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[UPDATED] Junior Results & Overall Standings from the Val Di Sole DH World Cup 2023

Jun 30, 2023 at 3:46
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the third round of the Junior Downhill World Cup series in Val Di Sole. Sacha Earnest has made her mark on the Junior Women's field as she was unbeatable on the black snake.

Sacha Earnest was unmatched in Val Di Sole as she took the lead at the first split and never gave it up, crossing the finish line with a massive lead of 12.441 seconds. Erice Van Leuven came closest to the race winner ending her day in 2nd place ahead of last round's winner Lisa Bouladou.

For the Junior Men Bodhi Kuhn would take his first win of 2023 as he came out on top by just under a second.

Trek Factory Racing's Bodhi Kuhn walks away from Val Di Sole with the race win and overall leaders jersey as he conquered the black snake to top the podium. Fastest qualifier Ryan Pinkerton was on a potentially winning run before a crash slowed him down. Not to be beaten by a small mistake Ryan Pinkerton fought hard to pull back the lost time and a 2nd place finish is still very impressive. Henri Keifer couldn't match the speed of the top two riders and closed out the top three riders, 1.834 seconds off the pace.

Check out the results below.


Junior Women

1st. Sacha Earnest: 4:21.194
2nd. Erice Van Leuven: 4:33.635
3rd. Lisa Bouladou: 4:35.993
4th. Valentina Roa Sanchez: 4:40.129
5th. Lais Bonnaure: 4:43.135

Junior Men

1st. Bodhi Kuhn: 3:43.788
2nd. Ryan Pinkerton: 3:44.717
3rd. Henri Kiefer: 3:45.622
4th. Lucas Lagneau: 3:46.395
5th. Léo Abella: 3:48.979

Junior Women

Live Race Updates:

3:45 am PDT: The Junior Women's Race is Now Underway
The Junior finals are kicking off in Val Di Sole with Lais Bonnaure starting proceedings.

3:49 am PDT: Lais Bonnaure Sets the First Time of the Day
Lais Bonnaure goes across the line with a 4:43.135, this would have secured 3rd in qualifying.

3:53 am PDT: Taylor Ostgaard Falls Just Short of the Top Time
Taylor Ostgaard was green at every split but the final sector to the line places her just 0.035 seconds back.

3:57 am PDT: Erice Van Leuven Storms into the Lead
Erice Van Leuven gets redemption after her Leogang crash as she ends her finals run with the fastest time so far by over nine seconds.

4:00 am PDT: Fastest Qualifier Sacha Earnest Dominates in Val Di Sole
Sacha Earnest has gone 12 seconds faster as she takes the lead after an incredible run. Despite being the fastest qualifier we still have three more riders to go with Pinkbike Racing's Aimi Kenyon up next.

4:04 am PDT: Valentina Roa Sanchez Takes 3rd
Valentina Roa Sanchez gains momentum as she makes her way down the black snake to end her day with third place. Currently, there is just Lisa Bouladou remaining.

4:06 am PDT: A Mistake from Lisa Bouladou Puts her in 3rd
Lisa Bouladou struggled to match the leader's pace and after a small mistake goes 14.799 seconds back.

4:06 am PDT: Sacha Earnest Wins the Val Di Sole World Cup
Sacha Earnest has laid down an unstoppable run today as she wins by over 12 seconds.

Junior Men

Live Race Updates:

4:19 am PDT: Caden Gray Sets the First Junior Men's Time
Caden Gray ends his run with a time of 4:00.952, this is around 15 seconds back from the top qualifying time.

4:20 am PDT: Tegan Cruz goes 7 Seconds into the Lead
Tegan Cruz ups the pace as he is the first rider today to break the four-minute barrier.

4:25 am PDT: Kimi Viardot Flies into the Lead
Kimi Viardot takes the hot seat by 3.348 seconds. Kimi is still off the fastest qualifier by four seconds.

4:34 am PDT: James Owen Rick Almost Takes the Lead
James Owen Rick was in the lead by half a second into the final sector but he loses a lot of time to the finish line to end his run over a second back. Kimi Viardot has done something special in the final part of the track.

4:36 am PDT: With 10 Riders Remaining the Top Five are:
1st. Kimi Viardot: 3:49.714
2nd. Lewis Allbon: 3:50.825
3rd. James Owen Rick: 3:50.864
4th. Dom Platt: 3:51.428
5th. Dane Jewett: 3:51.600

4:39 am PDT: Lucas Lagneau Goes Fastest by 3 Seconds
Lucas Lagneau makes it a French top two as he goes into the lead by 3.319 seconds.

4:42 am PDT: Léo Abella Continues the French Domination
Léo Abella adds to the French domination at the front of the race as he slots into 2nd, 2.5 seconds back.

