Jess Blewitt Cracks her Collarbone at the Fort William DH World Cup

May 22, 2022 at 3:23
by Ed Spratt  

A crash during her qualifying run has led to a cracked collarbone for Jess Blewitt.

The GT Factory Team announced this morning that Jess Blewitt missed out on a chance to qualify for finals at the Fort William World Cup after a nasty crash during her timed qualifying run resulted in a cracked collarbone for the New Zealand rider. Jess had looked to be on a great run with a fifth place at the first split before crashing.

bigquotesBitter sweet day for us yesterday, all the boys are in for the big show but unfortunately we're gutted for Jess Blewitt as a crash in her quali run resulted in a cracked collarbone.

Jess was showing a great pace all week and we hope it's not too long until she's back on the horse!
GT Factory Racing

We wish Jess all the best with her recovery and hopefully she is back racing soon.

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 Ok can we all agree to have this comments section pun free, I know it’s difficult and runs against the grain but give it a try. Healing vibes Jess!
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 @KK11 meant to say, we ALL wish you a quick return.
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 @racecase: lol, indeed
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flag Tuna-Flapjack (May 22, 2022 at 11:30) (Below Threshold)
 @KK11: Kiss #Ebiker Friend x
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 Sure, sure …you had to come out with this proclamation with somebody named Blewitt.

Whether or not she did or not is of no consequence to you, is it?
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 jsblwit is my new vanity plate for my truck
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 @scary1: Great idea! Everyone will get the reference and there's no way to misinterpret JSBLWIT whatsoever ;-)
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 Hope she heals up and isn't too uncomfortable but can I just say if I had a pic where I looked that badass I'd frame it on every wall of my house and it would be my profile pic on every zoom call, IG profile, etc
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flag sonuvagun (May 22, 2022 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 Grow a pair of balls, take a picture of those, then make them your profile pic.
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 @sonuvagun: Instructions unclear; balls caught in ceiling fan.
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 @barp: I think you're doing it wrong
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 Yeah if you imagine a battle axe in her left hand she's walking mercilessly on the dead bodies of her enemies.
And yeah I used to be a fantasy/SF nerd before becoming a bike nerd...
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 @barp: Was that the cheering type of fan? If so, then it sounds like you win.
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 Come on Pinkbike at least have a credit for the photographer who lucked out on perfect lighting, wind and hair moment!
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 @blackthorne: You imply there was little skill in getting that shot!
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 @blackthorne: If you click through, it says "Copyright 2021 Sven Martin Photography"
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 I was just impressed how she got back on the horse after Snowshoe. I distinctly remember checking on her recovery not all that long after the incident... And she had posted riding footage. And I was checking the caption to see if it was a throwback thursday and no... She was back in the bike park like a few months afterwards or some insane shit. I suppose after that accident this is just the most minor of hiccups. But damn... What an experience for this lass.
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 Was there in WV and saw her crash.....freaking brutal. Gutted to hear about this injury. Best wishes going out all the way from the great state of tejas.
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 Makes you wonder if they could be related and she was never fully healed. These DH athletes return after big injuries insanely quick.
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 @Carmelo64: I ain't no doctor but it seems plausible
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 @Carmelo64: a collarbone is 90% healed in about 6 weeks so it's doubtful that the bone didn't fuse. They check for this in followup xrays. They're easy to break though. I broke the same one 4 times, but never twice in the same spot. If it's it same one, curious if she had it surgically repaired as that as much more painful to re-break if the screws pull out.
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 Terrible news. Heal up girl.
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 Gutting - she was looking quick and pushing on to the next level - heal up and hopefully still got some racing to come
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 She posted on Instagram: "Well I felt really good with my return to wc racing and bike was feeling dialled but unfortunately during my qualifying run I crashed and put a small fracture in my right collerbone. (Opposite side to snowshoe) Still some positives to take away from the week but still got lots to learn - I’ll be back "
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 Damn, no luck lately for Jess Frown
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 The tough test of mental strength continues for this young lady. Sending massive positive vibes in her general direction. Go Jess !
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 That pic tho! What a beautiful human!
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 Seems like there have been a crazy amount of broken bones and concussions lately, sad to see, hopefully Jess and everyone else heals up well and quick... however... while so many are on the DL, I'm available to race if spots need to be filled. GT? Or anyone else? I'll ride any brand with any wheel size and tell the world it's the best bike I've ever ridden!
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 The story says she cracked her collarbone on her quali run and then it says during her timed run.
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 Wait, qualis aren't timed?

Healing vibes to Jess Blewitt!
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 Well i guess she Blew it!
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 Oh no, she blew it... healiing vibes!!!
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