[UPDATED] Overall Standings & Final Results from the Pietra Ligure Enduro World Cup 2023

Jun 3, 2023 at 1:35
by Ed Spratt  
After a two-month break we are back with the third round of the 2023 Enduro World Cup as riders took on six stages across 56km and 3105 meters of descending in the Finale Outdoor Region.

In the Elite Women's race, it was Morgane Charre who kicked off the day with back-to-back stage wins before laying down consistent stage performances to hold her overall lead through the six stages and end the day over 13 seconds ahead. Reigning 2022 EWS champ Isabeau Courdurier would go head to head with Gloria Scarsi in the battle for 2nd place, but it would be the Italian racer who edged three seconds ahead to secure 2nd.

The Men's racing saw the Canadian pair of Jesse Melamed and Rhys Verner take control of the racing as they took two stage wins each in the battle for the top position. Alex Rudeau did his best to break up the pair but he would have to settle for 3rd place, six seconds back from the leader. Previous series leader Richie Rude had a big crash early in the race and did his best to not lose too many overall points as he ended a tough day in eighth.

After a flat-out day of racing check out the results below.


Elite Women

1st. Morgane Charre: 32:22.320
2nd. Gloria Scarsi: 32:35.990
3rd. Isabeau Courdurier: 32:39.080
4th. Raphaela Richter: 32:49.200
5th. Mélanie Pugin: 33:03.640
Elite Men

1st. Jesse Melamed: 28:40.040
2nd. Rhys Verner: 28:45.420
3rd. Alex Rudeau: 28:46.300
4th. Dimitri Tordo: 28:53.840
5th. Charlie Murray: 29:01.480

U21 Women

1st. Emmy Lan: 34:42.160
2nd. Lily Planquart: 34:58.190
3rd. Elly Hoskin: 35:41.620
4th. Sophie Riva: 35:56.270
5th. Claire Chabbert: 36:06.800
U21 Men

1st.Raphaël Giambi: 29:36.710
2nd. William Brodie: 29:41.320
3rd. Alexis Icardo: 29:42.760
4th. Bailey Christie: 29:46.030
5th. Jt Fisher: 29:50.330

Stage Result Breakdown:

Course Map


Total: 56km / 3105m descent / 2070m climb (Riders will have a shuttle to help them around part of the course.)

Stage 1

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Hiroshima Mon Amour: 5.07km / 760m descent

Live Stage Updates

1:34 am PDT: Bailey Christie Wins Stage 1 for the U21 Men
Bailey Christie has come out on top in the first challenge of today's race besting Jt Fisher by just over two seconds.

1st. Bailey Christie: 8:35.630
2nd. Jt Fisher: 8:38.000
3rd. Alexis Icardo: 8:40.300
4th. Wei Tien Ho: 8:40.300
5th. Raphaël Giambi: 8:41.560

1:43 am PDT: Emmy Lan Wins Stage 1 for the U21 Women
Emmy Lan has kicked the day off win a win on the long first stage. Emmy pulled ahead of Lily Planquart by two seconds with Elly Hoskin nine seconds back in third.

1st. Emmy Lan: 10:00.580
2nd. Lily Planquart: 10:02.660
3rd. Elly Hoskin: 10:10.200
4th. Sophie Riva: 10:17.000
5th. Claire Chabbert: 10:30.040

1:59 am PDT: Gloria Scarsi Leads the Elite Women on Stage 1
After the first group of Elite Women have completed the first stage it is Gloria Scarsi who leads by over 19 seconds ahead of the final riders hitting the stage shortly.

1st. Gloria Scarsi: 9:23.520
2nd. Chloe Taylor: 9:42.900
3rd. Amy Morrison: 9:49.270
4th. Jess Stone: 9:57.400
5th. Charlotte Rey: 9:58.130

2:59 am PDT: Morgane Charre Wins the First Stage by over 7 Seconds
Morgane Charre has taken a big first win today as she beat Italian racer Gloria Scarsi by over seven seconds on stage one. Isabeau Courdurier completed the top three, 10.48 seconds back.

