Electric-Powered Weirdness from Eurobike 2022

Jul 18, 2022 at 8:29
by Ed Spratt  
Eurobike was overpowered with the presence of everything electric and we searched the halls for some of the weird, strange and obscure electric-powered bikes at this year's show.

What's the seat tube angle on this?

The use of a power tool size battery is quite cool.

Can't wait to see the skills of riders with an eBMX background

A truly garbage e-bike.

Taking a mullet just a little too far.

You can't have Eurobike with an e-trike.

This one even has a racing pedigree.

Going full moto.

The new Totem sure looks a bit different.

Now that's a head angle

Hidden shocks, upside-down forks and belt-driven. just needs a high pivot to complete the checklist.


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 That tricycle would be so awesome if you had vertigo or other balance and strength issues. My Grandma would have loved cruising around her farm on it when she had cancer. It's really cool to see ebike tech getting used for mobility and transportation problems. Now we just need bike lanes designed with these in mind.
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 Honestly, I don't have those issues but still think that thing looks fun!
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 Couldn't agree more; I think bike lanes in general need a pretty big rethink before average people; let alone those with mobility needs will use them en mass. I commute in a "bike friendly" community and am able bodied and still have a close call almost every ride. Nearly all of my friends that commute regularly (myself included) have been hit at least once in the last few years.
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 You are talking about the one with the BEER holder up front?!!!
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 That trike looks like a good way to get home from the pub ; )
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 Is it a requirement for E-everything to be the ugliest shit I've ever seen?
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 I think I remember hearing the Toyota Prius is intentionally ugly bc it sold better as an ugly hybrid than a normal-ish looking car. So in other words yes
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 @IsaacWislon82: They never made it normal looking, so how can they know?
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 The article is about the Weird E-bikes from eurobike.
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 @schili: Yes. My comment is about E-things not just bikes.
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 eBMX sounds fun. Also interested in the ocean plastic bike. Hopefully yesterday's garbage won't just become tomorrow's garbage though. We really just need to phase out single-use plastics.
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 No pedals, no human driven propulsion-it's cool but it's a grom dirtbike, not any kind of bicycle OR Broped.
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 @wyorider: are you talking about the little e kids' bike? I'm looking at the one under it. It has pedals lol.
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 I call bs, where’s the battery?
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 I agree! That’s why I do my part by riding without a helmet.
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 @kingbike2: Inside that ridiculous seat?
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 Imagine a modern day electric powered Dicki Dee ice cream bike. Fuck of a lot easier than pedalling around a 400lb freeze box full of icy treats. I remember the older kid in my hood that had that job. He was a skid for sure but his gate starts at he track were insane.
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 There's a great Young Adult novel in here somewhere.
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 The kids e-striders are so terrible. Turns three year olds into a human torpedo threaten everything in a 50 foot radius.
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 But so fun to watch!
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 @mbl77: I could not agree more.. but on the other hand, it is good for kids to use their muscles, not start the E-everything at that age... my kiddos were soooo fast on the strider, even without the motor.. was bit of a challenge catching up with them....
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 More Friday Fails Fodder
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 Stuff like commuter bikes is where a Broped is awesome. I'd say less weird than just outside the wheelhouse for PB. I think commuting and throwing e-brake skids on a BigWheel Broped would be AMAZING!!!!!! It's the Bropeds on non-motorized singletrack that are an issue.......
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 To me these talks about the recycling of ocean plastic makes me vomit, instead of saying that we must NOT consume plastic they are telling us to continue throwing it because we recycle it a lot, in this way we continue to consume resources to continue to find ourselves in the way. the same plastic removed from the oceans (and not disposed of) and to produce more with the alibi of recycling.
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 Harvesting ocean plastic is hard and very laborious. The only point of doing it is to remove it from the water so less of it turns into microparticles. No one wants more plastic in the water and yes the whole point is to use less or no single use plastic. But the one that is in the water should be removed and if we can turn that into something usable even better.
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 @ricardosafreire: PB will forgive me the OT, even the split between disposable and recyclable is bullshit, what do you think oceans are floors of ear cleaning sticks and picnic plates? The only solution is not to consume plastic, especially in Asian countries.
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 I agree we should less or no plastic at all but it doesn't change the fact that there is still plastic in the oceans and the more of it we remove the better.
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 Stacyc is "weird" and off your radar???

Pretty darn popular with the Moto crowd here in the US and definitely jumpstarted my little guy's riding skills.

