Local Businesses Help Innes Graham Attend More EWS Rounds

Jun 17, 2022 at 5:59
by Ed Spratt  

After his amazing third-place finish at the first round of the EWS it was unclear if Innes Graham would be able to attend more races this season. But, thanks to support from local companies and brands Innes will be able to get between the tape at further EWS rounds including in Petzen-Jamnica this weekend.

Following his top finish in the Tweed Valley, the challenge for Innes was how he was going to get to the next round. With just a week before he would need to set off it has been a big effort to get him to Petzen-Jamnica in time for the race.

To help make this a reality Dirt School gave him the time off work and Tweed Valley Bikes assisted in efforts to get him out to Europe for the race. Innerleithen coffee shop, Café No.1, was one of the first to offer its support with a financial contribution for travel costs. Nukeproof's global distributor, Hotlines, also provided its support with the Nukeproof team being available at the races to assist Innes. Finally, Burgtec has stepped up and will be funding Innes to get to one of the European rounds in September.

Innes also received Wyn Master's Privateer Award at the opening round of the EWS, this prize is designed to help out a top-performing privateer at each World Cup and select EWS races.

bigquotesThe goal was always to show up, ride within myself and learn as much as possible about this discipline to help guide and coach younger riders as best as I can to allow them to achieve their own goals. Innes Graham

bigquotesWhen Innes finished his first EWS on the podium, my thoughts quickly led to working out how we would get him to the next round of the series. Innes puts 110% into everything he does, whether that be as an employee, a coach, a photographer/videographer or as a racer, so to let his latest path flourish, it was time to create this new opportunity for him, one he truly deserves. Janey Kennedy, Tweed Valley Bikes

bigquotesWe met Innes as a young racer when he moved to Innerleithen. He was like my lost son, he worked with us for a year and a half, he is just the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful person. We wish him all the best racing in the Enduro World Series. Craig Anderson, No.1 Peebles Road

bigquotesInnes absolutely smashed his first EWS and it was awesome he was on one of our bikes. We are super grateful for what he does day-to-day for the local scene and admire his journey and motives for getting out there. We had to show some support. Dave Flynn, Hotlines

We can't wait to see Innes back between the tape this weekend and it is great to see a fast rider getting help to attend more races.


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 This is rad! If I ever find myself in that neck of the woods, you can bet I'll be stopping by and spending my hard earned cash at these fine local businesses. This is what community is all about!
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 Make sure to grab yourself a Flat White from No 1. Peebles Road, so good they named a Golfie trail after them.
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 It’s a win/win. Or is it a win/Wyn?
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flag carlwheezer69 (Jun 17, 2022 at 10:50) (Below Threshold)
 HEY "local business" I'm tryna go to Hawaii ya dig? Come up with that skrilla for meez hehehe. Bet #staywokelocalbusiness
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 @carlwheezer69: Local businesses being aware of a reality someone is dealing with in their community...is nothing but a good thing.

If your politics prevent empathy maybe it's time to start having your own thoughts.
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 how 'bout the person that down voted this. Dentist
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flag KK11 (Jun 18, 2022 at 6:13) (Below Threshold)
 …or he could get a job and make some money in between. Just sayin.
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 @50percentsure: I’d much rather see businesses handing out for a good cause than seeing it come from the government.
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 @KK11: Innes is our full time employee, as a performance coach for Dirt School and Content Manager for Tweed Valley Bikes. He’s straight back to coaching the day after he returns from Val Di Fassa!
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 Awesome Sauce! Go Innes! oh and Coffee House No 1 does some banging food!
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 Brilliant coffee as well !
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 The Privateer cheque from Wyn Masters is surely worth a mention as well. Great to see Innes getting the chance to keep racing.
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 Yeah, worth a mention for sure @edspratt
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 Can't believe I missed that one, I will add in a mention.
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 Thought of that as well. Get that in there.
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 @edspratt: nice addition!
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 This is more like it. What a God dam great community.
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 You ain't lyin. Folks stepped up... I'd be proud to live there and would frequent establishments like these.
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 This is the sort of thing that makes the mountain bike community so great to be a part of. And most important, this is a testament to how valued and appreciated Innes is in his community. Good job to Innes and his supporters!!
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 For anyone who wants to know a bit more about Innes, Sleeper.co put out this awesome vid a little over a year ago: Innes Graham - Racing Killed the Love - www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBsQ3CWokp0
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 @dolface Thanks for that link, good to learn a bit more about Innes' story.
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 I'd watch a series about Innes Graham - 'The Privateer'
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 Wonderful, I'm really glad for him to get the chance. Cheers to the supporters!
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 This is the kind of thing I love hearing. Reminds me of how local businesses got together to help Muhammad Ali get his career off the ground. Innerleithen has been on my list for travel and now is all the more.
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 Love Innerleithen. A tiny town that dishes out great riding in every direction and a genuine community spirit… this story neatly sums the place up. Hope it’s a permanent EWS avenue!
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 totally agree i could easily live there...
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 I’ve been to that coffee shop just once and I still remember how good the egg and bacon sarnies are.
Good on them for supporting Innes and I’ll be sure to swing by theirs next time I pass through!
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 EWS should protect/promote whatever top 10 finish in my opinion... having a kept budget for those privateers... now that they'll bring all the Vips and tips from Discovery... at least give some water to the rider field...
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 Again Nookproof, a company which supports riders. Great to see that. But for the rest of the bike or components companies it is kind of a shame i think. What else has a rider to show, that he is worthy to get a contract, or support. It is not possible to enter a team during the EWS, understood. But the teams could help him to travel. Their truck are rolling to next stops anyway. Ride on Innes!! Guys liek you make the EWS twice as interesting.
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 Love it, good news!
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 Awesome stuff! Love a bit of good news - good luck mate, hope you do well Smile
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 Well done and good luck Innes , and well done to the local companies that helped out. Nice to see them giving back .
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 if I win the £110 million EuroMillions tonight, I'll fund the rest of this and next year for the lad.
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 get after it dude...well deserved and BIG respect to those who have helped him out.
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 More of this should happen, brings nothing but goodness to everybody involved!
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 Can someone enlighten the non english native speaker how to pronounce Innes correctly? Thanks!
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 In-es (In as in inside. es as in estate)
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 As a native english speaker I too needed to know the answer to this question.
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 Wow! What a great story - and hats off to the community and brands supporting him. I'd like to think when possible, I'll be making a visit up there to support those places.
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 They maybe a small business but they are enormous on the rest ,that’s the spirit ,cause in the end it’s that litle things that counts,good luck
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 Gie it Yaldi Lad! but also have fun and enjoy the trip! Smile
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 This video is the only reason I ventured to Scotland youtu.be/Mk2BfR-RWhY
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 Good for him.
It will be good to see what he can do on other races “not a home”.
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 @pads simple IN ES
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 Great feel good story from the borders!
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 Innes is a beast
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 Fantastic stuff!
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 This doesn’t really speak to EWS’s strengths, does it?
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