1st. Morgane Charre: 9:16.250
2nd. Gloria Scarsi: 9:23.520
3rd. Isabeau Courdurier: 9:26.730
4th. Raphaela Richter: 9:29.210
5th. Mélanie Pugin: 9:40.110

3:22 am PDT: Rhys Verner Takes the Stage 1 Win
Rhys Verner has taken the stage one victory after pulling ahead of Charlie Murray by 3.28 seconds. Series overall leader Richie Rude crossed the line over five and a half seconds back to secure third position.

1st. Rhys Verner: 8:21.170
2nd. Charlie Murray: 8:24.450
3rd. Richie Rude: 8:26.950
4th. Dimitri Tordo: 8:27.080
5th. Jesse Melamed: 8:28.220

Stage 2

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Oltrefinale: 3.9km / 690m descent

Live Stage Updates

3:12 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Wins Stage 2 for the U21 Men
Raphaël Giambi has had an amazing second stage as he goes fastest by over five seconds. Sascha Kim ends the stage in second with William Brodie 6.66 back in third place.

1st. Raphaël Giambi: 9:10.920
2nd. Sascha Kim: 9:16.150
3rd. William Brodie: 9:17.580
4th. Bailey Christie: 9:19.310
5th. Lisandru Bertini: 9:19.800

3:14 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Now Leads the Overall
Raphaël Giambi has jumped four positions in the overall standing after his stage two win with Bailey Christie dropping to 2nd and Jt Fischer in third.

U21 Men Top 10 After Stage 2

3:25 am PDT: Emmy Lan Wins again on Stage 2
Emmy Lan continues to be the rider to beat today as she goes 15 seconds into the lead on the second stage. Once again it is Lily Planquart in 2nd and Elly Hoskin 3rd.

1st. Emmy Lan: 10:43.360
2nd. Lily Planquart: 10:58.410
3rd. Elly Hoskin: 11:18.780
4th. Claire Chabbert: 11:19.580
5th. Lily Boucher: 11:24.650

3:28 am PDT: Emmy Lan Builds her Overall Lead to 17 Seconds
Emmy Lan has built a solid lead after the second stage with 17 seconds back to Lily Planquart and a huge gap of 45 seconds to Elly Hoskin.

U21 Women Top 10 After Stage 2

4:38 am PDT: Morgane Charre Goes Two for Two on Stage Wins
Morgane Charre is flying today as she once again takes the stage win with an exact copy of the top five from Stage 1.

1st. Morgane Charre: 10:06.470
2nd. Gloria Scarsi: 10:13.670
3rd. Isabeau Courdurier: 10:14.780
4th. Raphaela Richter: 10:15.490
5th. Mélanie Pugin: 10:19.600

4:43 am PDT: Morgane Charre Leads the Overall by 7 Seconds
After two stage wins Morgane Charre has a healthy overall lead of seven seconds as the Elite Women head into the shorter third and fourth stages.

Elite Women Top 10 After Stage 2

5:00 am PDT: Jesse Melamed Win Stage 2 by 5 Seconds
Jesse Melamed has taken the top spot on Stage Two as he pulled ahead of Dimitri Tordo by five seconds. Overall series leader Richie Rude crossed the line in 16th.

1st. Jesse Melamed: 8:54.160
2nd. Dimitri Tordo: 8:59.780
3rd. Alex Rudeau: 9:00.310
4th. Tommaso Francardo: 9:00.830
5th. Slawomir Lukasik: 9:00.980

5:02 am PDT: Jesse Melamed Jumps Four Places to Take the Overall Lead
After his stage win Jesse Melamed now sits in the overall lead with fellow Canadian Rhys Verner in 2nd place.

Elite Men Top 10 After Stage 2

Stage 3

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Armuin: 0.85km / 120m descent

Live Stage Updates

3:46 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Takes the Stage 3 Win
Raphaël Giambi continues to be the fastest U21 Men's rider as he backs up a stage two victory with another fastest time on stage three.

