Kye A'Hern Parts Ways with the Canyon CLLCTV

Jan 8, 2022 at 2:34
by Ed Spratt  
Kye A Hern down the motorway finish straight

After four years with the Canyon CLLCTV, Kye A'Hern will be riding for a new team in 2022.

The young Australian rider will be heading to a fresh setup for this year following two Junior World Cup wins and a Junior World Championship title in 2019. Since joining the Elite ranks in 2020, Kye has secured three top 20 finishes with Canyon after his very successful Junior race seasons.

bigquotesAfter 4 amazing years, my time with Canyon CLLCTV has come to an end. I can’t thank everyone involved enough for taking me from an Aussie kid riding his bike, to living my dream racing overseas on the World Cup circuit!

So many bloody good memories with everyone, I really wouldn’t be where I am without each and every one of you! I feel like we have all done so much together and has some unreal highlights!

Cheers guys.
Kye A'Hern

bigquotesIt's time to say "cheerio mate" to our boy Kye A'Hern after 4 years on the Canyon CLLCTV DH Team.

Arriving on the scene in 2018 as a fresh faced and talented junior, Kye went on to win two World Cups and concluded his Junior career by winning the rainbow stripes in 2019 at Mont Sainte Anne... Not too shabby!!!

Moving into the senior ranks in 2020 and 2021, Kye has consistently performed at a high level and we can't wait to see what he goes on to achieve throughout the rest of his career. The tent is always open to you for a coffee mate, just remember to bring your jar of Nescafe with you...

We'll update you with Kye A'Hern's new team when we get all the details.


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 Hopefully his new team can afford vowels.
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 I'm not sure what CLLC TV is but I don't think I need another subscription, thanks.
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 YMCA is all I got....sorry..

Plus its 2022, "breakup" letters were for the end of 2021. If you couldn't get your breakup new out then we don't need it now...
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 Probably happened after they wouldn't warranty his frame.
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 UR kidding me
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 Gotta chuckle how they’re still committed to the “CLLCTV” despite universal distaste. They should quietly reinsert the vowels and move forward, lesson learned.
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 Universal distaste? That’s where you’re wrong. Most people don’t let themselves be bother by something as small and insignificant as that name haha. You folks really out there just looking for things to be upset over and complain about. Let it go, be happy!
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 They even participated in the meme, yes it's Pinnacle modern branding nonsense but at least they are self-aware about it and it's a nice marketing gag which guarantees pinkbike comments
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 @Rickus420: Welcome to Pinkbike! You're obviously new around here.
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 Kye and his mum gave me a ride back to Jindabyne from Thredbo after I had car issues a couple years ago. Super nice people to help out a total stranger like that. All the best with the new chapter mate.
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 And Sian (his sister and the AUSTRALIAN CHAMP) parts ways with Norco.
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 Looks like he'd had enough of the vowel play at Canyon.
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 And sometimes y so actually CNN
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 Are there any Pinkbike staff that actually write and articles theses days or is it just paid advertising?

Outside has sucked the life out of Pinkbike, so sad Frown
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 It is fully transparent. The last month there has been the trail bike test with the editors, and the rest reposted video, after video, after video and a few rehashed articles posted from 3rd party sources. Outside quick sapped Pinkbike of any substance. I hope the editorial staff isn't tied down to serious non-compete clauses and can further their careers someplace else.
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 They all are working on Beta content, and PB will just become a website with user generated content that they can repost and make money off of.
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 @bman33 - they've just launched another YouTube series on the back of the fairly extensive Field Test series, as well as the Academy and Cathro's How To Bike series (which they're doing a new series of too). Cathro is also running a Pinkbike World Cup team this year. They've published other bits like the articles from Seb Stott.

This is usually the dead time of year for news/products/most things. Nobody is launching anything, what is out is almost all sold out so most sites can't do tests. The weather is bad most places in the Northern Hemisphere where their team are operating. What are you expecting? People keep whining about Outside's involvement when there are so many other obvious factors at play here. Even from a basic business perspective it makes no sense for Outside to just kill PB off, or do something to reduce its audience by changing what it is - they bought it for a lot of money so they’ll want it to keep going. They already have other MTB sites so they don’t need to change what PB is. Hence funding the WC team, new video series, new options for testing bikes, etc.

The only negative thing to happen to Pinkbike so far since the takeover that can directly be attributed to Outside’s involvement is the non-stop tears being shed in the comments about them being taken over.
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 @CleanZine: Okay, so let’s just see how it goes in the next year … but as much as you’ve tried to shine a positive light on the Outside acquisition of Pinkbike, I think you’ll also see the light in time.

