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Josh Lewis Signs with SCOR

Jan 31, 2023 at 8:44
by Ed Spratt  

SCOR has announced that it has signed Josh Lewis after he left Santa Cruz at the end of last year following many years with the brand. Josh Lewis will now be riding for SCOR and it looks like Josh will also be on Marzocchi suspension and Deity components.

bigquotesWe’re really excited to have Josh joining the SCOR crew. Getting him onboard was a no-brainer for us, his vision and riding style perfectly fit with what SCOR is all about – creativity, play and just having fun on your bike. Josh visited us in Switzerland recently and left with his new bikes, some big plans and an even bigger smile, we can’t wait to see what he does next. Lisa Wolf, SCOR PR manager

bigquotesBikes bring me so much joy and I love sharing that feeling with others through my riding and videos, SCOR has shown me so much support already in helping me do the best version of me and I am so grateful that I have landed here... I have been made to feel a valued part of the family from the start. It’s the change that I needed and I cannot wait to get going and enjoy the process on these SCOR machines equipped with Marzocchi suspension and Deity components.

It’s that feeling you get, when you learn something new on your bike, that gets me hooked... My goal is to just keep progressing myself where ever I can and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I’m chuffed to be riding for SCOR as we both share the same passion – having fun by playing on our bikes, and getting creative on the trails. I’m really looking forward to capturing the adventures and spreading the joy that bikes bring us.
Josh Lewis

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 I don't think anyone saw that coming.
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 No - least of all the switch from Burgtec to Deity
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flag aljoburr FL (Jan 31, 2023 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 Saw all ratboy's mates leaving santacruz?
Did take a few years, but they did not forget, the dick move of sc dumping ratboy!
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 @aljoburr: I think maybe you need to go back and read what happened - none of it was black and white.
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flag RedBurn (Feb 1, 2023 at 1:21) (Below Threshold)
 looks like a .... no
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 @thingswelike: I have missed this having been away from the MTB press/Soc media for a while, but had noticed the changes to the 50/10 riders recently. What has gone down here? Has there been a rift?
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 @nickkk: I don't think so, no
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 @thingswelike: ah right, cheers. Great crop of riders.
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 I saw he was in my hometown last week so was sure he will go to scor. Was Scor or Bold cycle... pretty obvious haha
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 @nickkk: I don’t think there’s necessarily any drama. Just PON changing the way Santa Cruz does things - not renewing contracts and deals with a lot of folk who’ve been under the brand in previous times.
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 @ThomDawley: cheers. They never struck me as a crop of riders who'd cause any trouble off the bike. I wondered earlier if something had happened though, reading the above. I'm not as across MTB movers and shakers as I once was!
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 I've also just changed from a 5010 to a 4060... Where's my press release?!
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 Quite the coincidence having Rob Roskopp leave Santa Cruz and then Josh Lewis, Iago Garay and Craig Evand leaving as well. Or am I reading too much into this?
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 They are shifting focus to the middle management middle aged bracket for reasons still tbc.
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 Do we know where Evans has gone / is going?
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 @mackay66: Signed with Airdrop I believe
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 SCOR gave me a free t-shirt at Crankworx in Whistler this year so you might say things are starting to get serious. .
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 Same for me, and then my 4060 frame broke 2 weeks later on Dirt Merchant lol
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 SCOR sales ⬆️
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 Also congrats loose dog
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 Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of SCOR? I’m still not sure if it’s a frame brand or a 50to01 kind of situation.
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 Frame brand from BMC. See Pinkbike test below:

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 I mainly know them because my local shop is a distributor. They're really good-looking bikes with a solid price point for the build quality. They have a definite high-end look and feel to them when seen in person, similar to Yeti or Santa Cruz.
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 @Hogfly: A better deal too
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 @bman33: Are they connected to BMC, or did the employees that started the project leave to spearhead this?
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 @ScandiumRider: They are still owned by BMC, from everything I know. BMC dealers still sell the frames/bikes, which is where I picked mine up.
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 Strange move, I kind of wish Scor had a UK presence maybe things are going to happen
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 Does this mean Scor will finally get uk distribution? Seems strange to sign someone like him and not be able to buy in the uk.
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 It's the same scenario with Canyon in Canada. A lot of Canadians on the product
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 They scored big time by signing him. Hope they support him well! Going to be really interesting seeing him ride 29”, granted not many choices otherwise these days.
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 I think the linkages can be altered/ replaced to make a 27.5 set up as well.
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 Yeah that bike looks great for jibbing
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 He SCORed! Dope bikes!
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 Do you think the Marzocchi bits pros use are different from what the consumer could buy? i.e internals on par with Fox's higher end range? Congrats to him tho. Awesome bikes.
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 Wouldn't exactly be surprising if the internals were simply the equivalent Fox parts. Feel free to correct, but they can be fitted, can't they?
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 @mountainsofsussex: definitely it is possible to put a grip2 damper into Z1 (seen on coil version)
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 I’ve wondered that myself. I honestly doubt there’s a grip2 in the fork or anything drastically different in the rear shock. Maybe some custom tuning to the stock dampers either right or away or down the road after he’s spent time on them. Different shim stack, etc. Could also see them literally just sending him the stuff as is and expecting him to figure it out. I ride a Z1 air, and honestly think the grip damper is perfectly adequate and well tuned internally. It’s the only suspension product (front or rear) that I use that I spent a great deal of time riding exactly how it was when it showed up; without opening it up and changing things, until I increased the stroke.

I’m honestly surprised Marzocchi, nor Deity have posted anything about sponsoring him yet.
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 @mountainsofsussex: I've heard the ID of the stanchions are slightly different between the two brands. I don't think this makes a meaningful difference for the damper side, but air springs probably wouldn't fit.... or at least easily fit.
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 @Breeconay: The bomber is the same as the Fox 36 Rhythm. They have thicker stanchions (because it is a different alloy) so you have a different diameter air spring. The dampers interchange and the 36 rhythm/bomber is heavier. Personally I like the grip (1) damper and it sounds like a lot of testers do too.
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 @bok-CZ: That's my setup. Decided to swap the damper onto my Z1 coil so I can get something to fiddle with constantly and never be happy about.
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 I like the adjustability of those bikes. You want a steeper long travel or a slacker short travel; done and done. Get loose now!
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 Scor 4040 inbound
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 Weirdest move of silly season.
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 Unexpected but maybe not that weird. Loose needed a bike sponsor and it appears that SCOR want some exposure to sell more bikes. It's working because I just heard of them! And if SCOR really is about playing on bikes then it's a good fit. Although the lack of a 27.5 model might suggest otherwise. Voreis made it work at Niner.
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 Didn't see that coming. Very nice bikes and Josh is a reyt nice lad.
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 I don't know what the hell this bike is, every one seems to know all these obscure brands these days. Ether way, Loose is the man and I support his moves.
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 Rob Roskopp and now Josh Lewis. Pretty wild
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 SC is a dead brand
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 @Dogl0rd: People on mountain bike forums saying that Santa Cruz is a dead brand is the exact equivalent to people saying the same thing on IT forums about Apple, right?
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 Craig Evans too
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 @Dogl0rd: well, you do need to see a dentist every once in a while, so I guess it's not dead...
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 Does SCOR stand for Santa Cruz Off Road? I can't seem to see your response through all of the downvotes hahahahah
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 Just scroll down and click on 'Below threshold threads are hidden'
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 Hopefully he got one of the 4060 Z LT XT bikes.
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 Looks a right weapon....Bike's nice too.
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 Horrible photo. Half the bike is cropped out of the shot lol.
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 Does this mean they'll finally get their massive QC issues fixed?
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 At least now we'll see SCORs true capabilities
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 Santa Cruz to SCOR. In other words, Loose flipped a linkage arm. XD
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 Dont they only have 29ers? Not very jib
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 I am glad these helmets are dying off, stupidest trend in MTBing, next to headset routing.
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 Beavis and Butthead.
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 Santa Cruz butt hurt over those boys not running the 5010 mixed wheel.Good for Loose!
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 Looks like he SCORed.
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 Rather ride SCOR than Cannondale by about a million miles. Good work
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 didnt even know that brand existed haha
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 That says more about you than it does about them!
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 They make a pretty solid set of products.
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 I'm enjoying everyone else's take on VPP. Always liked the look of the red fork from Marzocchi.
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 Pretty sure it’s not VPP but 4bar.
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 It's not VPP, I have one. Really diggning it.
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 @HeyBaumeister: VPP is a 4 bar design
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 @drakefan705: so can we agree to: every VPP is a 4 bar but not every 4 bar is a VPP
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