1st. Raphaël Giambi: 2:17.900
2nd. Alexis Icardo: 2:18.200
3rd. William Brodie: 2:18.460
4th. Johnathan Helly: 2:18.890
5th. Wei Tien Ho: 2:19.200

3:51 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Continues to Lead the Overall
Raphaël Giambi hold an eight-second lead after stage three.

U21 Men Top 10 After Stage 3

3:54 am PDT: Elly Hoskin Wins Stage 3
Elly Hoskin has taken her first win of the day finding three seconds on Emmy Lan the winner of the first two stages.

1st. Elly Hoskin: 2:40.600
2nd. Emmy Lan: 2:43.600
3rd. Lily Planquart: 2:44.240
4th. Sophie Riva: 2:44.950
5th. Lily Boucher: 2:48.900

3:57 am PDT: Emmy Lan Continues to Lead by 17 Seconds
Emmy Lan continues to hold a lead of 17 seconds with Lily Planquart in 2nd and Elly Hoskin has slightly closed the gap to 42 seconds.

U21 Women Top 10 After Stage 3

5:11 am PDT: Raphaela Richter Goes Fastest on Stage 3
Raphaela Richter takes the top time on stage two as she finds over two and a half seconds on current series overall leader Bex Baraona.

1st. Raphaela Richter: 2:29.800
2nd. Bex Baraona: 2:32.340
3rd. Morgane Charre: 2:32.430
4th. Jess Stone: 2:32.770
5th. Rae Morrison: 2:33.000

5:16 am PDT: Morgane Charre Extends her Overall Lead to 16 Seconds
Morgane Charre is continuing to build her overall lead as she goes 16 seconds ahead of Gloria Scarsi. After her stage win Raphaela Richter moves into third.

Elite Women Top 10 After Stage 3

5:37 am PDT: Alex Rudeau Leads Stage 3
Alex Rudeau heads up a French-dominated top five on Stage Three as he goes just over a second up on Youn Deniaud, Richie Rude goes third.

1st. Alex Rudeau: 2:13.380
2nd. Youn Deniaud: 2:14.420
3rd. Richie Rude: 2:15.320
4th. Dimitri Tordo: 2:15.550
5th. Jesse Melamed: 2:15.580

5:40 am PDT: Jesse Melamed Keeps Overall Lead After Stage 3
It's still a Canadian top two in the overall although Alex Rudeau is closing in on the top two riders after his stage win.

Elite Men Top 10 After Stage 3

Stage 4

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Dolcenera: 1.02km / 255m descent

Live Stage Updates

4:21 am PDT: Johnathan Helly Tops Stage 4 for the U21 Men
It's another stage win for Canada as Johnathan Helly pulls ahead of William Brodie by just over a second to take the stage win.

1st. Johnathan Helly: 2:16.800
2nd. William Brodie: 2:18.000
3rd. Alexis Icardo: 2:19.580
4th. Raphaël Giambi: 2:19.700
5th. Wei Tien Ho: 2:19.780

4:24 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Still Leads the Overall
Raphaël Giambi has a nine-second advantage after Stage 4 as William Brodie overtakes Baily Christie to go into 2nd place.

U21 Men Top 10 After Stage 4

4:29 am PDT: Claire Chabbert Wins Stage 4
It's another new winner on Stage 4 for the U21 Women as Claire Chabbert goes fastest.

1st. Claire Chabbert: 2:47.430
2nd. Lily Planquart: 2:48.220
3rd. Emmy Lan: 2:49.400
4th. Sophie Riva: 2:49.950
5th. Lily Boucher: 2:53.200

4:31 am PDT: Emmy Lan Shrinks Slightly in the Overall
Emmy Lan's lead has shrunk by half a second but at over 16 seconds it is still very strong heading into the final two stages.

U21 Women Top 10 After Stage 4

5:47 am PDT: Gloria Scarsi Sets the Top Time on Stage 4
Despite the pressures of her home race Gloria Scarsi has taken the fastest time on the fourth stage just beating Isabeau Courdurier by 0.89 seconds.