Consider what we are actually seeing:
Shirt videos with the bike company logo very prominent

Team change announcements with the product placement very prominent

Product announcements with manufacturer descriptors

So yeah, what was once a community mountain bike web site has become a marketing platform for manufacturers

The same thing happened to Outside magazine decades ago … most of you are too young to remember when Outside was a real magazine.

But hey, I get it, Outside an opportunity, they dropped the cash, they wanna get their money’s worth.

The Pinkbike I loved is gone.
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 @nurseben: So, you know there are these little links at the bottom of the main page. It's labeled "Archive Navigator". If you care to click "2021" and look at Jan, you can answer your own question on if content is different.

To my eye, early Jan 2021 looks the same as early Jan 2022. This time of year is always the super doldrums of news and content. It's all just team changes, product announcements, and what ever random news happens to pop up.
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 @CleanZine: we don't know how much money if at all changed hands. We don't know the details behind the deal. Speculation is cool though. I'm assuming the main reason for the deal though would be trail forks. Pinkbike doesn't have a big audience relative to other sources of media. Trail forks was monetized and boom the deal happened.
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 @nurseben: That's sort of backing up what I was saying about this time of year though. The team chat is all happening now because the UCI will be releasing the info about team names and rosters very soon, so all the teams with changes are trying to get ahead of that and announce their teams before it gets shown to the world via the UCI list. They will all want their own spotlight to get maximum exposure so they're all staggered from each other which means for readers it feels pretty never ending.

With the product stuff, I still feel a lot of that will just be the inability to get product to test. This isn't something that just affects Pinkbike - you can see it elsewhere too.

It could well be that the Outside takeover will work out badly but all I'm saying about it is that the critiques being made are based upon things that are somewhat irrelevant to whether Outside were/are involved or not. This time of year typically just sucks for news/media for riding, so it's generally the case most news sites will suffer too. It used to be the case that over winter some riding magazines in the UK would go from releasing every month to releasing every two months as there just wasn't really the content for them to use. Websites don't have that luxury, and if you're not first you're last - there are complaints in the comments of news posts about videos on here that they were "slow" to be posted because they'd been out a few days ago. If they weren't posting team news, the odd riding video and product release info there wouldn't be much to post at all, and then I imagine the complaints would be about how Outside were stifling PB and meant they didn't have the resources to have someone on hand to post things...
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 @makripper: pretty sure I saw that in terms of page views, PB is the #1 "cycling" site in the world. It's obviously not as big as some other non-cycling sites, but it's still very much a prize to go after if you're operating in this space - I'm sure Trail Forks played into it but there will be a lot more viewers/users of PB than Trail Forks, and presumably much more money for them through banner/page ads. It could be they can make more of it but I doubt they bought out PB primarily to get Trail Forks.
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 You know the answer.
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 No Saturday sends and Sunday saves is the shortest ever? Content shift … coming soon to your favorite website.

So the average age of the Pinkbike viewer is 25-35, so not really old enough to remember the “good old days”, but what I find interesting as an older guy is how frustrating it can be to see things you enjoy changing or simply disappearing.

Like beating a dead horse, this horse ain’t t gonna hunt like it used to, Pinkbike changed, it’s not gonna change back, though I how someone is reading these posts and has enough insight to preserve a bit of the old …

If not, viewers like me will go away.
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 @CleanZine: I can't see that. Lots of people I know haven't heard of pinkbike use trail forks.
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 @CleanZine: and also subscriptions are what they are all after. Recurring income.. pinkbike doesn't provide that. How much a month is trial forks?
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 Whatever team you think he’s going to UR probably right
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 yep, spotted him over the weekend on a NS with SR bouncy bits.
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 He waffle stomped his way out of there!!
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 Is anyone joining a team or is everyone just leaving every team?
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 Excuse my ignorance, what does CLLCTC mean?
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 it means "we desperately need for our team name to look retarded"
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 @ChrisRidesBikes: Wrong, "CLLCTC" does not mean Collective.
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 @lkttck: jss, dnt b s pdntc
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 @Bi-bke: Sch a dic wod
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 @likeittacky: Speaking of pedantic, you know the letter 'i' and 'o' are vowels...rght?
  • 2 2
 @gnarnaimo: Well frt fzl n snk... Thanks professor, ya learn something new every day.
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 @likeittacky: Collectic
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 @michaelbozof: yep
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 Reading these comments was the second hardest thing I've done this week, the first being decoding CLLCTV!
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 Reminds me of MRduks ARnot OSMR UCMwangs NAfly2 LIB ARduks
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 I Shaw hope they can find someone to fill his spot on the team
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 My guess is that Dakota is going to Canyon
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 Dude was a ripper
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 Who is his new team?
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 Massive news.
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 Make way for Luca!

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