Final Results from Slopestyle at Crankworx Cairns 2022

Oct 8, 2022 at 0:56
by Ed Spratt  
Crankworx Cairns 2022 continues with the Slopestyle and after eight events in a row, we see a new winner. Nicholi Rogatkin put together a wild second run to score a 94.75. Erik Fedko had to settle for second place after getting a rear flat on his second run and couldn't improve his score. Sadly Emil Johansson had a massive crash on his first run and made the sensible choice to not take a second run.

Check out the results below.

You can watch the replay here.


1st. Nicholi Rogatkin: 94.75
2nd. Erik Fedko: 92.75
3rd. Max Fredriksson: 88.75
4th. Tom Isted: 85.50
5th. Ben Thompson: 74.50

Full Results


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 I hope Emil heals well, but on the other hand we simple get a different vibe and energy when Nicholi is winning. Who isn't fired up when this dude is starting to celebrate.
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flag Burningbird FL (Oct 8, 2022 at 6:56) (Below Threshold)
 Slowly raises hand
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 So cool to see a course that's different, to all the other courses that are essentially the same. At least this course offers something a bit unique for once
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 Stoked for isted....hopefully gets a few more sponsors
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 yes he deserves them. hes been on fire lately
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 How that guy doesn't have a frame sponsor I'll never know.
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 I actually liked the course. It made it more like a park event with some funny angles and top deck tech stuff. It's funny because the one feature the most riders could relate to, the on off small banked box, is what everyone seems annoyed with. I liked's like do you still jib around on street stuff...that's sort of where most people start. They should all have some tech trick for it. It makes me think the guys that did well probably go ride normal people stuff for fun also...and not just perfectly buffed redbull or private slope courses. It's a competition, don't blame the course if it didn't conform to the perfection and cookie cutter courses you expect. Just get more well rounded.
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 I bet they did some cool flippy mctwisty spinners.
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 I know the course didn’t totally work, but I appreciate that they tried to do something creative versus replicating the same track again.
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 It seemed to work better in practice and it looked incredible. They mentioned a little rain and a little wind, so perhaps it was just that. On the positive side, I thought they did a good job of not being too harsh on people who missed out a feature as long as they resulted in bigger bangers. Thought Lemoine should have scored higher though.
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 I like that they are making it interesting and not just a straight dirt jump comp ( those are awesome too but I think slopestyle should have more variety). The organizers/builders will now have a good idea how to tweak the course for next year.
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 The course totally worked, forces the riders to be more technical and creative, which it did just that. It upset the typical riding on a slope course and it showed. Glad for the progression.
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 Amazing course, amazing runs. Healing vibes to Emil! Congrats to Rogatkin!
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 It's always so cool to see how good Emil is, but it can almost get boring. He stomps the first run then show is over. Very glad to see him get up after that crash. This was one of the best slopestyle contents in a while. Drama til the very end. And so damn excited to see Rogatkin win again, hell yeah!!
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 Harsh smackdown of the Cairns course. The filming of it was pretty shit, but the last section half pipe type thing rewarded maintaining speed and inventiveness. The on off box was silly but overall great to see a different looking course with options
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 I really liked the on off box. Max especially proved that you can get super creative on that kind of feature. Some of the practice jib moves on there were really cool. Hard to be consistent at the techy skatepark stuff, but that stuff will help some of the techier riders show their style and skill more.
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 yes rogatkin. and isted
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 The course sucked for amplitude but the big dogs stepped it up. Emil was on one.
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 so stocked for max
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 So good to see him on a podium again. I actually think he had the most "complete" run. Super techy on the skatepark features, big 270 tuck out of the quarter pipe, threw down the hardest in the dirt pipe, and was buttery smooth all the way down. I'm happy to see him actually use the skatepark features properly. When people "skip" those features (even if they did gnarly things by passing them) I think it hurts the sport and doesn't encourage these cool new features to come to courses. Tom Isted skipped the quarter section at district ride just to do a flat drop flip (which is cool and all, but we have enough flat drops on courses) and then again here jumped over the techy first box and skipped the croc tail altogether (that was a dirty cork 7 though).
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 Max Langille, heck yeaaaaaa!!!!!
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 Awesome contest, great vibe and creative course. Love to see Nicholi back on the top, let's go!
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 yo how sick was ben thompson though
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 finally a course that really diserves "slopestyle" all the way.
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 4th!! Nice one Tommy Tightpants!!
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