1st. Gloria Scarsi: 2:36.130
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 2:37.020
3rd. Morgane Charre: 2:37.140
4th. Mélanie Pugin: 2:37.620
5th. Raphaela Richter: 2:38.530

5:52 am PDT: Morgane Charre Still Leads After 4 Stages
Morgane Charre's lead has fallen by around a second after second-placed Gloria Scarsi took her first stage win of the day. But Morgane still maintains a 15 second advantage that should put her in a good place with just two stages remaining.

Elite Women Top 10 After Stage 4

6:10 am PDT: Jesse Melamed Takes a 2nd Stage Win
Stage four sees Jesse Melamed take another win today as he goes just over one and a half seconds up on Alex Rudeau.

1st. Jesse Melamed: 2:14.150
2nd. Alex Rudeau: 2:15.710
3rd. Jack Moir: 2:17.930
4th. Slawomir Lukasik: 2:18.000
5th. Martin Maes: 2:18.970

6:13 am PDT: Jesse Melamed Still Leads the Overall with 2 Stages Left
Jesse Melamed continues to lead today's overall standings but Alex Rudeau has moved up the ranks again to 2nd place and is only 5.79 seconds back with two more stages.

Elite Men Top 10 After Stage 4

Stage 5

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Spillpietra: 1.88km / 240m descent

Live Stage Updates

5:55 am PDT: Alexis Icardo Wins Stage 5 for the U21 Men
Alexis Icardo just wins the fifth stage for the U21 Men after an incredibly close fight with Wei Tien Ho who was only 0.4 seconds back.

1st. Alexis Icardo: 4:06.750
2nd. Wei Tien Ho: 4:07.150
3rd. Vojtech Klokocka: 4:08.880
4th. Raphaël Giambi: 4:09.000
5th. Johnathan Helly: 4:09.350

5:58 am PDT: Raphaël Giambi Extends Overall Lead to 10 Seconds
Raphaël Giambi now holds a ten-second advantage after Stage 5 as William Brodie still sits in 2nd with Alexis Icardo jumping two places to third.

U21 Men Top 10 After Stage 5

6:00 am PDT: Emmy Lan is Back at the Top on Stage 5
Emmy Lan is once again winning a stage as she goes over one and a half seconds into the lead against Lily Planquart.

1st. Emmy Lan: 4:53.320
2nd. Lily Planquart: 4:55.060
3rd. Elly Hoskin: 4:59.190
4th. Sophie Riva: 5:00.440
5th. Claire Chabbert: 5:03.770

6:03 am PDT: Emmy Lan Takes a Big Lead into the Final Stage
Emmy Lan's lead is looking very good as she sits over 18 seconds ahead of 2nd-placed Lily Planquart and has a gap of over a minute on Elly Hoskin in third.

U21 Women Top 10 After Stage 5

7:31 am PDT: Isabeau Courdurier Takes Her First Win of the Day on Stage 5
Isabeau Courdurier adds another stage win for the French riders as she goes just under half a second up on Stage four winner Gloria Scarsi.

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 4:33.350
2nd. Gloria Scarsi: 4:33.820
3rd. Morgane Charre: 4:34.550
4th. Rae Morrison: 4:37.150
5th. Mélanie Pugin: 4:38.180

7:34 am PDT: Morgane Charre heads into the Last Stage with a 14 Second Lead
Morgane Charre has kept her overall lead since the first stage and is the leader by 14 seconds as rider make their way to the final stage.

Elite Women Top 10 After Stage 5

8:03 am PDT: Rhys Verner Secures Another Stage Win
After Jesse Melamed secured his second stage win on stage four Rhys Verner has now taken his second win of the day finding over two seconds on Jesse.

