DJI Launches Action 2 Camera with Magnetic Mounting

Oct 28, 2021 at 6:51
by Ed Spratt  

DJI has launched its new Action 2 camera with 4K/120fps filming, image stabilization and a modular magnetic accessory system.

The Action 2 from DJI comes in a pretty small form weighing just 56 grams and measuring 39x39x22.3mm. Despite its small size, the camera can still film 4K footage at up to 120fps. It also includes a built-in color temperature sensor and DJI's HorizonSteady stabilization algorithm. The base camera features a rear 1.76″ touch screen and has a claimed running time of 50 minutes.

DJI has designed a new magnetic modular system allowing you to easily add modules to the camera to add more features to the base model. At launch, you can buy a front touchscreen, battery module and a waterproof case allowing the camera to work at depths of up to 60 meters.

Key features

- Drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof at depths of down to 10 metres.
- Touchscreen and lens are constructed of gorilla glass
- Magnetic mounts
- 4K/120fps
- 155° super-wide FOV
- HorizonSteady stabilization algorithm
- 8x slow motion
- Built-in color temperature sensor
- 50 minutes of run time
- 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor

The DJI Action 2 is available to buy in the $399 Power Combo or the $519 Dual Screen Combo. You can find out more here.


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 looks like a session
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 Underrated comment. I have the original session and would consider this for an upgrade since GoPro discontinued that line.
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 Yeah, this makes me wanna switch from GoPro. They are just getting too big!
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 Comment is totally META!!!! Sorry, Facebook.
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flag Spunk (Oct 29, 2021 at 4:08) (Below Threshold)
 A Trek Session?
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 @Spunk: gopro session
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 Well played.
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 @NoGrip61: I have the Osmo Action 1 camera from DJI, even that it's a camera from 2018 when launched it has the features that after GoPro intruduced as new. I just bought the Osmo Action 1 as a replacement for my Gopro and I just can say I love it 20 times more than Gopro, best purchase ever, even now that the model 2 has been launched the model 1 dropped the price and getting better in relation quality/price ever.
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 Its cool but with only a 50 minute battery life, how can I POV my next Everest E-bike challenge?
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 Ride a bit faster? Makes for a better video too Wink .
  • 3 0
 Stick some solar panels onto your helmet Wink
  • 4 3
 @yoobee: Solar panels? Pfff, so not mtb. I've been paying attention, solar energy is the shit. Just make sure MacAskill doesn't land on your head then.
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 That is for the base camera module, it is expandable with the power (battery) module Wink

...which you can buy several of.
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flag DCF (Oct 28, 2021 at 18:57) (Below Threshold)
 My ebike charges my electronics while i ride. There's a port in the frame storage. You need to upgrade dude
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 I don’t want to talk bad on DJI, that has a choice of doing a GoPro copy or trying to do something different and I respect the choice they made but I do think they’ve made something that isn’t as good as they could’ve made (imagine one of their small gimbals from their drones as it’s own action can design, that would be the dream!).

When I look for a camera I look for:

Battery life (rides are usually longer than 50 mins, even if you’re not recording for that time the battery still gets used up from general use).


Sturdiness (including lens replacement)

Ease of transferring footage

Audio (I usually use a wind sock)

The latest GoPros have all of the above, the Insta360 One X2 also does but can also film in 360 or pov (with the advantage of choosing landscape for YouTube or portrait for Instagram reels from the same footage.

This DJI doesn’t have any of the above so sadly it’s not a camera I wouldn’t ever consider for my use…I just hope they take advantage of their drone gimbal tech and bring out something special to the table
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 @aliclarkson good insights from someone who requires an action cam to do your job.
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 @Fullsend2-13: id be curious if the dji has the ability to turn on and start recording. I use this feature all the time on my gopro and didnt run out of battery on any rides this year. So long as I remembered to actually stop recording. I didnt notice any physical buttons on the dji so i dont know how this would work for them. I dont like the idea if having to say something to start recording. A la “gopro start recording.”
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 Mini gimbal based camera by DJI:
don't think I would want to crash wearing it though...

Most interesting thing about this camera when i checked it out on there website I noticed a new accessory...

@aliclarkson You should definitely try and blag one of these to test on your channel.
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 @Bungalow-bikes: I was actually hoping for something more like this:

Basically a Osmo Pocket but two units separated by a cable. The best footage I've ever got was with a Gopro Karma Grip with a Hero4 and extender cable so I can put the bulky battery in my bag. Only issue was that it was VERY bulky and not waterproof. I think a smaller version would really transform filming extreme sports...unfortunately the Feiyu-tech one isn't waterproof and for MTBing in the UK that's pretty vital plus it doesn't have a replaceable battery either

The Osmo Pocket was tempting but the angle isn't very wide unless you use a clip-on lens but I suspect it could fall off through hard riding (plus you have to switch on the unit without the lens on which is extra faff).
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 I need a functional action camera and will try anything beside a GoPro at this point. They are finicky POS with a terrible UI and UX and the supporting apps have always sucked. They lose their BT and WiFi connections regularly, take a month of Sundays to offload media, overheat in the sun and have awful sound.
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 @suspended-flesh: can’t say I ever use their app, I only ever use the sd card on my laptop plus I use a foam wind sock and the audio is more than usable (I used to record audio separately as I’m pretty finicky about having my clips sound good). Overheating isn’t much of an issue in the uk either lol
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 @aliclarkson: oh not seen that one before, looks cool. for me problem with gimbals is they just look fragile makes me resist buying one I'm sure some are pretty sturdy but think ill stick with reframing 360 footage. I know the max isn't without its weaknesses but for me its happy compromise (until they get round to bringing out a 4k capable one... and I'll definitely get that! Smile
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How do you get more then 50min out of your GoPro Hero @4k60fps super view?
My GoPro can't do that.

