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Details Announced for the First Enduro & E-Enduro World Championships

Jun 7, 2024 at 1:56
by Ed Spratt  
Evan Wall on stage 4

After lots of speculation, there is finally confirmation of the first Enduro World championships taking place later this year.

The UCI and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) have announced in a press release the first Enduro and E-enduro UCI World Champions will be crowned in Val di Fassa this September. The event will take place between September 14 and 15 with four titles on offer across Men Enduro, Women Enduro, Men E-enduro and Women E-enduro events.

For the first year of the event, the UCI appointed WBD Sports as the organisers and promoters after becoming a "trusted partner of the UCI."

bigquotesI am thrilled that the first Enduro and E-enduro UCI World Champions will be crowned in Val di Fassa Trentino, which hosted a very successful round of the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. This venue in the beautiful Italian Dolomites is already well-known to many international athletes, and we can only look forward to the first ever UCI Mountain Bike Enduro and E-enduro World Championships in this majestic setting. UCI President David Lappartient

bigquotesWe are incredibly proud to take on the challenge of promoting the first edition of the UCI Enduro and E-enduro World Championships. We are fully committed to leveraging our expertise and the resources deployed in the WHOOP UCI Mountain Bike World Series to support this discipline. Our pioneering and innovative spirit makes us the perfect partner for the UCI in this new project. Returning to Italy, where the public and private institutions, athletes, and people love mountain biking and always treat us so well, is a privilege. Chris Ball, Vice President of Cycling Events at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe

UCI Press Release:

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Warner Bros. Discovery are pleased to announce that the first edition of the UCI Mountain Bike Enduro and E-enduro World Championships will take place this year in Val di Fassa Trentino, Italy, on 14 - 15 September.

It will be the first time that the UCI World Champion’s rainbow jersey will be awarded for these mountain bike formats, which made their debut at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in 2023. Four titles will be at stake: Men Enduro, Women Enduro, Men E-enduro and Women E-enduro.

Val di Fassa Trentino has hosted top tier enduro racing since 2019, including an enduro round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup last year. The stages are based around the town of Canazei in the heart of the spectacular Italian Dolomites, home to one of the most spectacular enduro trails in the world, the “Tutti Frutti”. Its iconic views and incredible terrain are breathtaking for athletes and fans alike.

The competitions in enduro and E-enduro consist of several timed stages, predominantly downhill. With individual starts, the recorded times and stage wins are added up to decide the overall winner. Liaison stages for the riders to transition to the start of each stage (either by bike or with mechanical assistance) are included in the competitions. They are not timed, but riders must reach the start of each race stage within an allocated time.

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 Without reading here are my guesses on the details:
the event will be held on a Tuesday
Court room drawings of all the action will be available three days after the event
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flag beermtb FL (Jun 7, 2024 at 4:34) (Below Threshold)
 Think court room drawings might be going too far! It'll be stick men drawings. Or the woke version of same.
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 @beermtb: I can have AI make some images from the event within a day!

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 @megatryn: How many fingers will the riders have ;-)
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 @beermtb: I know this is going to be tough for you, but please point out to the jury what part of the bicycle they tried to insert cable routing.
  • 1 0
 @rocky-x: Through my headset.
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 @beermtb: come on… stick person drawings! Smile
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 @beermtb: All of them! (and more)
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 I don't f#%king care.
— UCI President David Lappartient

The vertical integration of leveraging deliverables to stakeholders going forwards speaks to our core competancies of shifting paradigms and taking a hollistic approach to utilizing actionable insights to deliver game changing progress at a granular level to upscale customer centric optics.
— Chris Ball, Vice President of Cycling Events at Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe
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 @watchmen Nice-one, like a lot of the best humour, this has a large dollop of truth. I meant to give props then hit neg by mistake - DOH. Apologies!
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 haha great
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 E-Enduro world champs - it's like having a world championship for best escalator rider.
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flag psullivan65 FL (Jun 7, 2024 at 6:40) (Below Threshold)
 Go watch the footage of these e-edr pros racing on the same stages as the edr pros, I doubt you could tell the difference. Definitely faster up and down the hills then you'll ever be.
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 @psullivan65: that’s never been anyone’s point you dim wit…

The sport is f*cking lame dude. Wake up.