1st. Rhys Verner: 3:58.680
2nd. Jesse Melamed: 4:00.880
3rd. Richie Rude: 4:01.610
4th. Adrien Dailly: 4:01.780
5th. Charlie Murray: 4:01.920

8:06 am PDT: The Elite Men's Race is Still Close at the Top Going into the Final Stage
While Jesse Melamed still leads with one stage left there are only seven seconds between the top three. With another three minutes of racing anything could happen in the overall race.

Elite Men Top 10 After Stage 5

Stage 6

Video: Charlie Murray

Stage Details

Cuore Di Cervo: 1.28km / 220m descent

Live Stage Updates

6:50 am PDT: Alexis Icardo Wins Stage 6 But Raphaël Giambi Takes the Overall
Alexis Icardo has won the final stage by nearly two and a half seconds but it was not enough to close the gap to overall winner Raphaël Giambi.

1st. Alexis Icardo: 2:49.080
2nd. Bailey Christie: 2:51.520
3rd. William Brodie: 2:51.800
4th. Wei Tien Ho: 2:52.350
5th. Lisandru Bertini: 2:52.600

6:56 am PDT: Lily Planquart Wins the Final Stage as Emmy Lan Secures the Overall Victory
Lily Planquart goes fastest on the final stage by just over one and a half seconds securing second place in the overall standings. Emmy Lan keeps her big lead of over 16 seconds and wins the Pietra Ligure World Cup.

1st. Lily Planquart: 3:29.600
2nd. Elly Hoskin: 3:31.250
3rd. Emmy Lan: 3:31.900
4th. Sophie Riva: 3:32.950
5th. Lily Boucher: 3:33.070

8:26 am PDT: Raphaela Richter Wins Stage 6 as Morgane Charre Comes Out on Top in the Overall
Raphaela Richter wins the final stage after just pulling ahead of Isabeau Courdurier but it is Morgane Charre who takes home the top honors after the full day of racing.

1st. Raphaela Richter: 3:11.990
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 3:12.670
3rd. Rae Morrison: 3:13.630
4th. Mélanie Pugin: 3:14.070
5th. Gloria Scarsi: 3:14.420

8:59 am PDT: Youn Denaiud Takes a Final Stage Win as Jesse Melamed Secures his first Race Win of 2023
Youan Deniaud leads the fast French riders to a top-five domination with Charlie Murray breaking up the four riders in third place. A sixth-place finish on stage six is enough for Jesse Melamed to take today's overall win by over five seconds.

1st. Youn Deniaud: 2:45.190
2nd. Alex Rudeau: 2:45.850
3rd. Charlie Murray: 2:45.970
4th. Dimitri Tordo: 2:46.750
5th. Kevin Miquel: 2:46.830

Full Results:

Elite Women:


Elite Men:


U21 Women:


U21 Men:


Overall Standings:

Elite Women:


Elite Men:


U21 Women:


U21 Men:


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 Unpopular opinion. I really really struggle to have any interest in Enduro. I bet it's nice to compete in, probably good to watch a stage, but like rallying, you never know the big picture as a spectator, so it's hard to frame the riders and how they are doing until the end. It's really not a spectator sport. With DC and even XC you have a set start and end point. In XC wheel to wheel racing, in DH against the clock - at all times you know the status of the race etc and can be engaged.
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 Yep. I want to follow it but it pretty much does nothing for me as a format.
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flag tigerfish50 (Jun 3, 2023 at 12:04) (Below Threshold)
 The format has to change if this sport is going to grow.
Perhaps events can consist of a single uphill and downhill section, which can be traversed repeatedly. That way there's the possibility of setting up sufficient cameras to keep tabs on the unfolding drama. Apparently spectators/viewers can stomach XC riders covering the same territory five, six or seven times. Why not enduro?
I'm sure there will be plenty of bleating about such heretical ideas, but the sport is doomed to irrelevance unless something changes.
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 1. Cameras could be put in places, that would only be more expensive (more cameras and filmers) or more complicated logistics-wise (transporting cameras from stage to stage).

2. After stage 1 time can be added up live to always give a picture of how current rider (the one you see on screen) is competing so far.

