Jess Blewitt Earns Red Bull Helmet

Nov 11, 2022 at 4:24
by Ed Spratt  

Jess Blewitt has wrapped up her 2022 season with a Red Bull helmet after Brook Macdonald surprised her with a new lid after the downhill racing at Crankworx Rotorua.

The past twelve months have been tough for Jess with multiple injuries breaking up some incredible results and rides including multiple top-five World Cup finishes and becoming the first Woman at Red Bull Hardline.

While Jess is still recovering from the broken collarbone she got at Hardline we can't wait for her to be back on the bike and see what she does next year.

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 Drink water
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 breathe air
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 Route cables sensibly
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flag nskerb (Nov 11, 2022 at 7:06) (Below Threshold)
 Usernname checks out
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 Don’t call them acoustic bikes.
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 Stop the autoplay insanity!
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 Save the whales
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flag mininhi (Nov 11, 2022 at 7:21) (Below Threshold)
 everyone is soo focused and brainwashed about climate change. but noone wants to clean up all these junk food and poison that they want people to consume. If youre a role model and people look up to you, lead with an example. This just verifies ya'll are sellouts.
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 Tea is acceptable for cold days. Carbonated water is acceptable if your coach asks for burpees.
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 I get the sentiment, but it is pretty incredible what red bull does for our sport and for the athletes they sponsor. I am sure these red bull sponsored athletes aren't putting down a 6 pack of red bull a day, but they are getting incredible support when they are injured to get back to performing at their best. red bull is a marketing company as much as they are an energy drink company.
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 Thank you US veterans!
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 Thank you Allied veterans too!
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 @adrennan: I agree. The energy drink side of things isn't the best example to set but it's wild to see people like Tahnee Seagrave, Fabio Wibmer, and skier John Collinson be able to make recovery from head trauma and huge injuries a full time job with apparently little pressure to come back and perform before the are ready. Social media helps since it allows those athletes to still have a presence and be visible for their sponsor but it's still impressive.

I'd be curious how Red Bull's revenue and/or profits break down between beverage sales one the one side and on the other the F1 team, events like Rampage, Hard Line, Ice Cross Downhill, Cliff Diving, FlugTag, Moto GP Rookies Cup, soap box derbies and on and on.
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 @Ranger92: the breakdown isn’t even close. They make something like 98% of their profits from simply selling the drink. All the other stuff is not profitable or makes very little and just serves as in house advertising for the drinks.
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flag KeithShred (Nov 11, 2022 at 8:27) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe you noobs don't know, but Drink Water is a brand that still exists to this day that started in the snowboard industry. If you didn't know, you're a noob. Thanks @crapforbrains for keeping core vibes alive.
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flag KeithShred (Nov 11, 2022 at 8:28) (Below Threshold)
 @adrennan: This dude doesn't know about We Drink Water. Welcome to the industry, noob.
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 @sino428: I can see the margins on the events being small and I'm sure my perspective is skewed since I'm an F1 fan who seems to have aged out of drinking energy drinks for the most part, but given what they can pay Max Verstappen and Christian Horner, etc.the race team has to be a cash cow. I guess I just can't grasp how many cans they sell.
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 @mininhi: problem being there isn’t any highly successful mtb riders in dh/ews/xc living a plant based whole foods lifestyle. well its great we have Chris MacAskill youtube channel plant chompers, Markus Rothkranz & Cara Brotman and MD Michael Greger to help explain stuff to the uninformed.
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 @KeithShred: I am aware of it. but I haven't seen the water industry supporting athletes who need physio for months longer than their insurance would provide.
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 They do. Thats all that is in the ‘athlete’ RB cans so they can full fill their contract responsibilities without having to actually drink the stuff
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 @danielfloyd: Do the Right Thing.
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 @Ranger92: I'm not saying that these other things like events, films, and race team don't bring in money. They obviously do, but as you said they also cost alot too. When you net the revenues and the expenses of these other businesses its a relatively small profit compared to what they are making selling cans of drinks.

