Updated: Kate Courtney Announces Broken Arm Following Nove Mesto XC World Cup Crash

May 27, 2021 at 9:46
by Ed Spratt  

Kate Courtney has broken her arm following a crash during the second round of the XC World Cup in Nove Mesto.

The last round of this year's XC World Cup was a tough one for Kate Courtney with a small crash early in the race and multiple mechanical issues. After arriving back home she has now found out that the crash was a little harder than she first fought.

Kate has announced on social media that her arm is broken following the fall with a non-displaced fracture of her ulna, a bone found in the forearm. While she can't get up to her usual mid-season training Kate does say that she can still carefully go out for rides on her road bike while the bone heals.

bigquotesUnlike my spirits, it turns out that my arm is in fact broken. My crash in Nove Mesto was a little harder than I thought and resulted in a non-displaced fracture of my ulna. The good news is I can still train comfortably on the road with this splint but am making sure to be cautious and allow it to heal as quickly as possible. I am so grateful to the team around me for helping manage this injury and keep me charging forward, but a special thanks to Emily Kraus, Everathlete, Jim Miller and my fam Kate Courtney - Instagram


After reaching out to Kate for more information about how this may affect her season, she told Pinkbike the injury should be fully healed in four to six weeks with no change to her Olympic plans. We're wishing Kate a speedy recovery and hope to see her back racing soon.

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 She breaks her arm and still finishes the race! You got to love how driven and tough she is! Hope it's all good for the Olympics.
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 10:04) (Below Threshold)
 She didn’t even know it was broken / what exactly did you expect her to do? Cry and walk off?
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 @nvranka: I've broken my arm a few times. Even with a slight hairline fracture that is exactly what I did cry and walk off. One of the breaks was on a Walmart mtb as a kid and I didn't touch bikes again until 20 years later.
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 @nvranka: let’s face it, if you realised it you would do the exact same.
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 Ealing vibes!
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 @nvranka: well we did the see the current world champ quit the short track with what turned out to be no injury, so a crash harsh enough to break an arm could probably cause many people to “cry and walk off”.
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 @nvranka: I presume that it really really hurt though! I broke my wrist playing rugby (a long time ago) and carried on playing until I was sent off as it had swollen to about the size of the ball after a few minutes. I might have been able to ride for a bit but certainly wouldn't have finished a bike race. Nails...
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 I was impressed that she finished 41/100 with a broken brake lever and a flat tire. Now I find out she also had a broken arm?!
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 @mountainsofsussex: Mid-race adrenaline is a powerful anaesthetic. I've had a similar fracture of my thumb from a running accident that didn't swell up till I slept on it that night, but i knew something wasn't right, just assumed I'd bruised/sprained something.
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 @generationfourth: same. I fractured but did not snap my arm once. It hurt like a bitch. Didn’t do anything for like 2 weeks after
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flag SprSonik (May 27, 2021 at 11:08) (Below Threshold)
 She is a bad ass for sure, but haven't a lot of us finished a ride with a break? I did wrist and ribs as well as (likely) elbow and a sprained shoulder on one ride. Did the wrist on another ride. Another buddy did an elbow at the start and did a solid ride not realizing it. Dude got his collar bone and made it back to civilization on his own. Good friend broke her arm in a similar uneventful crash and had to ride home on it. It is crazy how easy it is to break bones in this sport.
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 I rode out with broken ribs once, but a broken arm is next level.
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 @SprSonik: I just think there is a difference between being hurt and making it back to civilization on a ride (which is a necessity) versus continuing a race that has ample support staff nearby and plenty of opportunities to quit. That’s a competitive drive, rather than just survival instinct.
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 @nvranka: congrats on the dumbest comment of the day
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 You should probably leave now @nvranka:
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 @nvranka: “lamao clueless”........ good one bud.

Glad you got to stop in and profess how tough and badass you are compared to this racer.

Nobody is saying this is some insane physical feat, but there is a difference between riding out of the woods when you’re hurt (which we all would do out of necessity) and continuing on in a tough race. PFP quit after a crash that caused no injury to her, so this is a decent performance. Sorry that you’re so delicate you can’t recognize a strong performance by someone who isn’t you.
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 @nvranka: dude just give up.

You said I was “clueless” because I said the crash was harsh enough to break her arm. How can you refute that when her arm got broken in that crash?

