"I’m Still Speechless" - Oisin O'Callaghan on his First Elite World Cup Win in Snowshoe

Oct 3, 2023 at 3:08
by Ed Spratt  
Oisin O Callaghan would more than back up his semi final run.

Snowshoe delivered a fantastic week of racing and one of the biggest stories of the week was the incredible win from the second-year elite racer Oisin O'Callaghan. Oisin topped the podium in West Virginia as he became the first Irishman to win an elite men's World Cup and was closely followed by Ronan Dunne for a historic Ireland one-two. We caught up with the young racer following his win to hear his thoughts on his first big win as the seventh winner of a World Cup in seven rounds this season.

bigquotesAt only 20 years of age, Oisin O'Callaghan becomes the first Irish World Cup winner, adding to his achievements as a previous Junior World Champion. Rollback to 2019, and you'll find the day Oisin was scouted by the YT MOB World Tour. Since then, he has been putting in the work, with h is dedication being on full display this past weekend in Snowshoe. We're stoked to see Oisin get back on that top step!YT

How does it feel to take your first Elite World Cup win?

To take my first Elite win is something I’ve dreamed of for a while. This weekend it all pieced together, and what a weekend it was. I’m still speechless.

What went through your head as you crossed the finish line and saw you were in the lead?

When I went into the lead, I was already incredibly stoked knowing I had secured my first Elite podium. Then, I realized there was only one man left (Loic Bruni). I was on the edge of my seat, seeing how tight the splits were!

How tough was it to watch the final riders come down, especially Loic, who pulled ahead of you in split three before his crash?

It was going to be close. Everyone was watching so closely, and when Loic went down, it was almost a moment of disbelief. I was truly shocked (I think you saw that on my face, haha)! It would have been cool to see what would have happened if he made it to the end, but that’s racing, and this week we go again!

Oisin O Callaghan leaning through the trees. What an afternoon he is about to have.

You were having great results across the week in Snowshoe, what clicked for you at this round?

After getting sick in Les Gets, I went home and reset. I got some good chill time, and coming into this one, I felt refreshed and ready to go again, which seems to work for me. If I’m relaxed and having fun, I’m doing good.

bigquotesIt’s so good to be flying the Irish flag high and showing the young rippers at home that dreams really do come true!

The course was pretty brutal in Snowshoe, how did you manage to stay fast all week while avoiding any big crashes?

A lot of people had big crashes this week, and there were a lot of injuries–healing vibes to those! Thankfully, I stayed clear of most of it, having one small crash in practice, but once I got that out of the way, I was happy. Always good to get the first one out of the way.

Your last World Cup win was as a Junior back in 2020. How does it feel to be back on top of the podium in only your 2nd elite season?

I feel like it’s been a while since I was on the podium in my Junior years. It felt damn good to get back on the podium (and win), and it reminded me of what’s possible.

Soul food... well drink.

Not only did you take the win last weekend, but you got to share the moment with Ronan Dunne. How was it to have the first Ireland one-two at a World Cup?

Absolutely crazy! Ireland 1-2 is just mental. We train together, ride together, and party together–It’s so good to be flying the Irish flag high and showing the young rippers at home that dreams really do come true!

bigquotesIt would be sick to finish the year with a ‘mudder’. Full waterproofs and roll-offs.

These were Ireland's best-ever results for Elite Mens World Cup racing. Does that make the win just that bit more special to you?

Yes, it feels a bit surreal being the first Irish man to win a World Cup, but I’m proud to have done it! I was the first to win a junior World Cup and World Champs for Ireland as well, so to continue in my Elite career and make history again feels great!

Oisin O Callaghan has threatened the podium before but never the win.
..and into first with only one man left in the start gate.

With the weather looking unpredictable for the final round this week, how are you feeling ahead of MSA?

Being from Ireland, I love a good wet race. We haven’t really had a proper wet race all year, so let’s see what this weekend brings. It would be sick to finish the year with a ‘mudder’. Full waterproofs and roll-offs, I’m keen as!

After your win in Snowshoe, have your expectations gone up for the final round this week?

I always want to do my best. Obviously, everyone loves to win, but there are currently 20-odd people fighting for that title every week, which is amazing. I’m hoping for another solid result this weekend to end the season. It’s my first time racing in MSA, so I’m going to have to learn the track, but I’ll be swinging off it no matter what.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Shoutout to everyone for the support! The YT MOB, the home crowd, it’s been unreal.

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 One of the few good things about the much maligned semifinal, is that this year your can't really say a win was a lucky/ballsy run when the guy put in a top 5 time in quali, semis and finals.
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 A perfect run on an absolutely savage track. One for the history books.
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 Last one ever at Snowshoe too............won't be on the schedule for 2024
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 @jokermtb: ouch. Is Whiteface happening?
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 @jokermtb: I just looked it up and it looks like it will be at the shoe again, august 1 2024. Idk tho don’t take my word for it lol
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 What a run, he made the bottom rock garden look so smooth, while others were pin balling all over the place. And the drift on the upper grassy turn (where 3 others crashed) showed his perfect bike control.
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 Yes - that WFO slight drift (where everyone else backed off slightly, or crashed outright), and how he held onto it and squeaked around the course bag, won the race for him
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 Still waiting a proper interview for Mr.Coulagness... the fact it took him 10 years to win small progress by small progress/realization makes it really appealing for pinkers to know how he realized what was what he need for more speed....
I know I can't reborn more genuinely talented in this life like these prodigy kids... but maybe I can grasp and apply something from a true overcoming story like the one of Coulagnes... But no media seems to be for the labour of this work yet...
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Making up the numbers have you covered.
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 The younger you are, the less you think about the 'what ifs' - it's the only advantage youth has over experience
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 Stoked for this kid and for Ireland. To be up there 1&2 with his bestie must have been like a dream. It was wild to see him in the pits afterwards because alot of folks didn't know who he was. They know now! Hope the shine didn't hurt him too badly. Moi moi TV had some good content with him on the lift after the race.
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 Also had some content of his podium celebration after it was completely ignored by Discovery.
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 @commental: yeah also in the previous years at snowshoe they had a small podium at the finish line and then a larger podium party later up top in the village. They didn’t do that this year which really sucked. That podium party in the village was always a really good time. They just partied in the pits as usual. Still a good time.
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 A class act.. well dunne!
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 @fracasnoxteam: The French entered the cheese argument, time to go home boys.
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 It was truly epic.
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 Oisin - THROW THE GOGGLES TOWARDS THE CROWD nextime! (went over the hot-seat pavilion into the area behind the stage)... And there will be a next time! what a ride! cheers!
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 Top lad! "Swinging off it no matter what what"
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 Best result for ages. I loved Ronan's reaction too.
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 ...Heart attack, heart attack man
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 He likes trakkers.
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 Well deserved!

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