Live Now: Claudio Caluori & Nino Schurter Go Head to Head in a 'Neverresting' Challenge

Oct 8, 2021 at 2:01
by Ed Spratt  

To help raise 1 Million euros for Pump for Peace projects Claudio Calouri has challenge Nino Schurter to 25 laps of a wild course in a 'Neverresting' challenge. Both riders will take on 10,000 vertical meters of climbing and descending over 25 laps of a course that includes the Lenzerheide World Cup DH track. The winner will be whoever finishes the 25 laps first.


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 As Nino and Claudio trade rolling blows, a dark shape blurs into the background shadows. A silvery flash of lone wolf venom lets out a high pitched yip as it erupts out of the forest into a sunny patch of trail. The two competing riders are momentarily stunned and both miss an important shift before a seemingly impossible climb. The beast pounces on Claudio's back wheel at the bottom of the hill. Claudio shrieks "Wee Waaa Wooo Weee" - which makes Borat envious two countries away. Turbo mode is engaged, but merely results in a spun tire. The beast shovels a handful of sour patch kids into his gnashing toothy fuel tank as he passes by. "Have you seen this is @mikelevy wearing face paint on the Grim Donut?" shouts Claudio. Nino says nothing and doesn't look back which infuriates the pursuing beast. Down to his last sour patch kid and the fuel alarm is blinking. The lone wolf rises from his saddle in final full burn glory as the screen fades to white... "Subscribe to Outside+ to see the thrilling conclusion to this epic battle!"
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 Why is the placeholder graphic a shitty hardtail with the derailleur on the left hand side?
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 What you mean to say is "hardtail with a shitty derailleur on the left hand side".
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: What he meant to say was, "DoubleCrownAddict is an irrelevant douche bag who trolls PB because he has no life"
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 Everesting on an e-bike whilst presumably having support from an e-bike manufacturer with spare batteries etc. doesn't quite have the same level of majesty to it, challenging none the less, bon chance Claudio!!!!

Are the beneficiaries of the pump for peace projects also supposed to aspire to get e-bikes or will (hopefully) the marketed e-bike companies, at the very least match fund donations from the general public??
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 I did it once on my MX machine. It was hard...
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 @gonpalco: I did it riding the chairlifts all day and it was also tough
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 Think about the logistics for a moment. Then you'll realize why they have to have help. To me this is STILL an insane challenge to do in less than a days worth of time.
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 @LiquidSpin: Tom Bradshaw, some potatoes, an SB150, a head lamp, ice tea crystals, and sea salt on Mt. Fromme. Charity raising notwithstanding, it’s been done in a day with near zero logistics/aid. Also, Tom was insane to do it, so you are still right.
The challenge is dead
All hail the challenge
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 @owenbfoster: way to show props for a local north shore hero effort.
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 @owenbfoster: He did 9,639 meters in 22 hours just 300 meters below 10k ascent. He did it on a non e-bike so no need to have someone waiting with an extra batteries.

From what I understand he did an extra lap just to be sure he hit his mark.

What confuses me is that the reports say he didn't complete it in 24 hours he went a little over. If you compare Claudio and Nino with the help of e-bikes they essentially did it in 16-17 hours time. I think doing 8800 meters in a day without an e-bike like Tom did is incredibly difficult to do on a mountain bike. Doing 10,000 meters is also incredible even with an e-bike.

Hats off to ANYONE who does this challenge on mtb or road while pedaling.
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 How about 'Neverinteresting' challenge.
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 They would want to be on non e bikes for that one.
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 It’s for a good cause - why so serious?
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 Looks like the gondolas going up & down is more interesting than the racing?
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 Is this the tortoise & the hare have a race on e-bikes?
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 This is top shelf e-bike publicity.
C'mon how much more legitimate does it get than the XC WC vs some guy?

*disclaimer: "some guy" has skills to humble pretty much everyone this side of the pros.
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 @sonuvagun: It is good publicity for a good charity.
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 Just seen the countdown timer....!
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 I'm seeing some trees... No cyclists yet,
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 The announcer really manages to plug a product in every sentence.
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 I wonder if Gutalax will be playing live at this competition?
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 Wow the coverage is terrible.
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 What, you don't like the view of the gondola? Lol
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 Claudio doesn't stand a chance against Nino. Perhaps if Nino was riding a regular bike and Claudio was riding an ebike.
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 Can we please find out how many batteries they each have?
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 Rob Warner wants to know
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 Just watched for 3 minutes. 2 minutes of gondolas and 1 minute of content about people making content. Good cause……l
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