Giant Group Acquires Minority Share in Stages Cycling After $20 Million Investment

Jan 28, 2023 at 5:12
by Ed Spratt  

Giant Group has acquired 32.5% of Stages Cycling's common stock following a $20 million investment.

Bicycle Retailer reports on January 20 Giant Group's board approved the purchase of 32.5% of Stages Cycling Inc. common stock for the price of $6.5 million and Stages Cycling's convertible corporate bonds for $13.5 million.

Giant has said the purchase follows its strategy to expand within the indoor cycling market, the group said: "Through the integration of indoor and outdoor cycling products, Giant Group can offer consumers with a more comprehensive cycling experience, enabling consumers to enjoy the benefits and pleasures from outdoors to indoors and vice versa, and hence improving the overall quality of the cycling experience.

Through this strategic alliance, Giant Group can further utilize its brand advantage within the professional cycling market and to consolidate both manufacturing and distribution resources to maximize synergies. This, on one hand, increases both product and service values and, on another hand, creates a seamless online and offline cycling ecosystem, thereby accomplishing the goal of future gradual long-term operation performance gains and enabling Giant Group to continue to grow."

The Giant Group has previously manufactured some of Stages' indoor bikes with an expansion in the partnership to assist with the new generation of Dash head units last year.

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 So now Stages crankarms will break under normal use, Giant won’t warranty them AND they’ll tell you their crankarms don’t break???
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 Get this person a pronghorn mount. This is perceptive af!
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flag OzarkBike (Jan 28, 2023 at 7:01) (Below Threshold)
 Stages does make crankarms so this does not really make sense. Shimano, Sram, FSA, etc. make the cranks arms.
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 Meant to say Stages nor Giant make the crankarms, so this analogy makes no sense. If a crankarm broke then Shimano, Sram, or FSA would be the contact.
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 So true! I’ve had Stages cranks on my last 2 bikes and they both broke!!!
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 @blissindex: they break in stages
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 Giant is actually pretty good with warranty here.
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 @OzarkBike: I think you actually meant to say "Neither Stages nor Giant..."
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 I’m not a massive fan of giant bikes, but I did own giant carbon road bike once, broke the frame which was my fault and they warrantied it anyway. They are a company that look after their customers imo
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 @rich-2000: they used to......and I used to ride their bikes
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flag Glory831Guy (Jan 28, 2023 at 19:58) (Below Threshold)
 @wyorider: I've heard of even Santa Cruz denying warranty claims for rock strikes. That's what happened to you right?... Hate to be that guy, but carbon is overrated and I would NEVER buy a carbon enduro bike. Carbon is for XC and roadies pretty much. Carbon trail/enduro bikes are dentist only IMO.
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 @wyorider: with most brands, service is very location dependent. US brands like Fox, SRAM and Manitou/Hayes provide better service to US customers than European ones. Apparently, it's the other way around for some other brands.
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 @Glory831Guy: it was a rock strike. It was where the rubber protector is glued onto the frame. But almost every Reign sold here has broken-and I did get one warrantied for stress cracks around the bottom bracket. And....I'm on a Ripmo AF now, which weights a little more but is better in every other way.
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 @Glory831Guy: I am a "roadie", would never trust myself with a carbon xc bike, I crash, I crash a lot.
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 @wyorider: I was actually considering discounted Reign for myself... I think I'm gonna skip it..
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 @rich-2000: Yup. Broke a Trance frame years ago and I had a new frame in one week. Haven't broken one since and def put my Giant through its paces.
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Has anyone ever had a warranty denied on the basis of it being serviced by a non authorised dealer?
Had a cracked frame, contacted the local dealer, they said there would be a labour charge to strip the bike, I said no worries i’ll just bring the frame. Now the manufacturer are denying the claim as I took my own bike apart.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Original post from the other website
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 If it wasn’t that technicality, Giant would have found another pretext to deny your warranty claim. They used to be the best in the business-lowest broken frame rate and top notch service. These days my local Giant dealer struggles to keep track of all the warranty claims and Giant has gotten really, really stingy with taking care of their customers.
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 @wyorider: That's strange since Giant's really averse to changing anything else.
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 @nowthatsdoomage: I was willing to ride bikes that were a few years behind in terms of geometry as long as I had strong local dealer and manufacturer support. Without that, why bother??
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 Music to the ears of all the firms that Giant didn't pay on the date the invoice was due. Now they have spare cash.
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 But... synergies
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 Not just synergies, *maximised* synergies!

I think whoever wrote that PR was drunk...

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