MADE Bike Show Officially Opens Registration and Announces Show Director

Jan 26, 2023 at 16:37
by ECHOS Communications  

Press Release: ECHOS Communications

MADE (, a new industry and consumer bike event highlighting the craft of handmade bicycles, today announces the official opening of registration for the inaugural 2023 show and the appointment of Steven Elmes as show Director.

With the goal of supporting the community, registration is currently open exclusively to framebuilders, and the full floor plan will open up to exhibiting brands on 1/31/2023. Forty subsidized spaces are available for new builders and those traveling from a distance that would normally make exhibiting cost prohibitive. These spaces support a single handmade bike with signage and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Application instructions can be found on the MADE website,

The inaugural MADE event will take place August 24th to 27th, 2023, at the iconic Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon. The programming is specifically designed to support builders and reach new audiences, with August 24 and 25 open exclusively to industry and media, so journalists and professionals have ample opportunity to create dynamic content, and connect with peers, builders, and industry leaders. For August 26 and 27, MADE opens to the public so anyone can experience and meet the builders and brands who collectively make up the handmade cycling community.

MADE furthers its momentum with the appointment of Steven Elmes as Show Director. Elmes has a long history in the cycling industry, and his past roles include Co-founder of the iconic brand Independent Fabrication and Director of Sponsorships and Partnerships for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show from 2016-2020. For the past 18 years, Elmes has been a professional event producer working with the likes of Adidas, Ford, Nissan, The NBA, Clif Bar, Progressive Insurance, and many others. He has run his own event company, SJE Productions, since 2014.

“I am thrilled to be part of MADE and to continue supporting the handmade community, which will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Elmes. “Having worked alongside the team at ECHOS for years, I am confident that this event will set a new standard, highlighting the builders and brands that collectively create a force of creativity, community and craftsmanship. In year one we are focused on creating stability in this space and earning the trust of the industry as a new home for showcasing the art that is handmade bicycles.”

“We are honored to have Steven take the role of Show Director,” added Sinkford. “He brings a long history of working with the handmade community and we know that he’ll help create a top-level experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.”
What to expect from MADE:

- Aug 24-27th - Rose Quarter, Portland, OR
- 2 days of media, industry, and content creation
- 2 days of consumer-facing activations
- 150+ builders and brands
- Outdoor venue
- Subsidized booth space for new builders
- Pavilion tent for overseas builders wishing to send a bike but unable to attend in person
- REVEAL Media Conference to broadcast show news to global media audience
- Each bike will be documented and shared via media channels, and integrated on year round, serving as a resource for consumers interested in purchasing a custom bicycle
- Bike Flights will provide no-cost bike shipping to all framebuilders

About MADE: MADE is a show for the modern handmade industry - spotlighting framebuilders, domestic production, and artisan craftsmanship. With an emphasis on community and inclusivity, MADE was built to provide the framebuilding community with an outlet for exposure and expression that elevates the craft. - Media Contact:


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 I'm so confused right now... Do I like the smoooooooth brazed joins or do I like the perfect filleted welds more?
  • 18 2
 i'm in your boat. But "ooh baby I like it raw".
  • 3 2
 I prefer the welds to not be filleted. A nice weld is a work of art, no need to cover it or smooth it out. I think my frame is brazed though and then powdercoated. Nothing to see but a joy to ride Smile .
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 @fartymarty: Love the ODB reference!
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 @fartymarty: logged in to upvote ODB
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 Dam I should learn to weld
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 Famous last words for your bank account
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 @lowkeyokeydokey: my new welder just cost 8k .....yes theres a yeti of welders
  • 2 0
 @Compositepro: and the material cost in 1 year gets there quick too
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 This show was supposed to be something "new". It gained traction with builders by offering free space to show their bikes. This made it viable for small (one-person/garage) builders who normally can't attend these shows. Overnight those free spaces turned into $800 booths and $200 tables. Classic bait and switch.
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 Typical ECHOS BS.
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 As a frame builder I can attest I make almost zero money. Therefore likely will not be here. I have a cool website though!
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 become an engineer more fame and more money
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 **Not bicycle parts, but John Marcella lays down some of the nicest welds I've seen anywhere on his bespoke race intake manifolds.....

