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Kasper Woolley Moves on from Yeti

Jan 7, 2023 at 4:52
by Ed Spratt  
Kasper Woolley threw down today to run as high as third for a few stages before ending the day in 4th.

Kasper Woolley has announced on social media that he is leaving Yeti after three years. Kasper secured multiple top 10 EWS finishes during the 2021 season but had a difficult year in 2022 with multiple injuries including a freak pump track accident in Whistler. 2022 was the first season for Kasper on the full factory team after taking impressive results while on the Yeti / OneUp team.

bigquotesSaying goodbye to the @yeticycles squad after 3 years, man time flies. Endlessly thankful for all the support and amazing opportunities over the years. It was fun travelling the world and making memories with this crew. Thank you all

New year and hopefully a new me?
Excited for what’s next
Kasper Woolley

We don't know what Kasper's plans are just yet, but we'll keep you updated when we learn more.

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 I have also moved on from Yeti.
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 Too expensive even for factory riders shocker.
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 My prediction , He’s off to become a dentist
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 @Compositepro: he wants to buy a Santa Cruz?
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 My prediction - lots of teams significantly slimming their racing presence and small brands folding teams altogether as bike sales fall off a cliff in 2023.
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 Tragic. Sales going back to normal and bike companies are going to struggle to sell their overpriced bikes. Poor Santa Cruz and Yeti.
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 @nickfranko: you realize the ENTIRE industry as shifted their pricing 20-30% in the last 2 years right? This applies to EVERYTHING bike related.
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 The new bike market will collapse. People cant afford this anymore. Buy 2nd hand
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 @neroleeloo: Exactly, 20-30%, but they did start from +25% already, so they went up even higher. So they were not worth the price in 2020 and then it got even worse. They can sell -50% and still have a good margin, those are luxury goods, margins have nothing to do with their costs, they are more related to dentists population.
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 @nickfranko: poor specialized, poor intense, poor rocky mountain, poor forbidden etc. They all expensive. I ride a yeti. Got plenty of buddies on yetis and santacruz. Cos They work.
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 @solf: dentist league rider outs himself on pinkbike oooof
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 @Compositepro: I buy demos you chicken.
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 It is a pity he didn’t actually get to race for the Yeti factory team due to injuries. It would have been great to see him racing with Richie.
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 Didn’t he race all of 2021 on their factory team and start 2022 at Innerleithen with them before crashing out there?
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 “2022 was the first season for Kasper on the full factory team after taking impressive results while on the Yeti / OneUp team.”
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 I affraid with his low bone density it is quite risky to have him on team. Crashes happens and if he tends to get injured so easily it must be really hard mindgame not only for him. Wish all the good luck, incredible rider.
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flag neroleeloo (Jan 8, 2023 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 @bok-CZ: what the FVCK are you on ??? Lol , get lost dude
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 @neroleeloo: try #keepingup with KW health rather than just being angry.
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 @neroleeloo: pardon me, what is wrong?
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flag neroleeloo (Jan 9, 2023 at 7:08) (Below Threshold)
 @professed: yo , I’ve personally known Kasper for over 10 years.He never once mentioned he had low bone density, or would get hurt so easily.I’ve seen him crash plenty when he was a little boy racing BMX and it never slowed him down… Since you seem so enlightened, please tell me where this low density bs comes from ?
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 @neroleeloo: I thought it's personal for you. Iam a big fan of Kasper, no doubt. Just being real, as a team manager I'm not sure I'd bet on him as he unfortunately spends lot of time outside of the tape. It sucks, but it is what is.
If the situation is over, my bad sorry, but as far as I know he has some troubles with that.

Again, I wish him good luck.
I'm pretty sure I've gave him respect in previous articles. So please find yourself a nice warm comfy spot next to fire place and melt down calmly.
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 RM would make sense...
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 Welcome to RM Kasper!!! Wink
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 How about Chromag's new team?
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 @skiboot1: Chromag doing the EWS? Or just north america?
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flag bb8 (Jan 7, 2023 at 6:54) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe, but it would be better for Rocky Mountain to keep a Canadian on a Canadian bike.
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 That was my first thought!
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 @bb8: is it sarcasm? Because Kasper is Canadian.
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flag bb8 (Jan 7, 2023 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 @ybsurf:Yikes, my mistake. For some reason I thought Kasper was British. In that case he would be a good fit.
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 @hilldescentcontrol: who do you think Jesse Malemed is riding for?
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 @skiboot1: Nothing official at the moment, probably wont be Chromag right?
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 @hilldescentcontrol: yea, I'm just f*cking with you. Sorry!
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 @skiboot1: Oh man, that went over my head in super sonic speeds.
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 2023 Teams Announcements will be: Biking with Bobo on YT, Seths Bike Hacks on his own team threatens to buy Pinkbike, BKXC starts 3 more brands... Content is king!!
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flag markydfresh (Jan 7, 2023 at 18:09) (Below Threshold)
 except when nearly every brand dropper their most of their influencers this year
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 @markydfresh: I know that it's too much to ask for punctuation, but I cannot decipher that sentence. Like to try again?
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 Melamed to Yeti and Kasper to Rocky
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 Kasper to Rocky, would be a good fit!
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 I'd guess Melamed to Canyon, but Kasper to RM sounds like a good fit.
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 Kasper really got snake-bit by terrible luck with injuries last season. He definitely has podium potential if he can stay healthy.
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Bad luck for the first injury, then right as he was coming back, he had the crazy pump track accident (someone going the wrong way ran right into his face).

IIRC before then he'd actually placed ahead of Richie on at least one stage, so the speed was there.

Good luck this season Kasper!
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 I don't know if it's just me, or if it's normal, but I get the impression there is a lot of "moves on from" and not many "signs with".
Or will all the new deals be announced soon ?
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 Probably the latter, not an expert but also wondering if some riders see their efforts better spent with endorsements and content creation. Like I wonder how much Jack makes from moimoi TV vs from a pro racing deal.
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 That would be SICK !!!
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 @neroleeloo: they’ve ended their EWS program I believe.
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 YT has been rumored with jack moir and christian textor.
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 How will he keep his beers cold now?
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 Loved that Woolley shreddit from 2yrs back …Gorilla style arm youtu.be/Sm3rjQh6qqU
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 most of those in that team picture are gone . . . . . . .
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 Kasper ghosted yeti
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 Best career decision EVER. The yeti tribe is the lamest thing in MTB.
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 Well, since Rocky Mountain needs a Canuck, it's not that hard to guess...
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 He's such a Young Talent... I wonder where he will ride next! Wink
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 Just dropping vowels, eh?
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 The ghost will be back.
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 everyone leaveing
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 Yet I still don't understand
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 Pic should be 1 of those with the bike edited out from under him.
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 Probably Rocky Mountain if I had to guess
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 It'd be cool to see Blenky go back to Yeti.
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 Maybe We Are One??
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 Think I heard they ended their EWS sponsorship program unfortunately.
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 He probably couldn't afford to buy their bikes ;P
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 I bet for giant
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