3. Top 3/5/10 (pick your number) riders could be additionally filmed with drones.

I don’t see any impossible challemega to make Enduro look spectacular on screen, more like a lack of commitment… Or vision. Because the sport itself is about people riding fast their cool bikes on gnarly/technical terrain.
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 *impossible challenges
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 I cannot say what is wrong in current enduro but I have totally lost my interest. Maybe there have been just too much enduro during last years…
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 @Velosexualist: "impossible challenges" = $$$$$
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 if it wasnt for moi moi tv id know nothing about enduro
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 They could have one stage, with a chairlift to get to the top. There could be a semi-drunk commentator saying daft shit, and you could watch it for free.
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 It's popular because it's super fun to go do local Enduro races
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 It is if you follow the UCI live timming the whole day and woud be some live interviews to to main riders just after each stage just to see who is on and off . can´t believe it can´t be done...
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 Also having a live last stage where riders would start 1 by 1 with the order and the gaps of the current GC you would have a living GC like a mass start displayed... get some heli and drones and here you have something really apealing... Plus the french did it a long time ago with the Endures Terres roiges I think... and good show...
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 @Marc2211 oh it's definitely the popular opinion...it's fun to know enduro exists, fun to compete in them, but no one really has the energy to follow it and create heroes.
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 Different opinion. I don't need to see live action to find enduro as an engaging, exciting sport with amazingly talented athletes. The soul of enduro is that it is a People's Sport. These athlete are doing the same type of riding, on the same bikes as us tyros, albeit on an otherworldly level. I don't need the sport to grow or to morph into some stupid format. I want to feel connected to a sports I can relate to like enduro and moto enduro and don't need for them to be on tv to appreciate them and the athletes that compete
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 Completely agree, it isn’t engaging at all. Plus, remember when DH tracks with a ton of pedaling were just considered to be shit? Take a shit DH track, race it with single crown forks, make the riders pedal to the top, get Johnny in marketing to rebrand it “enduro” and suddenly it’s the best thing ever.
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 "Really not a spectator sport"...
What about DH, when you see the riders during 5 secs max... and spectators watching the race on their phones.
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 Popular* opinion
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 @danstonQ: the live broadcast of DH world cups has been spectator friendly though. Same can’t be said for enduro.
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 I just wish the total race time was much longer. ~30 minutes is not "enduro". It's several DH runs. Perhaps at least 1 stage with timing from the bottom back to the bottom.

At least it's not gravel! That's got to be the worst spectator sport ever. For sure, awesome for participants, just not for those watching.
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 @Motivated: Have you ever raced enduro bro ? Do you know the average heart rate ? I´m telling you it´s more intense than XC... and I used to be a XC semi pro rider too...
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 Welcome all to the place where we whinge about live timing/stream quality.
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 Also lack of Fantasy League.
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 What live timing?
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 Happy world bicycle day!
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 party boy very consistent!
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 Local race for the Nice man.
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 He is ''party lad" now but yeah Dimitri is good.
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 Pinkbike winner Tarmi on P27. Pretty good start. Congratulations Melamed, once again.
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 25th right?
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 @FensterM: Yep, highest placed rider without a team listed. Should have had a team.
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 Strong showing by PBA alumni. Tarmo 25 Evan Wall 36 Emmett Hancock 38
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 Tarmo is a beast!
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 The real PBA winner!
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 The first stage alone took longer than the whole German Champs. We are so pathetic, it's true.
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 They also had to split a 3 minute trail into two stages for Enduro 1 because it would have been too long for an enduro race…
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 @lukesky: as i said, pathetic.
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 I’d rather say the national governing bodies for cycling sport, in their utter disregard towards all things mountainbiking, are pathetic. In their ignorance, after decades they still don’t take mountainbiking serious.
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 And our best guy is 40th. Yeah sad..........
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 @Muscovir: one way or the other, there are plenty of places where you could at least have stages of 5min an more, instead the ENDURO nationals had stage times as low as 48s or so. There 2 min stages (they take me about 3mins, so i guess 2 for the best might be accurate) at my local hill with a vertical distance of 80m. It's a pity.
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 @NoriDori: Our top guy had a top 10 result in stage 3 and then likely had a crash... He was on a solid pace
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-a vertical distance of 80m
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 Forbidden's Emmy and Rhys with stage wins!
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 The future of Canadian racers! Along with others, including Ho Wei Tien in the men's juniors who did quite well except for one stage and 1:00 minute penalty. I wonder if he fell off the trail and forgot to hike back up to where he exited.
Good to see Jesse Melamed isn't the lone Canadian that's a force to reckon with on the circuit.
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 Wonder if they were racing Druids or Dreads. Seemed awful pedally.....
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 When I saw Rhys won the NSMBA beer league enduro race I knew he had a good chance of doing well.
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 Great job PB posting fast results and recaps. Seeing as my UCI Live Timing site keeps crashing, I am sticking with PB.
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 What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Fifth!!!