They sell billions of cans a year for like $2-3 a can when it costs probably $0.20 each to produce. Do that math and its an enormous amount of profits from selling drinks.
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 @CM999: Yea people actually think they are finishing a race run and just chugging redbulls or monsters.
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 Looks like a session.
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 Change socks
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 @sino428: Exactly. Which why the concern with Discovery taking over DH broadcasting. Broadcasting is their product and they will make whatever changes/cuts necessary to be profitable. Redbull was unique in that it didn’t matter if they “lost” money on the broadcast. I hope Im wrong and they do a great job.
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 I get it, but have you ever tried Red Bull with vodka? Water and Vodka just doesn’t hit the same.
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 @sunringlerider: Jägerbomb would certainly bomb with water
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 @endoguru: Correct, Discovery is operating under a completely different business model than Redbull when it comes to broadcasting. I have no idea what the means for the show, buy like you I'm just hoping for the best.
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 @Ranger92: in the case of the F1 team, don't forget merchandise
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 @Mac1987: You have to earn the merchandise.
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 @mininhi: I wish everyone was focused on climate change...But you're wrong..Point blank...
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 @mininhi: If you think everyone is focused on climate change you're wrong..Point blank...I wish they were...sounds like you might be brainwashed as well...
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 @danielfloyd: I don’t know, you gotta nuke something.
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 @adrennan: I read an interview with Rachael Atherton a while ago where she talked about her chronic health issues, then immediately followed up with something like 'it was good to go back to my daily lifestyle, wake up, drink a can of red bull, etc' and then go on to talk about how organic food helped her recover from chronic health problems. All the while i was thinking 'maybe there's a more obvious solution to your problem, like idk maybe not drinking a CAN of redbull a day ffs'
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 @StromloSlayer476: one can of Redbull a day would make a up very small portion of her overall diet. Most of the other things most people eat on a daily basis are much worse for their overall health than a moderate amount of energy drink.

While a lot of people act like the stuff is poison, there is nothing harmful about Redbull as long as it consumed in moderation (like most things). Look at the ingredients, it’s basically just sugary water with caffeine, taurine, and a few vitamins.

I’d say changing one’s diet to focus more on nutritious whole foods would have an infinitely greater impact on overall health than cutting out a can of Redbull.
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 @KeithShred: I think Kevin Jones started it...I went to dinner with him super nice guy.
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 @everythingsucks: They're just really fat dolphins.
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 @mrift04: Love it.
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 This is such a wonderful moment. Jess deserves all the praise and support possible. After some insane injuries and setbacks, she not only gets back to full strength and confidence, but surpasses that and takes on Hardline? Out of this world incredible. Red Bull is super lucky to have her, not the other way around!
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 Yeah I’m f@cking stoked for hey!! Way to go Jess!!!!!!!!
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 @chubby5000: Horses are also stoked for hay.
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 Well deserved
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 I've never really understood this... I get that you get presented with the RB helmet and it's a massive deal, but at the end of the day it's a sponsourship deal so do the riders get to discuss money or what the arangements are? What if someone gets presented with a Red Bull helmet and they're like "oh sorry I actually wanted to sign with Monster". Just always been confused as to the actual logistics behind this.
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flag johnny2shoes (Nov 11, 2022 at 5:47) (Below Threshold)
 Stupid question probably buy what happens if you already have a helmet sponsor?
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 @johnny2shoes: You just have to take it on your well-protected chin.
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 @johnny2shoes: They don't change helmet brands, the paint scheme on their current sponsors helmet changes to red bull indicating they're now a RB rider.
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 From what I understand you have to apply for the sponsorship. It is much like a normal job because then you’re interviewed so I don’t think it is a total surprise or unexpected.
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 @srsiri23w: Ah thanks, was wondering this too when Goldstone was presented with one. You'd say you usually negotiate sponsorship and if you both agree on the terms, you sign. Here it is presented like an award. If I would be presented with a job position or even a big gift, I'd still be like "ok, what is it you want in return?". Unless everything is fixed and a take it or leave it deal. Then of course I understand you're applying for and you're not in for any nasty surprises. But it kinda clashes with what I read earlier, that sponsorship terms are super secret.
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 in my opinion this "earns a RB helmet" is only made public after the rider signed a contract. They probably only act like they're surprised to get the helmet. I'd say it's just drama
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 I'm friends with someone who was in talks with Red Bull about sponsorship. It's kind of a long process that goes through lots of different departments within Red Bull before it actually happens. So no, it's not out of the blue that a Red Bull sponsorship is presented to them. The athlete or their manager have been negotiation with Red Bull for some time before the helmet presentation happens. The surprise is real though since they don't know if or when Red Bull will actually offer them a sponsorship.
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flag KeithShred (Nov 11, 2022 at 8:29) (Below Threshold)
 Stop worrying about it. It doesn't concern people like you.
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 LOL at people who think Redbull randomly hands out helmets and the athletes are auto-signed if they accept the helmet. I'd be confused as well if I couldn't tell the difference between social media and real life..... This is just a reminder that the internet is not real life, people.
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"It wears the helmet I signed with pen or it gets the hose again."