My insta 360 One R does it. Btw way better battery charging with the insta but the battery it self is bad for wet conditions.

How is the DJ different in file transfer?
How about water proof? 10meters isn't enough?

I am surprised that you didn't want super low light capacity. I would kill for this feature if this could be added. This is where all action cams suck hard except the one R one Inch. MOD.

GoPro have their malfunctions, it's horrible. DJ or Insta360 don't have that kind of crap behaviour. That's a big win.
I have lost days of footage because of the random f*ck ups from the GoPro.

I could pick on the competition also about their bad file format and no software solutions other then a plugin for Adobe what actually sucks even more..
Or how complicated the cage for all cams is since everyone need a LCD.

Remember how you could change the battery without opening the cage first or detaching it from the harness/mount?
I don't need a screen I can't see anything at all. It's only good enough for checking if the angle is kinda okay..
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How do you get more then 50min out of your GoPro Hero @4k60fps super view?

I don't film in 4k unless I'm going to crop in, even then then max I ever film in is 2.7K as 4K eats through SD cards and my computer can't handle it without using proxies. Filming in 1080 or 2.7 frees up card space, increases battery time, keeps the camera cooler and still looks great. If I want 4k for youtube I just upscale in the export. If I do run out of battery, I simply put a new one in Razz

How is the DJ different in file transfer?

If you only use the lens module then there's no SD card slot meaning I can't simply put the card into my computer like I do with my GoPro or Insta360 One X2. If you use the DJI modules with the SD slot then it's no longer waterproof (at all) so you have to use the waterproof case, that's a step backwards in my opinion...I don't want my audio reduced and extra things to remember or have to faff about with,

How about water proof? 10meters isn't enough?

Like I mentioned, it's only waterproof if you use the lens module on it's own (and then there's no SD card and limited battery) or if you use the waterproof case which I don't want to have to use.

I am surprised that you didn't want super low light capacity. I would kill for this feature if this could be added. This is where all action cams suck hard except the one R one Inch. MOD.

I'd love that, I'm hoping one day we can get all the features Gopro and Insta360 have but also have great low light capacity. I actually have a 1" mod for my One R but I've not found it to be that noticeable of a difference over a Gopro/One X2 and the lens doesn't seem as wide either.

GoPro have their malfunctions, it's horrible. DJ or Insta360 don't have that kind of crap behaviour. That's a big win.
I have lost days of footage because of the random f*ck ups from the GoPro.

Yes I've had a couple of clips ruined but it's rare, I think shooting in a lower res helps plus personally I always film with two cameras on my MTB, a GoPro on my helmet so people can actually see what I'm looking at (handy if I'm looking around at other riders or exciting things happening) and an Insta360 One X2 on my chest so I can get the real dynamic shots with my bars and arms moving about and also give me clips in portrait for Instagram Reels. This way I always have a backup if one camera fails (or gets mud on the lens etc)and it makes my videos a little more dynamic if I have a couple of angles I can choose from.

Remember how you could change the battery without opening the cage first or detaching it from the harness/mount?
I don't need a screen I can't see anything at all. It's only good enough for checking if the angle is kinda okay..

I can change the battery in my GoPro without needing to remove it from it's fittings, I do use the Insta360 One X2 with a Smallrig cage though (so I can have it horizontally on my chest taking up less space) so I do have to remove that for battery replacements, not the end of the world though. Having a front facing screen is great for me though, I often talk to camera so it's good to know that I am pointing it in the right direction...when it's on my body I can use it to make sure the angle is good (especially on my chest).
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 @jojotherider1977: Osmo 1 have it before thn GoPro, I have one, for sure this will have it as well.
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 its cool, but simple as this: Nobody will touch gopro to hit all points. sure someone might have better battery/camera, but not the durability and mountability of a gopro...

list goes on. GoPro owns the space no question.
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 looks like it is compatible with gopro mounts though?
  • 21 10
 They don’t own the space. They are living in it with the majority of subs. They’ve f*cked up enough times. Durability? Idk about you but ever GoPro after the hero 5 has been trash. And digital stability has nothing on mechanical, hence why gimbals still exist.

Like WoW you just need that one major f*ck up to bring 70% of the users to a different company.

