Connor Fearon Not Attending World Champs Due to Concussion

Aug 19, 2022 at 3:46
by Ed Spratt  
Connor Fearon coming in hot surfing the dust. It s unbelievably dry out there.

Connor Fearon will not be racing at World Champs or the final World Cup round after a concussion from practice at the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup.

After a few crashes during practice at the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup Connor found that one had some lasting effects. After not completing a full qualifying run Connor and the Forbidden team decided to skip the race and head over to Crankworx. During the trip to Whistler the team found that something was clearly wrong and after seeking a medical opinion in BC, Connor was found to have a concussion.

Connor has now flown home and will be focusing on his recovery and maybe attending the Crankworx stop in Cairns later this year.

bigquotesMy attention, first and foremost, is always focused on the health and safety of the team. Travelling together as we have, for so many years, means we are more than just co-workers, but a tight-knit family group with a shared purpose and passion for racing. Working with Connor these past 11 years means we’ve had our fair share of hospital visits and ambulance rides, so for me, it is very hard to see him hurt and disappointed when he’s not able to race. He knows better than anyone that I prefer everyone to be safe rather than over-risking it and ending up injured, on the sidelines, and not racing.

But accidents can and do happen and Connor’s crash, during practice in Mont-Sainte-Anne, was nothing out of the ordinary, yet the knock he sustained to his head has resulted in a concussion. A bit battered and bruised, the rest of his body is fine, but concussions are thankfully now taken very seriously and after a week-and-a-half off the bike, we have decided that despite some improvements, Connor will sit out the upcoming world championships and World Cup finals.

Connor is understandably very disappointed and doesn’t want to let anyone down and ultimately, wants to show everyone how fast the new Forbidden downhill bike is. It’s the fastest bike he’s ridden to date and with such a short amount of time on it this summer, he’s yet to show its full potential. As with most injuries, the doctors are confident Connor will return to normal and heal over the coming weeks and come back more determined than ever.
Matt Dupelle, Forbidden Synthesis Team Manager

We wish Connor all the best with his recovery and hope he is back riding at full speed soon.

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 Rest up fearon
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 The team manager shoehorning in the part about the DH bike being fast seems a bit off-key. It's a press release about a serious injury not a product launch.
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 In the end, marketing pays the athlete's bills, including the medical insurance... And I wouldn't be surprised if Connor did want the chance to shred on his new rig. I'd much rather they did it this way than tried to get him to ride the new bike instead, just to get the marketing exposure
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 Yep, no marketing, no Connor shredding. Worth it.
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 I was about to post the same...
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 @mountainsofsussex: Sure thing, way better than sending concussed riders down the hill Commencal-style. Just seemed a bit distasteful for them to plug the bike in an injury report
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 @Jake-Whitehouse: "sending concussed riders down the hill Commencal-style" - good point! That was wery disappointing of Commencal.
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 Whilst this is crap news, it's good to see the effects of concussion being taken seriously. Good luck with the recovery...
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 It would be interesting for pinkbike to do an end of season injury compilation article summarizing all of the injuries they've reported on or know about by class (EWS, DH, XCO, etc.). Then maybe compare it to other pro sports like F1 or Superbike, MX or hockey and soccer. Then compare athlete compensation to injury totals and severity. It seems like the risks pro mountain bikers are taking for our entertainment are out of line with their compensation compared to other pro sports.
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 No one gets paid danger money dude. Pay is commensurate with how much money the exposure brings to the sponsor. Larger industries and bigger audiences pay more. Simple math. We are in a very niche sport.
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 I assume that the pros have some sort of disability insurance? I know in alpine ski racing they do. I know a guy who was about to break out into World Cup ski racing but had an accident at a race and blew out both knees. End of career. His insurer paid out about $800,000 from what I was told.
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 @EarIysport: I completely agree that is the way it works. The question is, "is there a way to increase the audience without necessarily increasing the body count?" I can't think of any other sport that is intentionally being made more and more dangerous to increase viewership.
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 @Someoldfart: every race event in Australia is covered under insurance, and although its tough to get, it should provide cover in cases of severe injury.

I'm not sure how that transfers under uci races though.
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 Put certain Sam to fill inn.. he might also use an enduro bike Wink
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 @Notmeatall: You are drawing too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill.
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 With concussions being taken much more seriously now we are going to see alot more riders missing races. The truth is almost any decent crash in a WC DH race has a good chance of resulting in at least a minor concussion. With that said, with regards to the overall, should the UCI consider a modification to the points system that allows the riders to drop their worst result? As it is now missing one race can ruin a riders chances at the overall. This would remove some of the incentive to push through even a minor concussion.
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 If they dropped their worst result, their points in the overall would only be lower. Tehe, sorry couldn't help myself, I know what you meant. But seriously that's an interesting idea.
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 @kcy4130: when I raced motos back in the day, you were allowed 2 drops. We had 16 races though. DQ's were not allowed to be dropped. It kept things very tight. It was also amateur racing. So it gave people the ability to miss races due to prior life commitments and still be engaged in the points chase.

Personally I think it would be cool to see UCI do something like this.
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 I think an option would be to have more races in a season than one person can be competitive across, then only count the results of 75% of them, forcing teams and riders to pick and choose which to focus their efforts on. It would add an element of strategy to tailoring which tracks in the program suit riders but also force/allow downtime for injury and recovery.
If the UCI dropped the shady requirements and simplified the bidding process then the circus can come to more towns and raise the profile of the sport in more countries.
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 Don’t mess with your brain mass. My ears are still ringing from my megavalanche crash in 2013..
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 "but concussions are thankfully now taken very seriously "

Enduro and Downhill making the right choices when it comes to safety of the riders. I'm really glad that athletes are not being pushed to do things they don't want with their bodies.

Heal up Fearon!
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 "take care your brain matter, cos one day it may matter"
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 Grey matter rhymes better.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: dang swing and a miss. Deltron would still approve
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 @IntoTheEverflow: during ski or bike road trips we call fast food grey matter. Lot ingested over the west.
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 Its upgrade your grey matter, because one day it may matter
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 Such a shame this has happened to Connor. But hopefully taking these sensible measures means we'll get to see him at his best next season!
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 One of my favorite riders!! Heal up soon brotha!!
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 as someone who currently can't ride due to a concussion, I feel for you man. heal up.
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 Bummer, but you've gotta look after your head.
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 Good call Connor. Heal up. Media training is a real thing and knowing what to say to the press, when and how, is often an art form many learn through trial and error.
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 Heal fast and come race again swiftly :-)
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 Bummer. Love watching him ride. But glad they're playing it safe.
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 Sensible lad. You only get one.
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 Heal up!
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 Feel better soon!
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 Get Better Fearon.
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 Good call, heal up soon!
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 Oh well... this is shit.
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 I wonder if he's going to give Matt Walker some competition in Miss World Champs
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