Kade Edwards Leaves Trek Factory Racing & Joins the C3 Project

Jan 18, 2024 at 8:19
by Ed Spratt  

Trek has announced that Kade Edwards will be leaving its factory race team and will be the newest member of the brand's C3 project.

Kade Edwards has been one of the most stylish riders on the World Cup circuit but in 2024 he will be heading in a new direction with a "focus on freeriding, both as a competitor and a content creator, and follow his passion of having more fun on two wheels than anyone in the world." While it sounds like Kade will be shifting away from racing Trek's announcement does say that he may still get between the tape occasionally.

The C3 Project has previously placed a focus on "competitions, producing the most exciting film segments in the sport, and continuing to push the creative envelope wherever possible."

bigquotesFor five seasons, Kade Edwards has been Trek Factory Racing Downhill’s stoke machine. No one sent it harder at every race, or wowed us more both on and off the track.

Now Kade is embarking on a new adventure within the Trek family. In 2024, he’ll be leaving TFR to become the newest member of the C3 Project. He’ll focus on freeriding, both as a competitor and a content creator, and follow his passion of having more fun on two wheels than anyone in the world.

You may see Kade at downhill competitions every now and again. The sport still holds a place in the former junior world champion’s heart. But over the past year, Kade came to the realization that a strict racing regimen no longer suited him best.

There is no word on whether Trek will be filling the spot left in the Factory Race team with another rider just yet.

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 Kade Edwards Leaves Trek & Joins Trek
  • 82 0
 I'm just relieved this wasn't an announcement about the announcement
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 it was quite the trek for him to end up where he is today
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 @motardnoob: “in 10 days Trek will reveal Kade’s departure from Trek and in 15 days they will reveal his future with Trek!”
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 He is retrekking!
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 @motardnoob: There's was definitely a missed opportunity here for Trek to tease us for a week with which sub-team-marketing-project within Trek he was going to join.
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 They're playing a trek on us.
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 I’m just stoked we are gonna get way more coverage of him now. Racing is no longer the king for marketing seems.
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 One of my favourite riders to watch shred a bike. Wicked talent and have had some good laughs and bs sessions with him and Kaos at various events. Big fan!
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 I wanna see Kade vs. Brendog in the free-racer snow downhill UCI event
  • 5 3
 What’s a free-racer? Is this how “downcountry” started?
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 penultimate brainrot event
  • 4 0
 Dude. I just want this pairing in Follow Me Part 2.
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 I think Vinny T would have a fair crack at snow covered downhill racing. question is would studded tires be allowed. and which ski hill terrain park to use.
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 @KeithShred: A free-racer is someone who races by also isn't focused entirely on speed and can also through tricks really well
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 @Jules15: Oh so you just mean someone who rides everything well? Ok.
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 @KeithShred: I always thought free racer was born out of freerider/ racer. Brendog, Brage, Nico Vink etc...
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 Seems like a better fit for his style. Now he can get paid to dick about on a bike (everyone’s dream).
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 Following the footsteps of RatBoy. To be fair he is from NW England too. Must be something in the water
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 @Caliber38heavy: he’s from Sheffield which isn’t north west
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 It's definitely a bummer to not have those Kaos n Kade moments at the races anymore. But I always wanted them to double down on their free riding and have actual projects. For quite a while it felt like we only got glimpses of them which was a criminal shame. I'm excited to see that upper limit of Kade's potential. It's already worked out quite well for Kaos.
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 Took me a few seconds to get this - but the C3 Project is still with Trek, right?
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 "Trek has announced that Kade Edwards will be leaving its factory race team and will be the newest member of the brand's C3 project."
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 Basically the FR side rather than the race team... Racing is dead
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 @naptime: lol. No it isn't. Maybe it was barely alive for him results-wise. Dude is getting to do what he really wants and still get paid. Meanwhile, others are racing. Weird how they can co-exist.
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 Kade for rampage!
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 Much better fit for him tbh. I love watching him race, but recently it's just turned into part of a race run, crash, then throw some no-handers on the way down. It's a lot of fun to watch, but it's not great for him or Trek in terms of making money. I think this will be a much better opportunity for him to show his talents in a way that will be more profitable, especially for him.
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 Fuck Yeah Kade! Mad dog, can't wait to see what you get into
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 Reading that he went from Trek to Trek hit me with a rollercoaster of emotions from bored to bored and, finally, bored.
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 Looks like a session
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 yeah, when he got disqualified for not racing with his shirt tucked in, I knew it was only a matter of time.....
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 Kade Edwards Leaves Trek Factory Racing & Joins the C3 Project.
Kades new bike looks like a Trek, oh wait a minute!!!
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 Trek changes a line item and tries to make it news.
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 Yeah boyyyyy! It’s where you belong with your style anyways
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 Time to begin a new Session (double double entendre for the web nerds)
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 Are they replacing semenuk as their main “content” provider?
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 It only makes sense. I honestly forgot Kade was a WC racer and not FR.
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 Looks like a trek factory team
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 FK Yeah FR is the future
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 everything is cyclical seems FR is coming back in style like early 2000's
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 @dchill: kids round here are dressing all grunge rock!
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