The racers will just be “pros” from other disciplines who can’t cut it and/or are old. I don’t hold anything against someone who wants to keep getting paid to race…they didn’t create the sport.

It’s still f*ckin lame
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 @nvranka: good day for winning apparently
  • 16 7
 @psullivan65: it's like when you wash out of the NHL, you go to the KHL or Europe. That's what I think of racing e-bikes. Washed up pros and technology doping. It's not really a different sport, it's just packaged differently and sold to a different consumer. Lame, and drains resources from racing actual bikes.
  • 14 3
 @excel: isn't that how the EWS originally started?
The exact same PB comments about washed up racers.
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 @psullivan65: Totally. It's the same with escalator pros. Go watch the footage and I doubt you could tell the difference with stair climbing pros. Definitely faster up and down the floors then @excel will ever be.
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flag nvranka (Jun 7, 2024 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 @psullivan65: no one cares about the washed up component, nor the racers themselves.

The sport is lame as f*ck and shouldn’t exist. The athletes don’t want it, the fans don’t want it…no one wants it.

Just like no one wants Ric Mclaughable in the box instead of Rob.

E racing is the mcloser of mtb. An abomination.
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 @nvranka: I like EMTB racing. It’s just as valid as any other form of racing
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 @PHX77: lmao outside+ , not surprised.
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 @nvranka: @brianpark @mattbeer @christinachiappetta @mikekazimer Hi all. This sort of attitude is prevalent among comment section people as well as some of the people that write for pink bike. I think it would be a really interesting article if you took Kaz, Christina and Matt, interviewed them about their thoughts on Emtb racing and then have them do an emtb race and then interview them afterwards. how have their perceptions changed? What did they like about Emtb racing? What did they not like about Emtb bike racing? This would make for a really good article and you would get lots of rage clicks and engagement in the comment section, but I would really love to see what they actually thought given that they have regular racers as well. Everyone throws a conniption about racing e-bikes, but nobody has a cogent and logical argument about why they are having a conniption.
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 @nvranka: I don’t have Outside plus and I still like E-bike racing. It’s just as valid as any other form of racing.
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 @nvranka: the bicycle industry and PB doesn't care what your opinion is. The EWS/edr coverage has sucked since about 2020. Enduro bike sales are not enough to warrant better coverage. How does having e-edr racing have any effect on you?
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 Best escalator - like a chair lift? Who uses those in a EWS race....oh wait
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 @psullivan65: they still haven't made a real "sport" out of e-bike racing, since the technology is not really matured, and the best they can come up with is stapling it to the warm corpse of enduro. I see it for entirely what it is. Enduro is not selling bikes anymore because the geo + formula is basically sorted. Everyone wants the new hotness of e-bikes and boomer cruisers, and it's driving mega profits. For everyone that embodied the DIY spirit of enduro (and decades of analog bike racing in general), the entire concept doesn't really click. It's obvious based on the entry list they haven't figured out a winning formula yet for racing, and now it's stuck with a World Champs banner. Which is why we make fun of it.
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 @PHX77: It's racing. It's probably fun. The problem is that there is already an enduro series. E-enduro doesn't add anything to enduro other than to split the rider base up and divide resources. The only unique thing about it are the climb stages, and from what I've seen, they're rarely super compelling. It's not like watching a hard enduro moto event.
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 @nvranka: so be a dick about it.
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flag nvranka (Jun 7, 2024 at 10:53) (Below Threshold)
 @PHX77: why do you have such a boner for E racing?


And yeah bro, you do have O+. Lmfao. Clown alert.
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 Half way through Ard Moors today and I'm guessing half the ebikers wouldn't be anywhere near a bike let alone racing if it wasn't for the motor.
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 @PHX77: great idea. Sounds something a journalist should do
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 Nice! Seems like the perfect opportunity to live broadcast at least the last two stages!
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 Does E enduro start with a massive start line, then when the gate drops they all head for the Holeshot?? Sounds amazing
  • 2 1
 Lmfao, now that would be funny
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 > For the first year of the event, the UCI appointed WBD Sports as the organisers and promoters after becoming a "trusted partner of the UCI."