GoPro is far from immortal.
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 @kroozctrl: much like iPhones, if you market the shit out of it anyone will buy it regardless of its issues.
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 You can’t forget about gopro’s branding too. It’s definitely up there with redbull and some other companies, which is why no matter how good this camera is, I don’t see it beating GoPro anytime soon.
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 The only thing that pisses me off about my Hero 8 Black is how it's the bastard child of the model lineup.
  • 3 1
 For you to film yourself riding down a blue trail only for you to watch it like.... three times, this camera seems pretty sweet. It's smaller than the Hero Session and can tuck up below the visor on any helmet and you probably won't even see it, unlike the session. Yeah, maybe not as many features or capabilities, but when was the last time you used a GoPro to film anything other than a chest mounted, bike mounted, helmet mounted, or gimbal mounted 4k video?
  • 4 2
 I can’t stand GoPro and want to use something else for one reason: I can’t use my camera if I’m not logged into the app, and the app constantly loses my credentials while I’m in the woods and tries to get me to buy a “subscription”. When I’m not in Internet range I can’t even use my camera. It’s nutto.

No info here as to whether DJI does the same thing but I’d do anything to have a camera that didn’t fall apart without an app.
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 @Mtmw: this doesn’t make any sense. The GoPro will work without being connected to anything. Do you only try to start recording videos remotely from your phone?
  • 1 0
 @jojotherider1977: I agree that it doesn’t make any sense but it’s documented behavior. Big parts of the hero session just aren’t accessible without the app, most importantly time lapse mode which is all I use it for (one photo a minute for long gravel rides).
There are big long threads on the GoPro forums about people getting logged out in the wilderness and lugging their GoPro brick home. This is a well known thing.
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 @Mtmw: OOOOH forgot about the session. yeah that sucks. such a good form factor, but really needs an lcd screen at the least.

I'm not even connected to my gopro when I go out. I have to do the connection when I fire up the app. Hero 8 black if it matters.
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 GOPRO software has always sucked. I haven't tried newer Quik or whatever my Session 5 uses on newer GPs ,but does it still suck beyond belief?
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 @jojotherider1977: that’s the thing it has an lcd screen. And it lets you use the lcd screen to change modes. It just locks a bunch of those modes behind an appwall. For no reason.
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 Will need to see how it lives up to their claims after a few reviews etc but excited to see someone try and pick up where the GoPro Session left off, still cannot believe it was discontinued. I wont be buying another GoPro in the increasingly massive Hero size unless they bring the Session back, so just waiting for someone to come along and offer a suitable replacement, so far it’s between this and the Insta360 Go2.
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 Any action camera can do 4K/120 fps. The real factor is the quality of the stabilization.
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 mine can't
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 I wish them the best of luck. Selling hardware is a tough business. GoPro has lost money for the past five years and may barely sneak out a profit this year.
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 I'll need a bunch of non-influencer full reviews and tests from rowdy mountain bikers before I take a chance on that magnetic mount.
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 Agreed. Magnetic mount seems like a great way to move units after riders randomly lose their camera bombing down a chunky descent.
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 @pdxal: By buddy has an Insta360 Go2 and the magnetic pendant mount works great. He's never lost it on a descent.
  • 4 0
 Same here... I've been wanting a smaller alternative to GoPro for years now but will that magnet handle a quad tomahawk when I'm snowboarding?!
  • 3 0
 @pdxal: even with the normal mounting system for action cams, I still put a little lanyard/string thingy from the camera to my helmet. So if it does come off, I won't loose it. I definitely would be doing it with the new magnet system
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 It s actually not just a magnet. It has a clipped thing too to lock the cameras on the mounts
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 Interesting to see how this stacks up against the Insta360 GO2. On first look the Insta has better battery life... I'd love to see a comparison
  • 1 0
 The irony of DJI making a Session while GoPro refuses to make a new one, despite the popularity.
  • 6 4
 DJ = China, USA+China=War
Don’t buy China, support Twain…
  • 3 9
flag alan2133 (Oct 28, 2021 at 19:58) (Below Threshold)
 pothetic loser
  • 7 6
 Chinese ownership is a problem.
  • 5 4
 Xenophobia is a problem. GoPros are made in China lol
  • 4 4
 There used to be this bloke in politics not even that long ago who indeed mentioned that these products made in Djina carry a virus. I haven't checked but I'd say as long as you don't eat it, lick it, kiss it or otherwise get too intimate with it you'll be good. If you're still worried you can always wrap it in a mask during use. And if things go pear-shaped, go to the vet and ask for those popular horse medicines.
  • 7 1
 @kylethehobo: There's a difference between contracting Chinese factories and the company itself being in China. If you don't understand the difference, it's that the PRC gets to control the company regardless of what they want to do.
  • 6 0
 @kylethehobo: this is a chinese company... not foreign owned and having stuff made by slave labor like nike and so many others.
Pay attention: the chinese are stealing tech and rebadging it for less $.
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 @vinay: Ketamine?
  • 1 3
 joker?it's that you?@vinay:
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 50 minutes lmao, my 5 year old session lasts longer than that
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 Is it good in low light forests? Might grab if it is
  • 2 3
 It overheats and generally underperforms. I wouldn’t waste my money on one.

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