Then you said “she didn’t get to where she was by quitting”.... to which I pointed that the current world champ quit after a less serious crash just 2 days prior. This indicates she put in a good competitive performance.

Yikes dude.
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 @nvranka: your not getting down voted for what you said. You're getting down voted for how you said it. What a wanker.
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 @nvranka: colossal douchebag energy. but it seems like you're just embracing it and going full send. at some point it's bound to bite you in the ass and i hope it's sooner rather than later.
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 13:55) (Below Threshold)
 @lifeofloon: ah ok, well I’m cool with that. I spend so much effort irl carefully packaging the way I speak with clients, friends, family, etc....certainly cannot be bothered to do that here.
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 @ROOTminus1: True. I broke my fibula snowboarding and snowboarded on it for a while to get to the lodge. Then I walked on it for two weeks because the doctor didn't want to take x-rays. Luckily no harm done.
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 14:04) (Below Threshold)
 @thepwnstar39: I could see how you would want to believe that. Alas, it really isn’t hard to have multiple faces.
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 @nvranka: so you’re not just tough and badass, but you also have a boat and “clients”. I’m glad you schooled us all on how awesome you are.

Good to know you’re an adult thought, I thought we had you pegged as a 14 year old douche with no confidence who was overcompensating. But you did brighten my day, I appreciate laughing at online tools flexing for everyone. Thanks!
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 14:21) (Below Threshold)
 @TypicalCanadian: it’s a flex to have clients and a boat? I could literally be a HVAC service tech with a dinghy lol
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 14:35) (Below Threshold)
 @TypicalCanadian: Got ‘em!
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 14:39) (Below Threshold)
 My favorite part about all of this is my initial comment could be interpreted as me defending KC against someone having the audacity to suggest she wouldn’t suck it up and do work like the consummate pro she clearly is.

As @sarahmoore can attest, I have made some pretty insensitive comments relative to trans/female athletes over the years. The irony of this comment getting nuked by hundreds brings a smile to my face, thanks all.

Anyways, just moored my yacht, by myself mind you....off to the trails! Great weather today.
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 @nvranka: Hey man, I'm actually saving up for a US-made Kayak. We're all yachstmen, old boy, but when people start announcing their station in life with the old 'My boat...' trope, you're gonna get called out for shellacking your dinghy in public.
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flag nvranka (May 27, 2021 at 14:49) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: shellacking your dinghy in public is fun brother, try it out sometime. When you get really good at it, the fish will be jumping out of the water to bite your hook.
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 @nvranka: Maybe after your 14 day suspension you can calm down. lol
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Oh dear - he's run aground.
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 @suspended-flesh: Found a clip of him on his way to meet clients tenor.com/view/row-boat-ods-official-duck-studios-gif-13756831 @sarahmoore please don't ban me for doxxing
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LOL cannot unsee - that's barely a Pram
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 @dtroyan123: that's pretty good
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 @nvranka: I've broken my fair share of bones (nose [yes its cartilage], wrist [radius and ulnar in 5 places], elbow [ulnar], neck [compression fracture two vertebrae], ribs [twice], shin [saw blade cut halfway through my tibia] and a finger and a toe) and they have all been intensely painful, kudos to Kate for finishing the race, I did nothing but lay down and try not to pass put after each break I've had.
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 @nvranka: If it's broken you're in a lot of pain, whether or not you have the knowledge that it is. I think you could have thought a little more about this before making yourself look like a fool on the internet.
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 @nvranka: "I spend so much effort irl carefully packaging the way I speak with clients, friends, family, etc....certainly cannot be bothered to do that here." So you're saying you're some mix of lazy, inconsiderate, and fake with everyone in your life (or somewhat sociopathic)?
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 @rodponton: Poor guy @nvranka can't even defend himself - he's Suspended.
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 @suspended-flesh: Couldn't defend himself when he wasn't suspended...
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 @sarahmoore: mtb riders are made of strong stuff Smile
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 @nvranka: JC you're garbage juice
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 @giantwhip: What does JC stand for?
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 @nvranka: be silent and thought of as a dick, post on pinkbike to remove all doubt.
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 @SprSonik: Yeah, a “ride” isn’t a WC race.
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 @tacklingdummy: Jesus Christ
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 @nvranka: Ivanka? Is that you?
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 @nvranka: soccer players do it without breaking their arm, so yes
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 @sarahmoore: so I would have finished 59 places behind someone that had more broken parts than working parts ...
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 I got suspended for “sexism” just so everyone knows lmfao.