Nice job Charlie Murphy!
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 Emmy and Rhys! Trail bike represent!
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 Were they rocking Druids?
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 @withdignityifnotalacrity: apparently, based on the podium photos. Wild.
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 Wheres my microscope so i can see the times on the overall?
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 Murray on a Stumpy taking 4th. So rad
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 The wrap up video usually captures the storyline quite well. It should be interesting to see how the vid quality compares to last years
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 Are the racers climbing the full 2070m, or is part of that shuttled? If so that's a massive day of racing. Id like it if uci/ews made the stats more transparent and specific than just the route stats. Idk about other people but I am interested in how much climbing and distance the riders have to pedal in each race.
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 There's a note above that says, " 56km / 3105m descent / 2070m climb (Riders will have a shuttle to help them around part of the course.)", so I guess they pedaled 2070m and shuttled the rest.
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 I did read somewhere that's a total of over 50km or riding too. That's such a massive day of riding - I can't imagine all out at the end of such a day.
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 God damn, poor Katy Winton, just can't find good luck.
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 Did they ever say why they weren’t going to do the fantasy league anymore ? Sure was fun ,
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 Back in March Brian said to me "no enduro fantasy league this year. We’ve got some work to do on our end."
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 @pisgahgnar: probably hoping people forget about it until next year
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 What a joke the uci webpage is. No results. Live feed there. Then not there. They had a year to get their shit together
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 Yes Gloria! I was lucky enough to be guided by her in Finale last autumn. Such a quality human!
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 This completely upended my fantasy team!
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 Go Emmy Lan!!
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 Midpack for Orange in Elite Womens. Not bad for a sheet metal bent and welded single pivot.
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 JT Fisher going fast!
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 My fantasy team is finally coming through!! Oh, wait…
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 Oh Can a Da!
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 Rapha R. with a stage win and 4th overall, congrats!!!!
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 Richie seems to be the only American to even finish the race. I love the Canadian podium, but until the USA shows up it’ll be hard for the sport to reach its potential.
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 The sport has already reached its potential. Without decent TV coverage it's always going to be niche - and decent TV coverage is next to impossible
  • 2 0
 A few up and coming U21 riders from USA with JT Fisher placing 5th and Aiden Pate in 10th, but they're well off the Pro pace, still.
  • 3 3
 @tigerfish50: yeah and we've all seen how much of a cringe fest F1 has turned into since the good old USA got hold of it. Lol
  • 1 0
 @dinger2h: Plenty of sports with TV coverage which aren't "cringe fests".
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 Not sure why you’re getting down voted. You have a valid point. I agree, but see this as a much more systemic issue in the USA. Cycling in general is just a “Hobby” sport in allot of people’s eyes same as skiing. Heck It’s taken years for soccer to get to the point it’s at now in the USA. For Enduro or any cycling to grow you need a “lance armstrong” and the media machine behind it with advertising and coverage. Most people who are non bikers in the USA don’t even know there is racing. Most of the riders I ride with don’t follow any racing formats.
  • 11 12
 @Dangerhill: Rude already tried to be the next Lance Armstrong but got caught a little too early
  • 1 0
 Too right. American men suck at soccer and nobody in the world watches it. Maybe one day....
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 Amateur enduro racing is really thriving, at least here on the east coast. Massive fields. But it's not translating so far.
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 completely illegible images
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 Party Boiiiiii
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 Way to go ya bunch of back bacon lovin’ HOSERS!!
  • 5 5
 It is a lot to ask in 2023 a link to full results for each stage? Why hidding all that info if it´s available?? Can´t believe I am asking for this..
  • 7 0
 The LIve Timing interface is actually really good on the UCI site. I just went straight there instead. You can search by rider name and flip in between stages and such. It's well done.
  • 1 0
 @Hogfly: ahj a damn link! Let´s see what´s really happening...
  • 1 0
 @Hogfly: I can only find XCM for this weekend, do you have a link that shows me EDR as well? Thank you!
  • 3 0
 @rootsandrain: Sorry for being so late:

You have to choose your category in top right from the dropdown, then it will give you results.
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 I think it's a bit confusing now as there's the UCI website and the UCI MTB world series website, with both having sections for results and live timing and whatnot, but both not having the same information. It took me a while to figure out this could be found on the latter and indeed with great setup, while on the former there's just the XCM with the old format. I currently don't really know what information in general can be found on which site, with the MTB world series offering a bunch of documents and links to "event websites" (being organised by the local venues). Same on social media, I'd like to follow both accounts on Instagram for this reason, but at least now in the beginning the world series account has been spamming new posts so often I'm already losing it.
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 @donimo: thats a JOKE... I had to come back here to recover the link for live results or results for the current race... Impossible to find...
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 @Hogfly: thats a JOKE now there isn't results anywhere just XCM so not possible to conpare EDE VS E EDR
  • 2 0
 @PauRexs: While the race was on I simply went on the MTB world series site and the live timing link was added on the top of the page in red, so in fact it was super easy to find at the time Though it definitely should also be somewhere "permanent" to be found through the menu. And yeah, I too was trying to check out the full results afterwards and for some reason the EDR elite results are still not there. Like said, the two separate websites currently aren't working well together at all, some info being in two places while some info nowhere at all.
  • 1 0
 @donimo: Agree
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 Anyone know if this is supposed to be on GCN+? I don't see anything on there. Thanks.
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 Just the recaps for Enduro. Live would be a logistical nightmare.
  • 2 0
 @salespunk: And that's why enduro riders are always going to be mountain-biking's poor cousins
  • 2 0
 @salespunk: no, it’s just handled horrendously in my opinion. I don’t personally watch it, but look at golf. They have all day events, people all on different parts of the course, and it’s a huge spectator sport. Enduro could have camera crews on different parts of the course, showing us live or close to live runs of the top folks plus a live leaderboard. Currently the zero coverage thing is so annoying.
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 @Chrismas80: to do this you would need the courses next to each other and more in the open. In the thick trees just doesn't work.
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 @Chrismas80: There is waaaaaay more money in golf!
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 4th in under 21’s nice work Bailey. Perth represent
  • 2 0
 So cool to see Gloria, Rapha and Rae moving up into podium contention.
  • 1 0
 Is Noga Korem off GT? She crushed it for them last year. I hope it was her decision.
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 Beginning model 18+) I love being photographed in the nude Please rate my photos at ➤ u.to/mWPGHw
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 Great result in U21 Bailey!
  • 2 0
 Has Noga Korem left GT?
  • 2 0
 I was wondering the same thing. Nothing mentioned on the GTFactoryRacing gram, and I see that she is now riding a commencal with a bunch of new sponsors, so looking like she's now a privateer. Would be interested to know what went on there.
  • 1 0
 @SteveMcDonald2: yea seems to have happened after the last race.
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 I think Gloria will be on the podium for sure on her home trails
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 Oh Canada!
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 Where is Sam Hill?
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