It’s just a gravel bike with a flat bar. But whatever muppets buy these things will tell you how amazing a steep front end is when they go ride GNARKANSAS!!
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 It must cost about $4000 to get ADA approval
  • 2 0
 Manages to both look gorgeous, and like it’s been ridden into a wall, at the same time (thanks to the head angle).
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 This brand is going to die
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 Would be awesome with some SSliding dropouts. You could still call them "adjustable chainstays"
  • 1 0
 Right you are, Ken. MXC is a fantastic name for a bike.
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 “For more aggressive trail conditions, riders might opt for our 120mm YBB-equipped Mountaineer or lean even more aggressively with the 140mm trail-capable Womble.”

I gather the MXC isn’t trail capable, then?
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 With 69 deg head angle, probably can be a little nervous
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 is XC an gravel just a change of bars now.......
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 ty for letting me know I can run all those crank spindle sizes!
  • 1 2
 "this rig is purpose-built for riders seeking a bike that excels in high-speed yet mellow terrain. "

maybe stick to gravel wanking then
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 But it's not singlespeedable...
  • 2 1
 t47.... wtf
  • 2 0
 lol get used to it - T47 is the now
  • 1 0
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 There's not even routing for a dropper?!?
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 Says “internal routing” in the “Details”.
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 Flat-bar gravel bike?
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