The highest praise!
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 "trusted partner" must be UCI speak for "provided the biggest bribe"
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 @boardinbob: "Trusted" probably means trusted to #### it up.
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 E-EWS World Champs: For the fan...
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 A shame they've done this; both motorcycle Enduros series have season long World Championships - and that is the best way to decide a champion. A one off event can mean the season's best rider has a mechanical, or a puncture, and that's it; event over.

I wish cycling would realise one race is ridiculous to decide a World Champion. F1, MotoGP, MXGP, WRC, etc all get it right......
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 I get what you're saying, and if the World Champs was the only title available, I would wholeheartedly agree, but we do also have the EWS for a season long Enduro championships and the World Cup for Downhill, so we have a way to recognize the person who is consistently the best rider. Given that we have that consistency award, I don't find the World Champs being a one day, "winner take all" sort of event, to be as much of a problem. The other sports you mention don't have those 2 routes to greatness, as far as I know. The fact that we have 2 routes, makes it all the more impressive when someone can pull off both in a single season, or consistently win a World Championship year after year like Nico V.
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 Laughing at the E-enduro, probably 80% of you wouldn't be able to cope with the fitness on the powerstage and the mega tight liaison to the stages. Half of you probably use the lifts a lot and that's already hypocritical because you also use powerlifting to get to the top....
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 I’d like to see Discovery and the UCI run with the e-Enduro and to televise it on their best channels. It’s gonna be bonkers good. They could drop the DH and let RB pick it back up.
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 I am guessing we won't be able to watch it, without a VPN, like all the other world champs. Sell it to Disney and charge everyone. Just the highlights obviously, not actually live.
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 "a sport on the rise"
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 This should be a world cup and the world championship as a higher level should consist of multiple rounds. And that's it
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 This is garbage we all know the true world champion of enduro is crowned through the Montana Enduro Series. Come actually race instead of just watching.
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 Its funny because E-Enduro is more relevant than Analog Enduro, It makes waaay more sense to time uphill etc as part of the name 'enduro'
I went to a Trail centre/hill today, 95% were ebikers, this included people in their early 20's all the way to older men and women.
- All the same reasons ' we want to have fun, not suffer'
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 Timed uphills! That's crazy, I can't believe they hadn't come up with a mountain bike genre with that.
  • 1 1
 @warmerdamj: 'enduro' Ie Endurance - Our local enduro's time up and down. apparently the rest of the world is yet to catch up
  • 1 0
 @HeatedRotor: like they haven't caught up with your local made up version of enduro? where 95% of you ride ebikes?
  • 1 0
 @warmerdamj: pretty much all analog classes but there is timed climb stages aswell.

Anti ebike people are so damn funny
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 I'd planned a trip to Val di Fassa before UCI announced these dates. Anyone know what this event might mean for trails availability/closures? When do they normally shut tracks down for the race?
  • 3 0
 I'll take some positive news in the Enduro world.
  • 3 1
 7 rounds of enduro, all in Europe. A true world cup/world championship series.
  • 3 1
 ah yes because americans do 'world series' so well.
  • 5 1
 @HeatedRotor: equally stupid, yes. No one should be taking lessons from the Americans on anything.
  • 2 3
 I'm so glad they're including e-Enduro since it takes such a special skill to ride an e-bike. It's very unique. They've really fine tuned their abilities now. But seriously it would be funny if all of the Enduro and DH people entered and won it just to make clear what's going on.
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 Please don’t put moped news in the same story as MTB news.
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 Sounds goood! Last stage live coverage at least would make it perfect.
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 If they have an E enduro world chamos will you post the results?
  • 1 0
 It's spelled chamois.
  • 7 8
 It don't care if there are Enduro world championships if the coverage is garbage.
  • 2 2
 Good news. Looking forward to it
  • 1 0
 Yeah but nah but
  • 6 6
 E-Enduro……. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • 1 0
 finally good greif
  • 1 0
 Great news!
  • 1 0
  • 4 5
 E-Enduro world champs lmao. April 1st was two months ago.
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