Half of what I posted was deleted haphazardly, almost as if Sarah huffed glue before doing so.

PB is moderated by some real winners. Hahah

Anyways, I enjoyed my suspension and will do you all a solid and remain logged out for the most part; love mtb but the awkward progressive part of the Pb community is uh....yeah, not for me. Frankly it seems the feeling is mutual which makes me smile.
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 “ @TypicalCanadian: huh? Did you even read what I wrote? I’m not surprised most of this community struggles to pay their bills, lowest common denominator galore.”

This one was deleted, so bizarre hahah. Oh god here I go again. Better hit the logout button quick.
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 @nvranka: The more clicks PB gets the more Friday Fails will live on......don't let the bastards grind you down.
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 Breaks her arm, has two mechanicals, then passes 50+ girls by the end of the race. What an absolute beast. The American women are a force of nature this year. Hope to see her healed up and as fiery as ever in Tokyo!
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 She is an absolute beast. Shrugs it off, gets on with it. Soccer players could learn a lesson or two here . . . .
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 yup, and after rolling around getting attention, getting the penalty card thrown, then limping around for 3 min, only to get the penalty kick, and resume just like nothing happened. bunch of drama queens they are! LOL
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 Agreed. Soccer has been ruined by that stuff. Same with basketball players (lebron needing to be carried off due to a muscle cramp). Kate showing some good hockey mentality here! Impressive.
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 She's no LeFlop James.
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 Soccer flop theatrics are funny.
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 That sure had to be painful to ride. Adrenaline will do that for you if you want it bad enough though. Sometimes the worst pain comes well after.
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 @TypicalCanadian: name checks out with the hockey reference hahaha
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 @SeanDRC: guilty! Haha
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 There goes my fantasy world cup win.
  • 46 15
 Yeah how dare she hurt herself and put your fantasy team at risk
  • 49 16
 @philthyphill: isn’t odd when a German gets snarky because they don’t understand sarcasm???
  • 27 2
 @unrooted: Germans also don't understand American fantasy sports.
  • 22 1
 @unrooted: I mean schnarky
  • 4 7
 @HB208: they are too smart and serious for fantasy.
  • 1 0
 @unrooted: Smart is betting money on a nearly random series of college basketball games. It brings the people together.
  • 13 16
 @unrooted: Isn't odd when an American gets snarky because they don’t understand sarcasm???
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 @Blablablup123: the "German's" response was dripping with sarcasm. That's a blade that cuts both ways.
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 @SprSonik: ...no shit dude. I thought that was obvious.
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 @unrooted: isn’t it funny that I’m not German? I have a German flag cause I live in Germany...
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 Why the vitriol and downvotes in this thread? Lets not lose sight of who these racers are racing for - us, the fantasy team owners. I'm getting tired of the lack of professionalism from some of these racers. I scheduled 2 zoom meetings with MvDP, no show. Crashes happen of course in Kates case, but I have to wonder, if she read my email which had our teams race strategy (conservative, consistent results), could this have gone differently? The email was only 3 pages long, not exactly a huge ask. This isn't amateur racing, our team is not out there to have a good time, we have a mission to accumulate fantasy points, lets keep our eyes on the target.
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 With a non-displaced Ulna fracture, a top athlete in Kate's shape will be 100% in 4 weeks or so*

*Opinion not that of an actual MD.
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 @suspended-flesh The "non-displaced" status make a huge difference. I've broken my Ulna and it was displaced.
It took a plate half the length of my forearm , 7 screws and several bone graphs from my hip to put it back together.
4 to 6 is about right. Considering her fitness probably closer to 4 if she doesn't aggravate it.
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 @Augustus-G: Yeesh...I snapped my Radius and have a plate and 6 screws. No grafting, luckily - sounds rough. I think she'll heal up about as fast as any human possibly could and will race in the Olympics (Japan is still saying they are happening no matter what, I believe).
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 Yeah, sometimes you have to take a MD's opinions with a grain of salt. I broke my fibula snowboarding. Was in a lot of pain at the emergency, but the doctor said it was only a hematoma and did not want to take x-rays. Walked around on it for two weeks and was still in pain. My dad's friend is a radiologist and told me to see him. He took x-rays and found it was broken. Mine healed in 6 weeks. It can be pretty fast and I'm sure she will have doctor visits much more often than the average person, so they will know when it exactly has healed up. I expect her to be competing at Olympics, no problem. However, hopefully her fitness won't take a hit.
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 Kate Courtney breaks her arm and continues/finishes race.
NBA player helped off the floor and into locker room because someone threw popcorn at him