They even have a races at BMX tracks here in California.
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 Looks cool, looks fun, NOT even a pretense of being a bicycle. With no pedal driven option to power it, it's just a small electric motorcycle. Ebikes aren't bicycles, and this thing isn't even an eBike. Don't get me wrong, its a cool little motorbike, but it ain't no bicycle.
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 @wyorider: Should still serve the purpose of learning balance on 2 wheels, which was the end goal for us at that age - if adds more fun to the process and gets them moving down the sidewalk (or bombing with a smile on trails) quicker all the better! At that age I won't make a fuss about not needing to use your legs on it - kids that age are running around 99.9% of the time anyways!
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 @tkrug: Like I said-it's cool, but not a bicycle.

My objection to the whole "eBike" thing is downplaying the fact they aren't bicycles.

Groms who will never pedal a bike will also learn on these. Is that good or bad? I wouldn't pass a judgement like that. Just calling a motorcycle what it is.
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 @wyorider: no one is saying that it is. My point is that they're not fringe. Thy even run ads during Supercross on national TV.
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 I was going to say the same thing. Nothing weird about it. Stacyc are main stream here. My son loves his.
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 Yeah Stacycs are huge, that guy had a great idea. Id venture to say they sell more Stacycs than bike manufactures sell legit mountain bike ebikes.
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 Those Flyer's are brilliant commuter bikes. It's one of my 7 bikes and I love it for going to the shops, work,... super solid, no flex when you've got your shopping with you. Belt drive for no maintenace, just a very good reliable solid bike!
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 That Husqvarna battery on that kids bike looks like a great idea (though, that Stacyc seems more like mini-moto than mini-ebike).

I've got a wall full of Milwaukee 18v tools and batteries in the garage. It'd be fantastic to buy a kids eBike that let my 5-year old keep up with his bigger siblings, without having to spend the $$s for an integrated/custom battery.

Would be easy to throw a backup in my pack, in case he ran out mid-ride.
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 I was curious about capacity.

The biggest Milwaukee battery I own is an 18v 12ah battery - which is equivalent to a 216 Wh battery.

My smallest is a 5ah - equivalent to a 90wh battery.

The Specialized Levo Turbo Comp comes with an 800Wh battery.

So, my "use my tool batteries for eBikes" dream would probably work pretty well for a kid's bike on a shorter ride, but isn't going to be powering an adult on 50-mile epics through the wilderness anytime soon, unless you bring a backpack full of batteries along with you.
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 @atourgates: yeah totally, but it goes to show how much this makes sense for kids bikes. If 800wh can propel a 180 lbs person for at least 4 hours, wouldn't 216Wh propel a 40 lbs person for about as long?
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 There are people making adapters for using Milwaukee and Dewalt batteries on Stacyc bikes.. A customer of mine has one on his daughters bike.. Apparently, it's the hot set up
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 Bunch of worthless boat anchors a waist of resources and time not to mention the promoting the lithium slave labor trade ..it's all bullshit
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flag trainedcadmonkey (Jul 18, 2022 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 You must be a hoot at parties...
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 On the last bike, I want to know what is the purpose of the lever that the front tire presses when the front suspension compresses. Could be clever.
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 It's there to knock the mud off the tire.
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 its probably just a cover left open
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 @bok-CZ: Agreed, looks like the battery slot.
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 that Totem looks like something Sam Hill would ride lol
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 That suspension platform is a blast from the past lol.
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 That seat angle though. If a brand can’t get their bike set up for display at a bike show, what other idiocy do they produce.
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 @WildboiBen: It's the Demo 9 reincarnated! Wonder what the GX Axs build looks like?
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: A suspended seat post on a full suspended bike^^.
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 That's a big "nope" on every single one of these. Most look like they were designed by Homer Simpson.
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 Keep in mind, many of these are one-offs meant to showcase production capabilities more than being actual ideas for bike designs.
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 Hello autocad, goodbye craftsmanship
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 "Can't wait to see the skills of riders with an eBMX background"

Well done sir, well done!
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 John from Lost is really interested in that e-trike.
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 golf clap. golf clap.
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 how decadent
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 Seeing all this makes me miss Interbike love it or hate there was a lot cool shite and the goofy
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 Is that brake force one cargo bike a support bike of the great Johnny Walker Special F1 car?
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 That last one looks like a late 90's Lahar out of NZ. Wish I'd grabbed one back then or a Kee Wee.
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Looks like a demo......
Specialized called and want its Demo Rear back.
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 The e-trike would be super fun to drift in the ol cul de sac.
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 No ibis? The RIP-EE is coming!!!
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 "You can't have Eurobike with an e-trike."

I agree with this typo.
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 Waiting to get my kids a e-balance bike
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 Woohoo! Can never have enough ebikes, more ebikes please.
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 Mag wheels would be sick to run
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 Arent all Emtb's "electric powered wierdness?"
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 Welp that's enough pinkbike for today..
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 I would take any of these over having to pedal a retro pushbike any day.
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 Lazy and proud of it. Duly noted.
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