Josh Lewis Parts Ways with Santa Cruz

Dec 12, 2022 at 4:21
by Ed Spratt  

After many years with Santa Cruz Josh Lewis has announced he will be finding new beginnings in 2023.

bigquotesA look back on my journey with Santa Cruz Bicycles as we part ways coming into the new year, it's been a meaningful one. Visited so many countries, got to see so many different cultures and even if we didn't speak the same language we deffo got to communicate through bike riding and that’s taught me so many life lessons. From the days on the SPS as a youth and junior, racing downhill... to being supported by Santa cruz uk racing enduro and downhill which eventually found myself on the global team and that put me to where I am now... I feel very lucky to look back on these memories and see what we managed to achieve. Stoked to keep the ball rolling and continue having fun on bikes, creating and doing my best to inspire people to have fun. much love and see you soon for some new beginnings, excited for what's to come. Full vid up on YT… Thanks to all involved, best of luck. Loose Josh Lewis

We haven't heard yet what Josh's sponsorship plans are for the future, but we'll keep you updated when we learn more.


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 My heart goes out to Santa Cruz and Pon Holdings. The industry has been brutal and the consumer has gotten exponentially tight-fisted. I hope things turn back around soon and profit get back to where the shareholders need them to be.
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 Thinking the sarcasm may have been missed by some here
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 Absolutely, @speed10 has hit the nail on the head. It's a tough 'ol world for poor little multi-national conglomerates out there, struggling to get by on hundreds of millions of $$$$ net profit.

I'm thinking of starting a GoFundMe on their behalf........
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 I like how Santa Cruz displayed so much dedication to their shareholders in the most recent podcast. Raising prices to the consumer to pay their investors. They make some sick bikes, but I’ll resist my urge to purchase them in my future.
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 I guess the only choice they have is to further downgrade their top-spec models to GX, no dropper post, and raise the price another $1,000
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 @dualsuspensiondave: There are a lot of sick bikes from small rider run companies out there. I would put my money on a We Are One Arrival over a SC any day, and it's way better value.
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 Very interesting comment. Not the regular comment... thanx
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 We should start a GoFundMe for Santa Cruz
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 @schili: I wish the EU pricing was more on par though. Over here it is still "cheaper" to get a SC than an Arrival.
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 Sorry. The upvote button on my phone is so small I accidentally downvoted you.
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 @CustardCountry: thanks for coming clean on this. I forgive
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 @schili: don’t forget lowering their customer service quality in the same
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 It’s because they made the 5010 a mullet lol.
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 on his yt edit he had 27 on the front anyways
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 @bikefuturist: that’s it.. was probably a breach of contract. That explains this news
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 We're not crying, it's just a little dust in our eyes... Big love to Loose for all the years together. It's been a long and amazing ride, from the full-on race days, to the revolutionary riding style that created a whole new terminology. Trying something new is what Loose has done every day of his riding career, and this is another jump in another direction. We wish him nothing but the best. Cheers Loosedog! We'll see you out there.
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 What ended it?
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 @speed10: Josh got an opportunity to try something new.
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 @speed10: prolly tired of only having mullet options
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 see what happens when you put a 29er on your jib bike??
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 Steezy as F'#k, such a sick rider. Odds on joining Rat and the Canon of Waves crew!
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 Agreed. But was thinking how sick it would be if Vitus picked up the whole crew; UK based company, tons of 27.5” bikes, and a price point that the riders (like me) who are more stoked on fast plants than fast race times can get along with!
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 Which is actually a more representative brand of what that crew are all about
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 I think it's rad that Santa Cruz paid and supported this crew in the first place, even if all good things must come to an end. The 50|01 crew is incredible and Santa Cruz recognizing and supporting that...rad for any bike company to do...far away from the glitz and glamour of WC racing.
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 Spy shot: Loose Dog shredding the new Raleigh Lizard 26.
Seminal British manufacturer launches new MTB range including the Marauder and Mustang. 50to01 come on board as partners.
That would be news worth a Like +1
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 Bright orange Mt Zefal pump on the frame optional. I’d buy it.
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 I'm guessing the guys over on Vital have already figured out where he's going.
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 The guys over on Vital have more things better figuered out than the chaps here at PB it seems
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 Loosedog has found his place in this world, and it's beautiful. Charged to see what he brings with his new path!
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 What an absolute geeza. Skills to pay the bills!
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 I'm with whatever he said.
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 @howejohn: What an absolute gentleman. His ability on the bike is outstanding.
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 Thank you Mr. Lewis for keeping it real and for all the great edits over the years. You are COOL. You have inspired a generation riders to just go out and have a good time. Much respect for your 27.5 luv too. All the best in the next step of your journey.
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 I just read Josh Lewis Parts Ways with Santa Claus, but luckily it ain't that bad. Good luck Josh and merry Christmas and shredded new year!
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 So some accountant has calculated what is most convincing about the class of a particular bike. And in his opinion it is not this legendary group of crazies Razz
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 What about Sam Dale and Craig Evans? Didn't they all come as a kinda 50-01 package? My guess is they're all off SC.
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 Big corporates got used to hyper profits caused by almost free credit (for consumers and corporate finance), and consumers being unable to travel etc while COVID restrictions were in place, so spent more on sports equipment etc. Now they are trying to maintain those levels of profitability in a market which as normalizing. To do this they are desperately trying to cut costs.
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 Oh my gnarlyness! Good luck to Loose
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 They told him to tighten things up.
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 His friends call him "Loose Dong"
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 Sounds like it was an "amicable split".
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 Such a positive spirit! A fantastic ambassador for the sport.
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 Breaking loose! Keep up the content, Dog
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 Please any bike brand but cannondale
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 Finding new habits to break
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 Don’t mind what he rides, as long as he keeps on inspiring folk to get out and ride bikes!! Go to it Josh.
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 I think he gave us a clue about his next bike hahaha...
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 Shreddy... Damn autocorrect
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 Cause they are doing all the bikes mullet!!!!
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 Wait, I thought he Moved On.....Parts Ways, WTF?
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 Good lord, that drift at 1:11
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 50/01 bikes launching soon....?
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 Breaking news.
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 Love Loosedog's style!
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 good he's shit anyway
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