Thomas Frischknecht, probably.
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 I wonder if anyone will do to RB what Oscar Piastri did to Alpine F1 and say "no actually I'm not riding for RB next year"
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Snowboarder Enni Rukajärvi left the RB as she felt that she didn't want to be sponsored by energy drink company.
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 I know, it's like surprise! You work for us now! Doubtful it wasn't discussed prior and this is just BS Red Bull PR.
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 Honestly not sure why the downvotes? It was a simple question which also highlighted a lack of knowledge on the subject
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 @johnny2shoes: get used to it, it's normal on PB
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 Well deserved..CONGRATS!!Smile
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 "earns" is such a strange thing to say about a sponsor... Doesn't matter if it.'s redbull, Evian or some other company. In the end, you are a riding billboard and you arrange sponsorships...
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 We tell PB about this every time they put this BS in a headline, but they keep doing it.
Lazy churnalism or too attached to the advertising teat?
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 Additionally, why don't riders ever "earn" a Monster helmet?
Possibly simply because Monster don't use that phrasing in their press releases?
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 very true
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 @chakaping: "We" a.k.a. the dumb kids who get upset over how a sponsorship announcement is worded on a biking website. LOL
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 absolutely agree; the wording "earns" is ridiculous!
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 She´s an immense talent, hopefully she can stay healthy in the future to develop to her full potential
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 Hell ya !!! Congratulations.
  • 7 3
 My understanding is that each nations red bull marketing/sports MGMT team has it's own budget for athletes in a specific sport. So it's possible that Bernard hasn't gotten an offer as there are already quite a few red bull mtb athletes in Great Brittan? As opposed to lesser athletes in new Zealand??? Just a thought.
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 Could we conceivably see a full redbull women's podium sometime soon? Myriam, Vali, Tahnee, Hemstreet and now Blewitt. Probably 50% of the women's top 10 next year presuming Tahnee is fit and back racing.
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 Could see a redbull helmet on every one soon enough once DIscovery locks out anyone without enough loot behind them to compete
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 Bernard's helmet sponsor should either be a coffee brand/retailer (I don't think I've seen one of his LSDs in which coffee isn't mentioned) OR Burger King (for no other reason than his initials).
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 Why is she surprised. I presume she and /or her manager have been in talks for a while to agree a deal. She will have sent off her helmets to be painted and agreed with other sponsors about logos and locations etc so the last thing it is a surprise.
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 We’ll done Jess Fkn amazing!!
Fkn Americans always have to turn things sour with your stupid comments. Can’t you just be happy for someone else achieving something.
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 This is great news! Congratulations Jess! Well earned.
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 I hear for $8 anyone can get a Red Bull helmet.
  • 1 1
 This is NOT to imply Jess doesn't deserve a helmet - more a commentary on all those $8 experts out there.
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 When a video clip of the reaction would be awesome, we get a picture. OR they show us 10 pictures of bikes in a video.. Something is backwards
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 YEEWW!!!!! So excited for Jess. Well deserved!!
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 Nice, congrats! One thing for sure she's tapping into the full power of the editing team, looking forward to it.
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 Where can I buy the cans of RedBull that are actually full of water for the athletes? I want those.
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 I can promise you that's not a thing.
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 @blissindex: Monster and Red Bull are two different companies and products. I didn't comment on Monster.
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 @davidrobinsonphoto: You really think RedBull athletes are slamming RedBulls during races??? No way. Especially on the F1 circuit, I’d be willing to bet they are cans with water.
  • 4 1
 @blissindex: I've shot hundreds of Red Bull athletes and events, and can assure you this isn't a thing.

People are free to empty a can and refill with whatever drink they desire, but more often than not if an athlete wants to actually hydrate, they have branded bottles to drink from. Sealed Red Bull cans full of water don't exist.
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 @davidrobinsonphoto: Ok, I’ll take your word for it.
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 Redbull has done so much for the sport. Nobody is making anyone else drink it. All the hate is mid of gross.
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 She definitely EARNED it and getting it from the BullDog himself must have been icing on the cake!
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 Looks like dude is leaning in a little too much by the last photo...
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 i don't think Jess Blew-it, looks like she did pretty well...
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 Yay sugar bubbles
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 Didn't Blewitt
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