4:45 am PDT: A Big Crash for Hugo Marini
Hugo Marini has a big crash at the mid-point of his run, it's good to see Hugo back up on his feet.

4:49 am PDT: Fastest Qualifier Ryan Pinkerton Goes Quickest Despite a Crash
Ryan Pinkerton manages to take the lead by 1.678 seconds despite a mid-run crash.

4:51 am PDT: Bodhi Kuhn is the New Race Leader
Bodhi Kuhn pulls ahead of Ryan Pinkerton by 0.929 seconds.

4:52 am PDT: A Massive Crash for Christian Hauser
Christian Hauser couldn't keep it together in his race run as he has a huge crash. Christian Hauser looks to be okay as he is up on his feet and walking around.

4:55 am PDT: Henri Kiefer Takes 3rd
Henri Kiefer can't match Bodhi Kuhn and takes 3rd place, 1.834 seconds back.

4:56 am PDT: Bodhi Kuhn Wins in Val Di Sole
Bodhi Kuhn takes the win in Val Di Sole as he goes just under a second up on Ryan Pinkerton.

Full Results:

Junior Women



Junior Men



Overall Standings:

Junior Women


Junior Men


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  • 18 0
 An Earnest effort from Sacha.
  • 4 0
 @mtbcrosscountry-com: NZ crushing it in the juniors
  • 15 0
 Congrats Bodhi, 1st wc win.
  • 2 1
 I was really hoping Bodhi and Tegan Cruz would have a great rivalry this year, but Tegan seems to be struggling a bit. I think they raced against each other a ton of times as kids and they seemed to always be the ones to beat. I'm happy as can be for Bodhi and hope Tegan rounds into form, because this is shaping up to be a fantastic season for the Juniors as a group and it would be great to see Tegan in the mix on a regular basis.
  • 1 1
 @Bibico: It would have been nice to see Tegan also contending for top spot. But at least Bodhi still has some tough competition. Ryan and Christian were both looking really good until they had some crashes. They might have to dial it back just a smidge. Hopefully neither are hurt too bad and Christian's bike comes in for a landing sometime soon.
  • 14 0
  • 10 0
 Had it not been for that crash - he would have destroyed!
  • 7 0
 NZ girls top of the world, I love to see it
  • 8 2
 That was great.. Cedric commentating problem solved this week,pushed the mute button
  • 6 3
 Rider down = straight on to the next one

GCN, we want to see everything, if a rider is down, and he obviously continiues, the run is not over, it can still be exciting to watch, as we witnessed with Pinkerton's run.
  • 8 3
 I disagree, especially with the tight start gaps of the juniors, if a rider crashed and they're likely out of contention (note how they didn't cut away from Pinkerton cause he was fast until then and was already scrambling to get up again), I think switching to the next one earlier to show more of their run is the thing to do.
You are not seeing "everything". You are usually seeing the last minute or so of their run.
  • 3 0
 I feel like they must be working on a slight delay. I was really confused at first, because they showed Pinkerton crashing and getting up, with 2 split times shown: green, then red. Then as soon as he got up they showed the 3rd split and it was green. I'm assuming he crashed before the second split, and the split times didn't line up with the video feed. So they already knew that he hadn't lost much time. Similarly, when Hauser crashed they immediately cut away since they already knew he would DNF and gave the time to the next rider.
  • 5 0
 I’m trying to stay positive but Cedric and Rick make me want to puke.
  • 4 0
 Canadaaaaaaaaaaa hell yeah.
  • 2 0
 I'll likely get flamed for just asking this but is Erice trans?
I've seen some result sheets with her listed as a he. Thinking may have just been a typo though.
  • 4 0
 Yes Bodhi!!
  • 4 0
 Congratulations Bohdi!!!
  • 2 0
 Fastest qualifier isn't last down in Jr's?
  • 1 0
 No the top 3 in points go down last.
  • 1 0
 Must be overall rankings? Maybe experimenting with lower levels as the MLB and other sports do with lower levels. In theory, not a bad idea for testing...in theory.

But if that is the idea, overall being last down, that demonstrates ESO is placing a higher emphasis on overall than individual races leaders.

Having not grown up in the culture, I don't know how life long racers would like or appreciate it. I do think open mimdeness is good, and Id rather see it tested than just implemented...fwiw
  • 2 0
 @stunnanumma1: should be fastest, lastest. This is proven nicest.
  • 1 0
 Wonder the same thing. But even then what is the actual order. They said the guy who went third was overall leader.
  • 2 0
 Those 2 kiwi ladies have slated in this year. Wyntv - get them on!
  • 1 0
 GO Valentina Roa GO !!!!

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