and this one is mostly Off-Road race truck stuff, also some top notch work, and it can't just be pretty, as they pound the hell out of them in Baja, etc
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 If I could tag someone I'd be tagging wildwoodcycles.
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 @Toohardtodecide you can tag people, like this @WILDWOODCYCLES

They said they won’t be there, but I just booked a spot to show @DigitBikes
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 Incredible that there’s people that think Portland is a rough town, that’s truly wearing your worldly ignorance as a badge of pride
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flag Bushmaster123 (Jan 26, 2023 at 22:55) (Below Threshold)
 Have you been there? I lived in Oregon dumb ass...
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 Portland is plagued by homeless encampments, junkies, car thefts, and shooting deaths. A lot of parts of it are pretty haggard.
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 @seraph: #KeepPortlandWeird
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 I live in Portland. Great place that has its issues. One thing I can guarantee, if you come to see the bikes you will also be treated to a free, in-person OnlyFans show by one our many houseless residents. Consider it Portland's version of a buy one get one free offer.
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 im completely lost when i used to build bicycles literally every body was from or moving to portland , now admittedly this was 10 years ago but fucking hell it was never painted to be a shithole , im going to dig out some old contacts from that era now to see if it literally has turned into some apocolyptic hellhole
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 @seraph: I'm from Spokane, live in Portland now. Spokane has a higher crime rate than Portland, yet nobody is trying to paint Spokane as a terrible failure of all policy and ideas.

I've been around a fair bit of Portland, not just the Pearl District or anything, and sure there are rough spots, in the same way that any other city/metro area has.

I get why people want to single out Portland/Seattle/San Fran, but I think there could be some introspection needed if you think those are the worst cities out there.
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 @aks2017: Yeah that's true, Detroit and New York are definitely stinkier shit holes
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 @aks2017: lived in portland my whole life and all i can say is this, in the last 10 years we have went from a nice little quiet town, that blew up in population from portlandia and housing cost vs the bay. then homeless made a journey here cause we had good cheap drugs and were "nice to homeless" i heard this when i worked with homeless. Its definitely a city gov issue, and yes a lot of places are worse than portland. but those cities do something to try and combat it everywhere else.

Just last week someone was arrested 3 times in 7 days for stealing cars, thats why we have. a bad reputation right now, the crime is just not being handled at all
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 @Bushmaster123: yes it’s lovely. Seems to have the usual city problems but nothing like New York London or paris for example. I should imagine it’s not even top ten in just America
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 @Peskycoots: i googled this because i thought it would be LA or new york but its actually memphis tenesse as of dec 2022 , must be all the elvis fans
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 @Compositepro: yes I’ve never been but I can imagine living in the shadow of Elvis would be enough to turn you to drugs and crime to numb the pain
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 @jahmann: we keep it classy
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 @aks2017: I also live in Portland. It's pretty bad here. I was woken up by gunshots a block away this morning, and my neighbor's van got stolen a few weeks ago. There's bad stuff happening all the time. San Francisco is tame by comparison. I used to work in San Francisco. Sure there's parts you don't walk in at night but it's pretty safe overall.
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 @seraph: SF is tame compared to Portland? Is there a political subtext I’m not understanding that is driving these factually, demonstrably incorrect comments?
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 @Peskycoots: No. Both cities are pointedly liberal. I grew up in the North Bay, and have worked in San Francisco, in the SoMa district. There were needles all over the ground, and a bunch of homeless people everywhere, but there wasn't as much violent crime as in Portland. I'm only speaking from experience though. Informed experience.
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 @seraph: anecdotal is the word you’re looking for, the record states there’s less crime in Portland. That’s not to say theirs not loads of dickheads there, just that it’s one of the safer US city’s.
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 @Peskycoots: Come to Portland, then make that statement. It's not safe. Cars are getting stolen every hour of every day. Businesses are being vandalized, windows broken, products stolen. Drugged out homeless people are attacking pedestrians. People are breaking into homes and stealing valuables. It was never this bad in San Francisco.
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 @seraph: I’ve been thanks and it’s incomparable to actual dangerous cities, it’s factually safer than SF and is pretty much average for America. Maybe you didn’t realise that crime is on the rise nationally and Portland is tracking that? I’m not sure why you are trying so desperately to make out like Portland is Baghdad but it’s just very safe and middle class I’m afraid.
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 @Peskycoots: I never said Portland is Baghdad, I'm saying that it's way worse than people think. It's not the Portland that people idolize, the quirky city from Portlandia. When is the last time you were in Portland? It's getting exponentially worse every year. We first visited in 2019 and it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now.
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 @seraph: not sure about Idolising Portland, I’m just laughing at people in here trying to make out it’s anything other than a very average American city
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 @Peskycoots: I think the problem is that Portland is far from what people expect it to be like. It's pretty gritty. Just two days ago, a cleaver-wielding guy carjacked two different people while evading police and eventually broke into a house and barricaded himself in an attic.
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 @seraph: I live here and grew up here. We are in a rough patch for sure but on average it is still a pretty safe place to be as a human. I is a city so there is and will be property crime… Violent crime is on the rise but still pretty low overall. Gotta figure out the homeless situation for sure. All in all, still a very safe place for someone to come visit. Please don’t overhype our problems.
  • 2 0
 @seraph: I disagree I think Portland is exactly how people expect it to be, a nice city with it’s fair share of ups and downs.
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 @Smelson: maybe you’re not reading the same news reports I am. Also maybe you don’t hear gunshots almost every night like I do. Portland is pretty haggard.
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 @ayatollah-of-sausagerollah: I use to frequent your Mom's bush. Too thick, it was a jungle down there...
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 @seraph: you do realise you can’t make something true by just repeating it? We have the internet now anyone can google it and see you’re wrong. It’s bizarre you keep pushing this false narrative
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 @Peskycoots: Statistics don't show you the whole picture. I'm not saying Portland is worse than other cities necessarily, I'm just saying that it's a lot worse here than people make it out to be. It's pretty bad.

