Henrique Avancini Joins the Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing Team

Jan 20, 2023 at 4:13
by Ed Spratt  

Henrique Avancini has announced that he will be racing with Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing in 2023.

Originally launched back in 2015 to support promising young racers the team reaches a new stage in its life as Henrique will now be riding for the team. Alongside Henrique, the rest of the team's roster will be filled out with fellow Brazillian racers with Ulan Galinski, Sabrina Oliveira and Cainã Oliveira onboard for the 2023 season.

bigquotesMy motivation was to find renewed challenges and aim for new achievements. To get the chance to invest on the new generation like never before. An operation and solid management at highest level in Brazil and also in Europe. The opportunity to develop and impact the market and bicycle culture. The responsibility to set a new reference level. A team that carries the Brazilian DNA.

That's my new team and the biggest project I was ever part of.

Caloi / Henrique Avancini Racing, the team I had in my dreams, is now real!
Henrique Avancini

bigquotesThe challenge of bringing Henrique back to the Caloi team was huge, but it was our obligation to make this happen. In 2012 we started our partnership and literally transformed MTB in Brazil. We raise the bar in every aspect of the sport, on and off the track. We brought technology from the global market to our bicycles, enabling consumer access to cutting-edge products. And Avancini helped Caloi a lot in this development. Now, for 2023, we intend to have another positive revolution in the country. We want to place Brazil as a reference, once again strengthening the domestic market and opening new horizons for the entire chain: brands, athletes, retailers, everyone who is involved in the cycling scene in some way. Our challenges are in the small details. Henrique is a perfectionist and for him and the whole team, we will be impeccable in the products and structure we are putting together. This is yet another great process for us to develop athletes for the next generation of Brazilian mountain biking. Eduardo Rocha, Caloi’s CMO

As head sponsors the team will be riding Caloi bikes, a bike producer originally founded in 1898 and is said to be one of the largest in Latin America. Caloi was bought by Dorel in 2013 before being brought into Pon Holdings after its acquisition of Dorel in 2021.

For 2023 the team will also be sponsored by Shimano, Fox, Vittoria, Oakley, Strava, Lazer, Ceramicspeed, Fizik and more.


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 New headline: Man can’t take it anymore, joins own team Wink
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 I too am pleased to announce I will join the Aksel #AtleastIveparticipated racing team for 2023 and beyond. Thanks to my main sponsors: Thanks Mom, thanks Dad !! Smile
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 I wonder how hard the application process to join one's own team is?
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 Don't know about him but I was lucky enough to be picked by my own team. Can't thank enough me myself and I.
  • 24 0
 Personally, I'd never be a member of a club that would have me!
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 Must be difficult, it's taken him 8 year to get a place!
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 The interview must have been awkward...
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 Eight years in the making!
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 @SonofBovril: Maybe they used a mirror for it?
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 well the interview must have been tough
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 Probably more difficult than joining an existing team. He's now responsible for the financial viability of the team, and with that responsibility comes the need to sell your exposure as having an ROI to multiple high level sponsors. Now he has to maintain the team, the sponsorships, train, AND race. I admire his passion and drive to make this happen. Hope it works out for all involved.
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 Was the first name really necessary as part of team name. Caloi Avancini Racing sounds legit. Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing sounds like it is begging for pinkbike comment trashing party.
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 They just wanted to avoid confusion with Caloi Bob Avancini Racing.
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 Reminds me of when my dad made me starting quarterback. (We didn't do well that season.)
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 Henrique had one more year on his contract with Cannondale, he terminated it by choice, as if he no longer felt comfortable with the team. At the launch event he says he had proposals with better salaries, big brands, and different projects, but at this point in his career ( I believe and it is obvious that he is about to withdraw ) he preferred to create his own project with autonomy and freedom to create a totally differentiated team for Brazil, and that may be able to reveal new highlights in the country with a traditional ''Brazilian brand''.
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 Too bad, would've liked to see him on OnlyFans
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 Who wouldnt! Wink
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 interesting, seems like they're all carrying their EDC pumps inside the shorts.
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 Caloi was purchased by Dorel (Old Motorola road team rode Caloi branded Merckx frames) who also owned Cannondale Avancinis old team ,who are now owned by PON.
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 He's basically with the same sponsors, but now with a team that he fought and brought money to create.
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 Vamos Henrique!
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 I, too, pay for all my own race expenses.
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 I'm surprised none of the big teams were interested in signing him. Not because I think he'll win another world cup, but he's the single most popular MTBer on his continent.
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 Apparently he's not very popular amongst fellow racers.
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 He seems to be an XC racer with the ego of a WWE wrestler. It’s really rare to hear anyone else in the MTB world talk about themselves and the competition the way he does publicly. It’s no surprise he now has his own team named after himself with his whole name in it.
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 @Jordansemailaddress: As a testament to his modesty, he actually only used two of his names. His full name is Henrique da Silva Avancini.
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 Avancini is highly respected around here, what he did for the sport in Brazil is incalculable, he took MTB to another level and certainly this new point with his team is part of a project much bigger than his personal development. Like bringing back a WC race after many years to Brazil, now I see what his initiative is to develop a national scenario in competitions and international visibility.
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 @mi-bike: Is da Silva a common family name in Brazil? Or is it crazy coincidence that there is another fast but somewhat contentious Brazilian with that name?
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 @showmethemountains: its the single most popular last name in brazil.
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 @vinigabrielli: I see Avancini throwing in the towel on his WC career and trying to cash in on the joint venture with Caloi. No doubt he’s done a lot for the sport in Brazil. Problem in Brazil cycling is for the most part a rich man sport. For the non Brazil person. Let me spell it out A SWorks epic cost about $20,000 usd in Brazil. A SWorks Tarmac cost about $23,000 usd. The average salary in Brazil is 500 bucks. How’s that work exactly? It doesn’t. Brazil is good at soccer. Balls are cheap.
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 @JosephDunbar: on point!
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 PON brand, caloi. So he basically switched seats in the building.
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 The man, who always has to lead a xco race in the first lap. And then…
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 I mean, I should hope he's on the team with his name in it.
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 I think I have a broken Caloi frame hanging up somewhere.
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 Same here.
  • 4 2
 i have a broken caloi frame in my bike shop hahahahahaha
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 I would have never guessed based on the team name.
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 It's like Lou Gehrig getting Lou Gehrig's disease...what were the odds of that happening??
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 TIL Caloi is still a bike maker… 90s nostalgia hitting strong this morning.
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 I will never understand these XC guys with their tiny ass droppers
  • 6 0
 You can get away with shorter droppers when terrain allows it aaaand you're a pretty amazing bike handler.
  • 3 4
 One of the reasons that the XC racers use 65mm or 80mm dropper posts is so if the post malfunctions they can still pedal their bikes, whereas if you used a 150mm dropper and it got stuck all the way down it would be almost impossible to climb with it.
  • 1 3
 Don't make fun of XC riders on this thread even if its really fun. You will get moderated!!
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 Agreed with dropper post lenght. I have tried several times to emulate short travel dropper, it was disaster. Saddle still in the way ...
On both of my XC bikes I ride 160m on HT and 180mm on fully Smile
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 Is this a step backwards from riding for Cannondale?
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