100% Wins Infringement Case Against H&H Sports Protection's 'Just 1' Brand

Jan 29, 2021 at 7:41
by Ed Spratt  

100% has won a multi-year design infringement case against H&H Sports Protection and its 'Just1' brand.

The Just1 is a motocross and MTB protection brand offering helmets and goggles for both sports. In the Italian court case, Just1 and H&H Sports Protection were found to have "Knowingly infringed 100%’s registered design" and had to stop all sales of the infringing products and pay damages and fees to 100%.

In their press release announcing the case results, 100% said: "This most recent victory for 100% in its enforcement strategy attests to the global strength of 100%’s brand and technologies. Prior legal victories by 100% over other brands in multiple countries have resulted in destruction of products, tooling, damages and fines."

bigquotesIn order to push the bar on product innovation, 100% has always invested heavily in its intellectual property prosecution and defense. Though it is always disappointing that other companies attempt to capitalize on our investments, we appreciate the Italian courts having further validated the strength of our registered design and ordered damages be paid for this infringement.

100% will continue to vigorously defend its intellectual property so that we can continue to bring our fans the innovative and industry leading products that they expect from 100%.
Ludo Boinnard, 100% CEO


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 Pinkbike is 100% too lazy to show images? Had to google it and found it on another bike site...
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 What exactly was the infringement? This doesn't exactly say apart they "infringed the design", did they just straight up copy their goggles/glasses?
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 Let's start a new company called "Top 1%" where all the googles and glasses cost $200.
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 Had to do some digging on a popular moto forum site to find the reason for the patent infringement. It’s the shape of the goggle at the center top of the goggle lens. 100% goggles have a raised tab shape at the top middle of their lens that they patented as unique and distinctive. They also feel it has advantages on how it stays more securely in their frames. Just1 released a google with a similar raised tab profile on the top center of their goggle lens and 100% felt it was a patent infringement and proved it in court.
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 But Just1 is now stating that it was a hollow ruling and no damages were awarded. Ruling is under appeal and more mid will be slung:

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 Mud will be slung not mid. Sorry for the mistake.
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 @NOCHARGE4AWESOMENESS: mud will be slung for that mistake...
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 @NOCHARGE4AWESOMENESS: thanks for answering the question all readers had after reading this deeply researched article.
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 @CamNeelyCantWheelie: I would start "the 1%" brand myself, but I don't want to infringe on Oakley...
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 From an environmental point of view I wouldn't like to see the losing company have to destroy product. At least pay a royalty on remaining stock and cease production so that thousands of pairs of goggles will get used before they go to landfill and thousands of pairs of goggles don't have to be manufactured to replace otherwise fine sets - demand won't change.
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 Crankworx 2 yrs ago, 100% was giving away t-shirts in their booth if you were using their gear. I had a brand new 100% helmet and goggles, so I wandered to their booth for some swag. Buddy in the booth asked if I had a receipt, like I carry it to the lifts or something. I said it was at home, but it was obvious that my gear was brand new. Buddy was rude and dismissive and didn't give me a shirt because I couldn't produce a receipt. So fuk 100%. I gave that lid to charity, and am riding with a TLD lid now.
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 Fine to be mad at them I guess, but a little weird to carry a multiyear grudge over a $2 cotton t-shirt...
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 @plyawn: Not just that, think of the replacement cost of the helmet and goggles.
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 I bought a $20 set of knockoff 100% goggles off Wish. $200 for goggles is insane.
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 More like 90% amirite
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 Man, I’d hate to see what happens if you’re upset about something that matters.
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 @DrPete: What can I say, I live a great life. Now leave me alone while you go focus on selling your shitty parts, and let the big boys speak, mmm'kay, thanks.
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 @hypa: if you need to call yourself a big boy...
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 @DrPete: Well now, it looks like I have a bonafide surgeon picking a pinkbike battle with me. I'm feeling pretty special here knowing that while the world is battling a pandemic, you're taking your frustrations out on me Smile Snipe away Dr, I'm happy to take your abuse, as I'm sure you've been through a lot this year.
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 @hypa: the fact that you stalked my profile and now think this constitutes abuse only proves the point I made. I only hope 100% can recover from you not repping their gear anymore. As for who's taking out their frustrations in petty ways, I refer back to your original comment about throwing a reputable brand under the bus for not giving you a T-shirt.
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 @DrPete: I love living rent free in your head. I'm literally f*cking your brain right now, and its
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 @DrPete: +23 agreed with me and 9 didn't.
Regardless, you're still a fat f*ck.
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 @hypa: you missed the comment after yours, champ. Whatever helps you feel special and important. And again, thanks for proving my point about how you spiral over insignificant stuff.
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 @hypa: my brain's just fine, thanks. It even knows what "literally" means.
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 @DrPete: Obviously your brain isn't fine. I recommend that you speak to a doctor about this before you hurt yourself.
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 @hypa: yes. Keep flinging insults at a total stranger because he said that a free T-shirt wasn’t important and showing everyone what a stable individual you are.
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 @DrPete: Are you posting this between patients? Because if so, this probably isn't a wise use of your time.
Btw, I'm done riding today. The knee deep powder was so much fun, and I don't have to tell you how great the apres is in Whistler....
As for my stability, I frankly don't care. I've achieved a level of financial and personal success that a half assed surgeon would be jealous of. I mean, I'm boarding on a thursday, right?
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 @hypa: Man, you'll probably be bummed about assuming I was at work because you think you're the only one who could be free on a Thursday.... For being so successful you seem pretty desperate for affirmation. Please fish for it elsewhere. Think of my respect as a T-shirt that you feel super entitled to but won't be getting. I'm sorry you feel so compelled to insult people to feel good about yourself. To think you could have just admitted it was a bit of a douche move and gone on with your life, but that won't fill the void, will it?
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 Get a room you guys
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 @DrPete: I came here today for friday fails and expected to see a video about your life.
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 @hypa: feel better about yourself yet?
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 They look very Specialized in their product desing.
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 Literally who cares about this.
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 I would think 100% would be more concerned about all the fake 100% glasses sold on aliexpress for $20. Exact replica but cheaper materials, even comes with a fake customer service and warranty certificate.
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 Checked out the Just1 site. They have goggles that look like goggles. Don't see that they copied anything except they do have the number "1" on their strap. What about "0"? Is that off limits too?
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 Must be a binary thing 1 is yes for infringement and 0 is no?
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 @adrennan: In binary 100 = 4.
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 Being honest I’d have endorsed it, the other parties kit may have lasted longer than 2 rides and raised the reliability scores
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 I 100% didn't see this coming
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 all good but none of the brands do anything about straight up counterfeits or are too afraid to tread in those jurisdictions....what abt writing on that
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 They look exactly like goggles.
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 Are all the new Knolly haters gonna gang up on 100% now?
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 Nah, still hating on Knolly's patent manipulation fund raising campaign and could care less about this. What Knolly is doing is worse than any legal shenanigans any bike company has ever attempted. Knolly created nothing but a lawsuit, it sets a terrible precedent for the industry, and they deserve to be called out and boycotted for it.
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Tell me more. What happened?
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 Good bit of marketing for Just 1 . Just saying
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 Fun fact, just-1 is a brand of 5-ply toilet paper.

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 Currently unavailable. Dam you Karen!
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 @noplacelikeloam: Peeps panic buying toilet paper again. Just 1, people, Just 1.
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 I am 100% sure that those are goggles! I think!
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 Aren't there only like two or three sunglass/goggle makers in the whole world?
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 See you on WISH.com
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 That's very informative...
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 This ain’t the first time 100% has done something like this
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 Just 1 reason to buy other stuff... Wink
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 I 100% agree with this Court ruling.
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 Goggles are for swimmers
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 More like an attempt at 100% monopoly
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