Kate wins!
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 "Unlike my spirits, it turns out that my arm is in fact broken"

Wish I could say the same for my spirits Frown
I just hope she's good in time for the Olympics. Healing vibes Kate!
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 injuries are so strange sometimes...you have this brutal crash and walk away with just a bruise and then you have a seemingly benign crash and end up with some bad break.
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 Yes very much so! And also, which some people in these comments doesn't seem to grasp, some fractures are not that painful but others can hurt like hell. All fractures are not created equal.
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 Heal up Kate! Makes me wonder if I’ve ever been concussed or broken any bones in a crash. Doctor visits are rare.
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 I don't go if injuries "feel normal"...but when my wrist locked up and was swollen I headed in because it was more than the usual "ouch"....most times, like you, I skip the doc. My doc doesn't like that, but what are they going to do for a sprained shoulder, busted elbow (minor, not major) or broken ribs? "Take it easy, let your pain be your guide, and give it plenty of time to heal...come see me in a month". $1000 for my broken wrist and all they did was give me a splint...
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 @SprSonik: That sucks. I had my collarbone plated with 11 screws and I had to pay $27 for parking.
  • 8 0
 @timtoldnes: I had my patella massaged back into place, x-rays, some good drugs, an immediate hour of physio, sports tape and some crutches and at one point I nearly had to pay £1 for a can of Coke.
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 @timtoldnes: living the healthcare dream up here in the north
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 Sometimes you're the bug, and sometimes you're the windshield. When Kate Courtney is the bug she breaks the windshield.
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 It's amazing she can use her arm right afterward to try and straighter her bars. Glad for that footage. On Red Bull we knew there as a crash but it took a long time for her to emerge. Now I get it. Heal fast and strong Kate.
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 For those Velcro splints, I get a long sock and cut the toes off, put it on like a glove and then make a small hole in the side for my thumb to poke out. When you get all that skin flaking off you just wash the sock. Also, so much more comfortable.
  • 1 0
 Relevant, as I type with the same wrist splint from a crash. Didn't think much of it but finally went to the hospital after two weeks of just accepting the pain. Wasted a week of healing time not immobilizing it. Heal up, Kate. Bummer for sure.
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 Matt Cooper -who she is dating in his mind- is very saddened by this.
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 Creativity goes a long way
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 Gotta love adrenaline I broke my collarbone and foot during a dirtbike race requiring surgery. Still finished 7th out 31 riders. D36
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 Healing vibes!!
  • 3 0
 Do casts come in "sparkle shark"? Somebody should make that happen.
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 Rough year for Kate! Hope 2022 is better! Well, I guess the upshot is that we'll see you around Marin crushing us on the climbs with a broken arm!
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 It's still May of 2021. The year is not lost!
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 you know what they say!! don't skip leg day!!!
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 Bet the wrench is more bummed, seems to love her spotlight. Sounds like this isnt too bad and will supercharge her for the Olympics-if they happen.
  • 1 0
 That sucks and right before the Olympics! Hopefully you can still compete. Best of luck to you friend ʘ‿ʘ
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 Wasn't this the exact same place where Schurter also fell during the race?
  • 3 0
 I don't believe so, but the cause was the same (water + dirt + tree roots)
  • 5 1
 No, he slipped out on a root at the base of the technical climb.
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 Breaking news!
  • 1 0
 This sucks!!!! Hopefully she is a quick healer!!
  • 2 0
 Ah fak.
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 Is XC as dangerous as DH? they run equally fast
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 Not quite a broken arm, more of a hairline fracture.
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 Well there goes those 500,00 on fantasy
  • 4 3
 Bruh, plagiarism is not cool
  • 4 1
 There is a button. It is called Edit Team. You just got a free $550,000 to spend. You are welcome.
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 Damn, that must suck so much more than breaking your arm.
  • 3 0
 @Crossmaxx: Hey bud, don't get in between Americans and our fantasy sports.
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