If you want stats though here you go:

In 2022, Portland had almost twice as many homicides as San Francisco. Also almost twice as many counts of vehicle theft. And keep in mind that Portland has 200k fewer residents than San Francisco.
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 @seraph: sure man
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 @Peskycoots: So I present you with numbers and your response is "sure man"? Cool, cool. Sure.
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 @seraph: I’m just a bit lost, what is it you want everyone to believe? Just give me the strap line. You went from saying SF is tame in comparison to saying Portland is no worse than other cities, then quoted some figures I couldn’t verify with a bit of casual googling.
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 @Peskycoots: the figures come from Portland's .gov site and San Francisco's police department page. Pretty easy to find too, both top links when searching "portland crime statistics" and "san francisco crime statistics", respectively.


Set the date ranges to the same and you'll see where my figures come from. Seriously dude, I shouldn't have to hold your hand here.

Like I've said in almost every comment I've made, I want people to understand that Portland is pretty bad off these days. It's gotten a lot worse in the last few years.
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 @seraph: had a quick look and neither links seemed to support what you’re saying so I don’t know man, I guess we can just all pretend that Portland is super rough and you can go away happy? No need to hold my hand, unless you’re enjoying it obviously then why not x
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 @Peskycoots: Obviously you've got issues reading statistics. That's fine. Go sip your tea and eat your crumpets.
  • 1 1
 @seraph: will do babes, good luck with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve one internet argument at a time x
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 Got a Walt Works. Custom geo. Rides great. Looks great. Lifetime bike. Tip of the cap to Walt for build quality.
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 Wow, comment section got awkward quickly.
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 I know , a positive story turned in a blink !
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 "the craft of handmade bicycles"... So, most bicycles in the world?
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 No this is a special breed who think their time money and skill is worth charging moar money for

They don’t realise Mr Wang from Xiamen province builds more and much higher quality bicycles in a week than they ever will in their incredibly short flirt with the idea they can run a business.

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 Is this in addition to or instead of HBBS?
  • 1 0
 NAHBS is no more.
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 Steve got Made
  • 1 0
 beautiful welds!
  • 1 1
 Fantastic weld and finish.
  • 1 0
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 What brand/welder ist the first frame of?
That ist art...
  • 1 0
 @Nicolai-ion-rider: You can only see half of the welder, but my educated guess is it's an EVERLAST brand Inverter, no idea which size or model from only half a welder visible
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 NAHBS 2.0
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